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sexta-feira, setembro 22, 2023


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Marcos Paulo Vilela

O Wisegamer nasceu da paixão sobre os games, desde criança eu amo vídeo games, desde a muitas horas jogando em Game Houses como em casa, aqui é um espaço para quem ama este hobby com paixão!

13 thoughts on “My Sega Genesis Collection: Is it the Best 16-bit System?

  • Awesome after this collection video do a turbo graphics collection video Awesome video!!!!

  • I actually love playing altered beast! As for sunset riders the snes version is basically a port of the arcade. For some reason they didn’t or couldn’t do it on the genesis so it’s an original version of the game. Awesome collection, once again I’m jealous.

  • Just curious, where about are you located, I have heard you use a lot of 'southern' terms

  • Great video, I must say I’ve never owned a a Genesis but I do remember playing Sonic on one at some random kids house when I was kid. Cool idea to let the viewers pick which game to play. You mentioned Hellblade a few videos back. I remember seeing it at Best Buy when it first came out and I put it back down to buy another game and I kinda forgot about it. But will definitely be picking it up now.

  • Can I meet you at SEGE?
    so strange I just put my Genesis collection on the shelves this week.
    I remember my Cousin had a Genesis. I remember playing Altered Beast with him on Saturday mornings.

  • really need to step it up on my Genesis collection. one of my most nostalgic systems, one of my smaller collections.

  • I've scrapped videos after bad audio quality and it bites, you work so hard and your initial enthusiasm is there and to start over a second time is rough. Granted with videos this long, I'm not sure if I would of done a second take. Great video either way and super informative 👍

  • Cool videos, I like to hear your knowledge on these games. Gives me a idea of stuff I may wanna pick up if I see, thanks. Nice collection


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