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O Wisegamer nasceu da paixão sobre os games, desde criança eu amo vídeo games, desde a muitas horas jogando em Game Houses como em casa, aqui é um espaço para quem ama este hobby com paixão!

32 thoughts on “I Built A Sega Genesis Collection for UNDER $100!

  • Never new about the RC Pro-Am version. Got to try that one out! Also love the NHL 95 shoutout. We an online league of NHL 95 and it is amazing

  • Jay, buddy, there might be an issue with your editing software. I've watched this back a couple of times now and the whole segment on why you think Desert Strike is a must have game in a collection is missing 🤷‍♂️😉🤣

  • NBA JAM should be on everyone’s list! Stellar Bball game! X-men was a great choice! Affordable and a fun challenging game. Sonic 2 is the perfect choice here from the sonic series, though 3 is my favorite, 2 is an absolute must own and staple. To be honest anytime someone asks me what game they should get with as a new Genesis/megadrive owner, I always tell them 1 cart. 6-Pak! It’s in my opinion the best official multicart ever made. I personally would always add Bubsy: In Claws encounters of the furred kind. Yeah, I said it! Lol Such a great list Jay! Applaud you the whole way through the vid brother! Stay awesome my guy! 🤘

  • Excellent list and bang for your buck. It's tough to not have a shmup on here but they are a costly addition! One would have to be placed in the next tier up.

  • Hmmm…

    Hard to beat your Sega 6 Pack rec, so I'll keep that – $10.95
    Buster's Hidden Treasure – $10.50
    After Burner II – $14.36
    Super Monaco GP – $10.49
    Tecmo Super Bowl – $8.43
    Aladdin – $7.50
    Street Fighter II CE – $9.59
    Streets of Rage 2 – $23.49
    NHL 96 – $2.97

  • I remember playing a lot of those games… I bought the Steam Genesis pack… so many memories! haha

    Nice list!

  • I can tell ya my first ten Genesis games I bought starting in Dec. 89-Dec. 90, not counting Altered Beast which came with it. Ghouls'n Ghosts, Golden Axe, Revenge of Shinobi, Thunderforce II, Herzog Zwie, Target Earth, John Madden Football, Castle of Illusion, MUSHA Aleste(JP), and Ghostbusters.

  • glad to hear someone else stick up for chaos in the windy city!! fun game. got it for christmas as a kid and absolutely loved it.

  • Excellent choices. I forgot about the six pack. I really couldn't figure out how you were going to make 14 games, but that's for sure a good way to do it. You really can't beat the value there. I didn't know about Championship Pro-Am either. Why didn't they use the R.C. Pro-Am name? I'm definitely going to have to pick that one up! I'm glad I have most of the Genesis games I want already. These things have gotten so expensive these days!

  • As for other good budget titles… It's pretty hard to think of cheap games that are good. Here's an attempt:
    Bubsy: $8.25 The first game is actually a pretty decent platformer. I've heard the subsequent 2d games aren't as good, and after the series went 3d… forget it.
    Aladdin $7.25 This is a non-capcom disney game, which is somewhat of an oddity in this time period. One of the best looking games on the genesis too. Also a completely different game from the SNES version.
    The Lion Kind is another decent one at $9.01
    Altered Beast is an Arcade conversion and I think was a launch title. Currently sits at $13.81.
    Street Fighter Champion Edition comes in at $9.59
    Sonic Classics is a good value if you don't have the six pack and Sonic 2. It has Sonic, Sonic 2, and Dr Robotnick's Mean Bean Machine. Currently $10.49
    ToeJam and Earl in Panic on Funkotron is $16.70. Pretty wild game with good replay value as the maps are different each time IIRC.
    Finally I'd say Shining in the Darkness for $24.46. Gives you an RPG that isn't too awfully expensive.
    That brings the total to 10 games for $99.56.

  • In true modern gamer fashion, I haven’t played many of the games on this list. Shame shame shame on me!
    Ofcourse I’ve played Sonic and Scott gave you an “Atta boy!” for NHL 95.

  • Nice price on X-Men and a challenge that adds longevity–ha ha, good call.
    Gotta go with 6-Pak–we made sure that made our video as well, you can't beat that value for Genesis staples.

  • That XMen game had a glitch where Nightcrawler would get stuck in between certain walls if you tried to teleport. Pulled my hair out so many times I gave up on it.

  • Jam up job on this video. This was very well put together. I enjoyed it start to finish. And holy crap on Championship Pro Am. I don’t have a copy of that?? Time to fix that!!

  • Absolute fantastic list for the price nhl 95 is a must own for me it’s tough to choose from 94 and 95 are so good

  • NHL 95 game looks badass the only thing is that it plays from a top-down perspective rather than a left to right I think that would mess me up I think I've logged in too many hours of Brett Hull hockey 95. The amount of hours that I've got on that Sega Genesis six pack should be damn near criminal. I'm surprised Sega even made a multi cart. Cuz almost even if you never had another game for the Sega Genesis you probably would not get bored for a really long time if that was all you had. I can still remember the first time I completed golden axe that last boss battle with deathbringer feels like it takes like seriously 30 or 40 minutes. Like for me I can't play Tetris at all I've never been able to figure it out but Columns that I can play that game is awesome and that soundtrack.

  • I love watching the responses to this challenge, but particularly the Genesis. Still a bit of a self professed Sega noob I like seeing what yo look out for. I need to track down World of Illusion now. The 6-Pak was gifted to me by another Tuber awhile back and man it’s a definite must have. To get those 6 games on one cart at that price is a steal! Awesome video. 🤙🏻

  • I hate the fact SEGA named it the mega drive here in Europe

  • Great choice with X-Men! Sure, it has its jank, but the game is very fun, and also perhaps the only game that makes use of the console's reset button!

    Also, you're the only person I know to refer Sonic's spin dash as the crouch dash haha

    P.S. – I believe you meant to say "Mallrats" for the NHL 95 segment 👍

  • I enjoyed doing the $100 challenge for Genesis…here is my list!

    Aladdin $8.73
    NHL 94 $10
    Road Rash II $10.39
    Sega 6 Pak $9.62
    Bio Hazard Battle $27.99
    Vectorman $9.99
    X-Men 2 $20
    Madden 96 $3.15

    Total $99.87

  • Dude I couldn’t agree more! Chaos in the Windy City is not a bad game. Great list and glad to see NBA Jam on there!

  • What's nice about Genesis too is that even copies of games like X-Men with the instructions and case included are only $25. I got Mario Lemieux Hockey mint and complete for $11. NBA Jam for $15. It's a good time to collect Genesis. And Revenge of Shinobi version 1.0 might be my favorite Genesis game ever. A must have. So is Shinobi 3.

  • Every Genesis collector will tell you that a bunch of UNBOXED genesis game carts is not a collection … and they are right. 😎 joking…

  • I have a few multicarts and realy carnt knock em granted a few games don't play but hey you get lots of hrs and games to play won't be dissociated great value 👍


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