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Como jogar jogos PKG/ISO no PS3! *Método Fácil*

Olá! Hoje, discutiremos como usar jogos PKG/ISO PlayStation 1/2/3 sem erros ou problemas de licença! Ambos os métodos são ligeiramente diferentes e são feitos usando aplicativos diferentes, no entanto, ambos são fáceis de aprender e tornarão a instalação de jogos em seu HDD extremamente fácil e sem complicações. Qualquer que seja o método escolhido, você poderá fazer backup de todos os seus jogos no HDD ou em uma unidade externa com facilidade! CERTIFIQUE-SE DE DEIXAR UM LIKE✅✅🥳 TALVEZ SE INSCREVA NO SEU MENINO?🥹🤞



Marcos Paulo Vilela

O Wisegamer nasceu da paixão sobre os games, desde criança eu amo vídeo games, desde a muitas horas jogando em Game Houses como em casa, aqui é um espaço para quem ama este hobby com paixão!

33 thoughts on “Como jogar jogos PKG/ISO no PS3! *Método Fácil*

  • Pkg file more tha 3gb how can i send to ps3 ? Cause fat32 is about 4 gb .

    Fixed. Just use ftp : filezilla

  • you fu*king retard. use windows because we dont use machintos, idiot… use iso not this nonsense pkg file. useless video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1) It is the same method without a disc?

    2)if i extract the iso, does it keep the iso and what was extracted or just what was extracted? I ask because, if the iso stays on the HDD, I would have to delete a game

    The "extract iso" option doesn't appear: c

  • Can you please make a vid ab how to get games for free if you have a jailbreaked ps3

  • When i plug the usb to the ps3 the package is not showing. In package manager is telling no package files found. I made sure it is formated to fat32

  • I just installed ben 10 Omniverse. It's telling me to get sign in playstation network and after that it's telling to Activate the game. Please help…

  • Uh i tried the iso disc thingy but my gta 4 just freeze while playing like the cutsecene is playing at first time playing. And like the boat scene it just freeze but i hear the game audio its broken idk what to do.
    Edit 2: nvm it works

  • Hey guys. I am new in the bizz and have a problem. I have downloaded 3 Iso files from a big Rom site. Put them on a Exfat or Ntfs Stick in PS3 Iso and starting the mounted games (webman games)will lead to invalid iso or 800xxxxx error. I can not think of rom sites that have Isos which had been downloaded a thousand times. So what is missing here. The IRD file? Do I have to defrag and patch the Iso??? Need your advice.

  • After I have install the game I can delete the install file ? Or I deleted all the game ?

  • I extracted PS3 Goldeneye now I'm gonna put a file that says manhunt 2.pkg. can I play the game then? or do I need to do something else?. hope I didn't mess this up, wanna play manhunt 2 so bad, it keeps freezing when I play the pkg alone & brings me too my tv screensaver when I load a current save file not on VPS2 memory card. don't know the problem is or what I'm doing wrong, please help someone

  • I'm using Activision GoldenEye reloaded to use it as an iso file for manhunt 2 to work without any problems can I do that when I extracted my PS3 game with manhunt 2 pkg?

  • how do i add my psn digital games to webman games i got them from a hen store

  • Is there anyway way to customize a controller profile or reconfigure the controller layout? I got guitar hero 2 but my rockband guitar seems to have the incorrect button mapping for some reason

  • Im trying to install gta4 but it says file is too large for the usb , i tried to split it apart but the ps3 didn't read it

  • Do you need to use a USB? Is it possible without. I don't have one with enough storage for games like GTA.


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