Story of Seasons: Uma Revisão de Vida Maravilhosa

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life revisado por Jess Reyes no Nintendo Switch, também disponível no PlayStation, Xbox e PC. “Este remake do jogo Harvest Moon GameCube é difícil de recomendar em relação a outros simuladores de agricultura com mundos mais expansivos, histórias mais interessantes e progressão mais satisfatória. A Marvelous atualizou admiravelmente os gráficos e a jogabilidade para atender a um público mais moderno, mas essas melhorias só faz tanto quando o coração dele parece tão datado quanto parece. Sua característica de destaque ainda é a maneira como a cidade e os NPCs se adaptam e envelhecem de forma impressionante ao longo de sua campanha potencialmente de 30 anos, mas não há personagens dignos de nota o suficiente ou recompensas para fazer você querer ficar por tanto tempo também. Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life não ofende, mas com certeza também não impressiona.



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Apistogramma 2023-06-20 - 2:36 pm

Boring just like how uninteresting the reviewer is.

SirKupoNut 2023-06-20 - 2:45 pm

The game does not take 30 years anymore. It was streamlined for the remake. Shows that the reviewer didn't actually play the game. The game is only 6 years long with the 7th being endless mode

Mike H. 2023-06-20 - 4:56 pm

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Thrak360 2023-06-20 - 9:12 pm

Is it 7?

Stormtrooper 24 2023-06-20 - 9:57 pm

So…. Clearly a review from someone who's never actually played most of the origional harvest moon games… Cool 😂

Austen Moody 2023-06-20 - 11:01 pm

IGN don't be negative all the time challenge: impossible

Lex234 2023-06-20 - 11:46 pm

These games are sooo much fun

RikaRieGaming 2023-06-21 - 1:25 am

LMAO @4:17, No handholding YAY!!

Life Outward 2023-06-21 - 2:51 am

30 Years? So you didnt actually play the game, huh?

djtomoy 2023-06-21 - 3:00 am

They gave it a 9

xXBrittany20Xx 2023-06-21 - 5:20 am

I've been awaiting a remake for years. I'm 31. It was my first harvest moon and got me into the series. It is my fave out of the series. I've collected every game since then including when the title changed

9 out of 10 from me

MAKE $760 DAILY 2023-06-21 - 9:33 am

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." _Motivation

Aurelius Red 2023-06-21 - 2:41 pm

4:15 Imagine learning through trial and error.

Whoever heard of such a concept? Bizarre! -1/10 game, no doubt.

Sean 2023-06-21 - 3:22 pm

They gave it a 12, you can move on now

lazycouchman 2023-06-22 - 5:41 am

You guys always find the exact type of reviewer that doesn't need to be reviewing whatever type of game they are forced to. Lol.

BiggusDickus 2023-06-22 - 9:10 pm

The review in txt is a garbage as the review in video format shocker…

Valoo 2023-06-23 - 1:06 am

That was a hella toxic review from someone who apparently never liked the game anyway.

tinthequeenMD 2023-06-23 - 4:46 pm

Still playing it cuz I'm a fan since back to nature in the PS1

RazKid 2023-06-23 - 7:39 pm

This game is for the original gamers 🔥

Kira Anne Michelle hawkins 2023-06-23 - 8:15 pm

Did they include the dogs you can get at the start and also you can get a cat from that cat lady in the game cube version

LittlemanIndy 2023-06-23 - 8:53 pm

Nostalgia is why I’m playing. It’s like if gen Z played ocarina of time yeah parts of the game are bad it’s how old!?

orrin shell 2023-06-24 - 7:44 pm

Whoevers reviewing this has no experince with the real harvest moon series . Typical IGN nonsense .

Midnitethorn 2023-06-25 - 2:09 pm

Really wish they added more dialouge abd events/festivals. But still buying ut, this game was my childhood and first farming game

Reckon 2023-06-26 - 2:30 pm

The Cows doesn't look like the story of seasons or harvest moon. It bothers me alot because it is their game's trademark.

danny key 2023-06-26 - 8:11 pm

Isthere any eglish dialouge in ps5 vers

Vegas Sims 2023-06-27 - 1:07 am

If you want a game sort of like this, but even more beautiful with a story arc with all the townspeople, marriage, relationships and lots of animals, try the rarely publicized Wylde Flowers game. Its amazing and it does everything well, not just a few things.. This game looks way to boring to keep someone like me engaged.

elevate111 2023-06-27 - 7:22 am

IGN is a dated website

Emily Summers 2023-06-27 - 9:55 am

lol exactly the type of review i'm looking for. no fan-bias (the comments section is full of it).


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