by Marcos Paulo Vilela

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Pointman Comics AKA Shameless 2022-11-30 - 8:30 pm

Alright so what happened was – you defeated Pipelayer which put the game into the end game mode like how in Dark Souls you fight Gwyn and are put into choosing an ending.

When you cut the Plotthreads in the Narators Study after the Brenden Merkle boss fight you meet The Innocent at the door.

THEN fight the Spirit of Heroism – the Maiden Crone appears. Go to the Heart of Nostalgaia where the Old man is standing before it. The Old Man will ask you to let him hold the Essense of Heroism – cut scene happens – then drop the Essense of Heroism into the Heart.

then go and fight Mercucio and open the shortcut
(make sure to have the Stern Glare remembered which requires the Edge of Entropy and Crystalis Tooth dagger remembered)

Extra tip: make sure to revisit the Spirit of Heroism statue for secret Armor to complete the Full Armor achievement if you've collected all the other armor sets in the game and didn't get it before….

BLIND_Playthroughs 2022-12-21 - 1:39 pm

Dude, this was extremely helpful thank you. This is a great game and yet people are sleeping on it. I'm currently working on a walkthrough for the game in episodic format and found a couple steam guides that were helpful along with your video. Do you have some time to chat about some trophies/things in the game I'm not sure of? Of course i would give credit to you for the info. We could chat here or hit me up on Twitter or something. Thanks again!

ꅏ ꁲ ꀰ ꐞ ꋰ ꁲ ꋰ ꐞ 2023-04-17 - 2:22 am

Bit of an issue for me. I talked to blade where he first shows up, completely forgot about his icon and made it all the way up until the castle. Obviously he doesn't show there and I realise I didn't get his icon. So I go get his icon and return to his cell — but he's not there?

Do npcs just despawn when you go far away and am I screwed?

Also, love the content. Super helpful video, 100% subbing.


E ai? o que você achou...

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