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Cotton Reboot PS4 REVIEW-wisegamer

Cotton Reboot PS4 REVIEW

Cotton debuted in arcades in 1991. A difficult, beautiful and very fun game. Since then, the series has released titles for several platforms.

Our reboot is from the game Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams for the late X68000 console. So, let’s revisit this well-loved witch in Japanese lands.

Developed by Beep Studio, Cotton Reboot, released for Playstation 4 on 7/20/21. Also available for Nintendo Switch.

The cotton journey

Cotton brings the story of a young witch named Nata de Cotton, immature and impulsive, who pilots a flying broom. She is accompanied by the fairy Silk.

Cotton de Nata will embark on her journey through the game’s seven incredible colorful stages with the hope of being rewarded at the end. Passing through several environments ranging from a cemetery with scary eyes, a forest with trees that are part of the human form and many other dangers. Thus, to face these dangers, our heroine will be able to shoot her enemies using several tools.

Cotton Reboot! is the remake of Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams ported from the arcades to the Sharp X68000 console. Version that also comes with the current game. In this way, we will avoid making comparisons. Because both versions are present and the differences are based more on graphic and sound updates.

Cotton Reboot PS4 REVIEW

piloting the broom

Cotton Reboot! follows the line of navinha games on horizontal screens. Even so, it goes beyond the basics. Something that has been remarkable in the series since the beginning of the series. Our summoned witch brings us more than just shooting hordes of enemies and trying to survive until the end of the level. Well, it has a system that uses crystals to define how the shots will come out and obtain a score. Also, the powerful bombs that represent different types of magic. Depending on the crystals obtained.

We cannot forget the little fairy that accompanies it: Silk. Or rather, the Silks. In the plural even. As the player frees these companions, they will help in the form of greater firepower. They have different types of attacks. So always try to keep as many company as possible by your side.

When you finish a level, the message TEA TIME appears and you must pick up as many red items as possible that fall on the screen (I can’t say if that really is a tea).

Cotton Reboot PS4 REVIEW


This is where the remake takes place. Not only does it have updated graphics, but also music crafted to go along with the new look. In addition, the new FEVER mode. This mode can be used when filling a bar. Thus, when activating the bar, the shot becomes stronger and the score is multiplied.

For those who played an earlier version, Arranged mode will feel faster and (perhaps) easier. However, it has an expansion of the mechanics of crystals that consecrated the series. In addition to greater firepower and larger elements on the screen. Thus, avoiding dying for not seeing what is happening.



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