Como jogar jogos PS3 ISO fora do USB/HDD! (multiMAN)

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Olá pessoal, neste vídeo, mostrarei a vocês como jogar/instalar backups de jogos PS3 ISO de um USB ou disco rígido!

Você pode jogar o jogo no USB/HDD, mas eu sempre prefiro copiá-lo para o HDD interno do PS3 para uma melhor experiência de jogo! Este vídeo é apenas para propósitos educacionais.

Este vídeo pode ser removido, entre em contato diretamente comigo: – Isenção de direitos autorais De acordo com a Seção 107 da Lei de Direitos Autorais de 1976, é permitido o “uso justo” para fins como crítica, comentário, reportagem de notícias, ensino, bolsa de estudos e pesquisa.

Qual formato o PS3 reconhece?

O PlayStation 3 somente reconhece dispositivos de armazenamento no formato FAT32.

Qual o formato do HD externo para PS3?

Como o tipo de formato do disco rígido do PS3 é FAT32, você pode acessá-lo com qualquer Mac ou computador Windows, tudo o que você precisa fazer é desmontar o disco rígido do PlayStation e conectá-lo ao computador com um cabo compatível.

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Dope Boy 2023-03-29 - 2:24 pm


🔰MASTER OF YOUTUBE JDM 🔰 2023-04-01 - 4:15 am

which site are you using for your games? pls send me link

eli23nyc 2023-04-02 - 6:56 pm

Watched this twice thinking I totally missed where he talked about ISO game files..
Guess I better watch it again.. 🙄

Satania Mcdowell 2023-04-04 - 11:13 am

This is odd
No matter what game i get it is just one file and says ISO

Flavio Hajdarasi 2023-04-06 - 2:45 pm

i can do this all but when I install the game from the usb on to the mmCm it does not work, can somebody help me

Flavio Hajdarasi 2023-04-06 - 5:32 pm

Do you wxtract the game iso when you download it ?

Abid Habibullah 2023-04-07 - 8:44 am

Can any one help me ,
I have 4.90 the issue that I'm facing is downloaded games from internet won't work to my console after transfer .

🔰MASTER OF YOUTUBE JDM 🔰 2023-04-08 - 6:38 pm

I got error 80010017 when I tried to run the game exactly how you show😢. My multiman version is 4.80. Pls help me

MrKhaled 2023-04-11 - 9:13 am

Amazing tutorial , i used to download games for my ps3 for 2 dollars
Now it totaly free ! thanks james

bailey 2023-04-13 - 2:53 pm

if you want free games for ps3 or any cracked system check out vimms lair

Roxas Fox 2023-04-18 - 6:21 pm

Can I Get a suggestions on a couple of website t Download PS3 Games ?
and thank U for the tutorials Its so much helpful . 🤗🤗

bkamil 2023-04-19 - 9:36 am

do the trophies you earn actually go into you ps account? just wondering bc by doing that you dont actually buy the game
also thanks for the tutorial

Davi Jones 2023-04-21 - 2:26 pm

can you plz tell me from which site do you download these games from

Brnjwshlai Mambrahim 2023-04-24 - 5:55 am

یاری gta 5 مەکەن چونکە ناوی خوا نووسراوە لە سەر دەرگا هەموو ئەو کۆمێنتانە ئاگادار بکەوە ئەم یاریە مەکەن چونکە تۆ هۆکاری بلاو بونەوەی 👎

John Harrison 2023-04-26 - 11:09 pm

But this isn't for ISO files, it's for Folder games. Big difference.

Bien 2023-04-27 - 4:37 am

hey man need help. i cannot find the file where the isos are. do you mind telling me why its not working? thanks.

EE mud 2023-04-28 - 6:11 am

Helpful advice :
iso files can be decompressed with any file extractor

Fu_manschue 2023-04-29 - 7:31 pm

Heads-up for anybody wondering how to get your games into the format shown in the video here. If you downloaded your game in the .iso format you can simply extract the contents of the iso using software like winrar and the game files will look just like the format shown in the video here. Just thought I would share as I was a bit confused with this part. Happy hacking!

Mj K 2023-04-30 - 12:50 pm

Will I still be able to get trophies? And if I do will I get banned?

Mohamed Oualla 2023-05-01 - 8:29 am

Is it possible for ps4?

xLDW95 2023-05-02 - 12:31 am

Can you boot games through usb

Cool Things 2023-05-02 - 5:37 am

Which is the best website for downloading PS3 games???

Jericho G 2023-05-07 - 12:23 am

Playing legends of Wrestlemania

Wayne Tomlinson 2023-05-08 - 7:46 am

Trying follow this format as I can only find iso format games.. and these on the video are not a single iso format.

So can't install the single file iso

69Tacos de nachos 2023-05-11 - 1:05 am

where do i get the game tho

Holistic Mame 2023-05-15 - 7:51 am

what kind of xmb theme do you have?

Leon Ochieng 2023-05-16 - 10:16 am

What did you say
The USB should be in which format
Didn't get that

mhon ferrer 2023-05-16 - 12:28 pm

Thanks for the tutorial. Can I know where you download your games or what site that I need to go? Please send some link into your description.

Bajo Jajo 2023-05-19 - 3:07 pm


omniroma 2023-05-20 - 7:19 am

Is the games folder necessary?

demo 2023-05-22 - 3:32 am

awesome tutorial!!!!!!! i didnt rly like the filezilla transfer speeds (it was kind of slow on my internet i was using mobile hotpsot bcz my wifi sucks) but this is so much better! now it takes usually 4-20 min for my games to transfer now thanks for the tutorial!

Karthik 2023-05-23 - 11:33 am

Bro which site to download games?

Hooliesthecat 2023-05-25 - 2:41 am

hey tech james, i finally got my jailbreajk. now im in process of trying the games installed, it says neeeed sign in playstationj to get liscence, how do i play them, well thanks for videos hope you can help me get pass this one, i got thiws far, well maybe more patience and research, trisl and error, peace bud, thanks

JGAMER 70 2023-06-04 - 12:04 am

2018 was 5 years ago……

Celtics Fan 2023-06-06 - 11:47 am

Came here looking for how to download free ps3 games, left with “wow bio commando looks pretty good I’ve never heard of it before” and now I’m interested lol

Shake 2023-06-12 - 7:06 am

Thanks bro❤

Shawn Blankenship -2 2023-06-16 - 2:20 pm

Error 80010017 every GD time

Davidd Davidd 2023-06-17 - 4:57 pm

But if my usb/hdd is fat32 format how can i copy files if they are larger then 4gb?

WAYNE'S CURIOUS WORLD 2023-06-18 - 5:55 pm

How To Play PS3 'Folder Format' Games Off USB/HDD! (multiMAN).

Reginald Willemse 2023-06-19 - 4:41 pm

I am unable to copy the iso file to my usb, please help

Lukas Kubinec 2023-06-23 - 1:56 pm

0:31 shhhh! The captain is having an important speech, all passengers please return to your seats.

HYBりD OTN 2023-06-24 - 6:41 pm

Jailbroken still!! NO GAMES LOADED.

Dpad Doge 2023-06-25 - 7:39 am

Another amazing video much love

mateja 1505 2023-06-26 - 10:37 pm

For me dont show usb folder when i plug hdd but with flash it work

football friends 2023-06-28 - 11:35 am

thank you

montervrane 2023-06-29 - 7:15 am

Does your PS3 have to be cracked

GanG Nation 2023-06-30 - 8:52 am

how did you get larger file then 4b on fat32 ?


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