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by Marcos Paulo Vilela
A Long Way Down Switch Review

A Long Way Down Switch Review

A Long Way Down Nintendo Switch Review: A Solid Deckbuilding Roguelite.

A Long Way Down” is an enthralling deckbuilding roguelite that takes players on a perilous adventure through treacherous dungeons filled with enemies, traps, and mysteries. Developed and published by Seenapsis Studio, this game offers a unique blend of strategic card-based combat and exploration. Whether you are a deckbuilding enthusiast or a fan of roguelike games, “A Long Way Down” promises an engaging experience on the Nintendo Switch.

A Long Way Down: Gameplay Overview

Building Your Deck of Fate

In “A Long Way Down,” players take on the role of Sam, a character who wakes up in a dark and eerie world after falling into a mysterious well. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter various companions who join your journey, each with their own unique abilities and cards. As you progress, you’ll gather cards, build your deck, and modify it to suit your preferred playstyle.

Navigating the Perilous Dungeons

The dungeons in “A Long Way Down” are procedurally generated, ensuring a fresh and challenging experience with each playthrough. Explore a series of interconnected levels, where every decision you make can lead to unexpected consequences. Along the way, you’ll encounter a diverse array of enemies and hazards, each demanding a different approach and strategy to overcome.

Strategic Turn-Based Combat

Engage in strategic turn-based combat, where your deck of cards becomes your primary weapon. Each card represents a specific action, such as attacking, defending, or using special abilities. As you progress, you’ll acquire new cards, strengthening your deck and unlocking powerful combinations. Thoughtful planning and adaptation are essential to survive the deadly encounters in the dark depths.

Choices and Consequences

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter various events and make critical choices that impact the course of your journey. These decisions can lead to different outcomes, affecting your companions, the dungeon’s layout, and the overall difficulty of the game. The choices you make define your story and the challenges you’ll face along the way.

Permadeath and Progression

“A Long Way Down” features a classic roguelite element – permadeath. If Sam falls in battle, you’ll lose all progress, cards, and items acquired during that run. However, every playthrough grants you valuable experience, allowing you to unlock new cards and bonuses that can aid you in subsequent attempts. The game strikes a perfect balance between challenge and reward, encouraging players to persevere and improve with each iteration.

Visuals and Audio

Atmospheric Artwork

The game’s artwork is a delightful blend of hand-drawn illustrations and dark, atmospheric backgrounds. The character designs are charming, and the enemy sprites are menacing, reflecting the game’s eerie ambiance. The diverse dungeon environments, each with its unique style, keep the exploration engaging and visually appealing.

Enchanting Soundtrack

Accompanying the gameplay is a captivating soundtrack that immerses players further into the mysterious world of “A Long Way Down.” The music effectively captures the mood of the game, enhancing the sense of danger and adventure as you traverse through the perilous dungeons.

Pros and Cons


  1. Engaging Gameplay: The combination of deckbuilding mechanics and roguelite elements offers a compelling and challenging experience that keeps players coming back for more.
  2. Strategic Depth: The strategic nature of the game’s combat and decision-making encourages thoughtful planning and adaptability.
  3. Replayability: With procedurally generated dungeons and permadeath, each playthrough feels fresh and exciting, encouraging multiple attempts to explore different outcomes.
  4. Art Style: The game’s hand-drawn artwork and atmospheric backgrounds create a captivating and immersive world.
  5. Rewarding Progression: Unlocking new cards and bonuses with each playthrough adds a sense of achievement and progression to the overall experience.


  1. Lack of Hand-Holding: The game might feel challenging for players new to deckbuilding roguelites, as it doesn’t provide extensive tutorials or guidance.
  2. Limited Variety: While the game features diverse environments, players may encounter similar events and encounters after multiple playthroughs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can I play “A Long Way Down” on platforms other than Nintendo Switch?

As of now, “A Long Way Down” is primarily available on the Nintendo Switch. However, there is a possibility of future releases on other platforms.

2. Is “A Long Way Down” suitable for players new to deckbuilding games?

While the game offers a rewarding experience, players unfamiliar with deckbuilding mechanics might find it initially challenging. However, with perseverance, they can grasp the gameplay mechanics and enjoy the adventure.

3. Can I unlock new characters besides Sam?

Currently, Sam is the main playable character. However, you’ll encounter various companions throughout the game, each offering unique abilities and cards to diversify your playstyle.

4. Is there a way to save my progress during a run?

No, “A Long Way Down” doesn’t support mid-run saves. If you perish during a dungeon exploration, your progress will be lost, and you’ll start a new run.

5. How long does it take to complete a single run?

The duration of a run in “A Long Way Down” varies based on factors like player skill and luck with encounters. On average, a run may take around 30 minutes to an hour.


“A Long Way Down” for the Nintendo Switch offers an immersive and strategic deckbuilding roguelite experience. With its challenging gameplay, rewarding progression, and captivating visuals, it keeps players engaged and coming back for more. While it might not hold your hand through the initial learning curve, it offers a satisfying journey of exploration and decision-making. If you’re a fan of deckbuilding roguelites or seeking a thrilling adventure through perilous dungeons, “A Long Way Down” is a solid choice that deserves a spot in your gaming library.

A Long Way Down Switch Review

A Long Way Down Switch Review


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