Análise de jogabilidade Mordhau Xbox Series X (otimizada)

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Mordhau Xbox Series X Gameplay Review, FPS de taxa de quadros e detalhes de resolução deste jogo de guerra medieval com batalhas épicas de 64 jogadores semelhantes ao Chivalry, onde você pretende dominar os oponentes em uma variedade de partidas PVP e PVE com multiplayer online ou ação local. Loja Xbox: (Anúncio). Você estará lutando contra muitas forças enquanto tenta se tornar o cavaleiro mais poderoso disponível, tentando sobreviver contra todas as adversidades. Mordhau Xbox Series X Gameplay Review do que é um slasher multijogador medieval em primeira e terceira pessoa. Entre em um campo de batalha agitado de até 64 jogadores como um mercenário em um mundo fictício, mas realista, onde você experimentará o combate corpo a corpo brutal e satisfatório que sempre fará você voltar para mais. Site: Patreon: Amazon Affiliate: Amazon: Discord: Twitter: Instagram: (Observação: para maior clareza, os links da Xbox Store e da Amazon Store são links afiliados, apoiando meu trabalho) #Mordhau #XboxSeriesX Gameplay Review apresentando desde engajamentos de pequena escala até guerra total de 64 jogadores em modos como Frontline e Invasion. Jogo cooperativo e offline: lute contra ondas de inimigos ao lado de seus amigos no modo cooperativo Horde ou pratique suas habilidades offline contra a IA. Combate corpo a corpo e à distância de forma livre: obtenha controle total sobre seu personagem e ataques e desenvolva seu estilo único. Personalização detalhada do personagem: esculpa seu rosto, crie sua arma a partir de peças e escolha peças individuais de armadura para criar o guerreiro perfeito. A melhor análise e jogabilidade do Mordhau Xbox Series X.



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Ozzy 2023-07-09 - 12:15 pm

Yea I think I’ll stick to chivalry 2.

Silenced 2023-07-09 - 1:40 pm

You can customise your character in mordhau, mordhau overall is better than chivalry 2 , chivalry 2 literally stole a lot of mechanics from mordhau, the console version of the game is not ready, But on pc it's a fully fledged game, also the game is 6 years old, the arrival of mordhau on consoles is truly late

William Boelts 2023-07-09 - 2:05 pm

Just hoping one of these days they make a game like Mordhau or Chivalry 2 with offline split screen co-op or vs. á la Star Wars Battlefront, Left 4 Dead, etc.

Kai Kiske 2023-07-09 - 2:14 pm

Doesn't look like my thing at all, but I guess there's an audience for these types of games… Idk, without a compelling reason to keep playing, other than just killing time, I don't see the draw of these multiplayer focused combat.
The footage here looks exactly as what I'd imagine (spawn in, kill a couple guys, then you yourself get killed within 1 min, rinse / repeat)

Sky / flaminx0r 2023-07-09 - 3:56 pm

Looks interesting but it also looks quite rough in terms of polish. I'll definatly be giving it a go though

Skycaptin5 2023-07-09 - 4:29 pm

Mordhau Xbox Series X Gameplay Review. If you're enjoying the video be sure to leave a like! If you're buying the game on the Xbox Store, consider using my affiliate link (it'll auto-switch regions):

NimbleSamurai 2023-07-10 - 4:19 am

2 questions.

First can you play this game without an internet connection? As chivalry 2 was trash because you needed a constant insternet connection even when i wanted to play offline matches.

Secondly does this game have a siege mode?

ersguteratze 2023-07-10 - 2:11 pm

30-45 Fps in battle 👎🏻

C.W.Simpson Productions 2023-07-10 - 3:13 pm

Im definitely interested, but how does it hold up on PS5 compared to Series X?

Tyler Barrett 2023-07-11 - 8:49 am

Does the Xbox version have the Jester and Bard?

crush 2023-07-11 - 10:39 am

The bots in singleplayer are indeed a lot heavier on the performance than real players

Adam Stark Rap Artist Author Gamer Battle Rapper 2023-07-11 - 4:02 pm

On Xbox, can you play with bots without internet? I travel a lot

ChloricOdin5 2023-07-11 - 11:34 pm

I personally think mordhau looks more enjoyable than chivalry. Chivalry has horrible spawns and always is in favor of one team, and the combat of chivalry can be pretty bad sometimes.

Mystic Okami 2023-07-12 - 12:09 am

Is pve mod out on launch?

cameron fleming 2023-07-13 - 3:09 am

How do I make a dwarf? I see them running around on xbox

Michael Weston 2023-07-13 - 5:52 am

I love it. They just need to add a update that fixes the sporactic freezing in-game. Often times the screen will freeze & then the game will continue 4-5 seconds later, often times with me dead at the hands of someone who’s screen didn’t freeze.

DopiestThyme 336 2023-07-13 - 11:35 pm

$40, No Crossplay with PC, and not avaliable on either Gamepass or PS Plus. Chivalry 2 is also just an objectively more fun game and appeals to a more broader audience so gg.

TheAnnouncer 2023-07-14 - 2:37 pm

I’ve wanted to play this for years but had no pc. Been having a blast. Late night brawl lobbies are chill

Relevant 2023-07-15 - 5:57 pm

Is the game crossplay with PC? I've been thinking about getting it but have been worried about issues with player count

The Tiny Timy MORDHAU 2023-07-16 - 5:43 pm

The amount of laughs i had in Mordhau and the memes are priceless cant wait to try it out on console 👍

Zephyro0X 2023-07-17 - 11:30 am

There are many players ? Or is like dead

Tom's Tech Vr 2023-07-20 - 2:32 pm

I played it on pc at release and never got into it and then for honor came out which is yet to have any competition for its combat and graphics


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