Construção de Esquadrão de Sobrevivência Zumbi Bullet Heaven! – Yet Another Zombie Survivors (Acesso Antecipado)

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

A Horda está chegando, mas você está pronto para combatê-la! Arme sua equipe ao seu gosto e descubra quais sinergias funcionam melhor contra milhares de mortos-vivos. Sobreviva, evolua e quebre os limites neste inferno de bala reversa casual, mas emocionante. Experimente a demo de Yet Another Zombie Survivors no Steam: _____________________________________________________________________ Confira meu canal de ensaio e revisão de vídeo: Junte-se ao meu discord: Outro Music: Braincooler – Mega Man X Chill Penguin Stage Remix de Rozovian – Ajude-me no Patreon: Meu Twitter:



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MagikMan74 2023-07-16 - 2:16 pm

life steal definitely sucks, but the turrets can get really great if you work on the cooldown.

TUC12341 2023-07-16 - 2:22 pm

Would love tiers in upgrades, as well as a range upgrade for all the explosions and turrets, also happiness is “luck” for all the drops they have, like the power ups health and money. It’s definitely a fun game but it just need more

Astrad Antares 2023-07-16 - 2:25 pm

That's a good game

Artur 2023-07-16 - 2:47 pm

you are amazing

David Britton 2023-07-16 - 4:04 pm

Hi Wander. Your old pal David checking in.
Have you seen the crazy updates to Rogue Genesia?
You might want to take another look. Beta for it adds in C Rank World so now it's 4 zones long.
Non beta also has workshop support.
Corruption was a little buggy iirc but I think it got fixed.

This game looks cool as well

Tim 2023-07-16 - 4:14 pm

Reminds me of the Boxhead Zombies flash game.
Wish they would make a new PC version of it!
They have android but I think it is a rip off version.

James 2023-07-16 - 4:22 pm

This game is fun. I just hope they add more optimizations or more in depth video options. I play on a steamdeck, and I gotta do a lot of tinkering to get a stable framrate. This game feels perfect on the go though. I can get a good 30-40fps

Member of the Old Guard 2023-07-16 - 4:42 pm

-Note about the Project Zomboid zombification-
There's a setting in the sandbox mode where you can turn it off, and some mods that lessen the risk.
Doesn't excuse the zombification chances, but still

Techpriest Emily 2023-07-16 - 4:52 pm

Even with me being really new to the bullet heaven genre, this does seem like a really interesting take on it. Grabbed it for myself not even halfway through your video.

Weskey 2023-07-16 - 6:27 pm

Apparently the game name comes from it being a sequel to Yet Another Zombie Defense

rubaiyat300 2023-07-16 - 6:48 pm

Looks really fun, but I have to say what a genius evolution of the genre, making it squad based and not controlling the aiming directly. And now it's adaptable to a lot of other properties and subgenres. This is kinda what I would want for a bughunt Starship Troopers/Colonial or Space Marines type game in this genre. Or heck superheros fighting zombies, aliens, robots, monsters, etc. Though that would require rethinking the shooting and going backwards style game play and be more active.

Shadeling 2023-07-16 - 9:31 pm

this looks intersting if its on the cheaper side i'll probably pick it up. i've been a big fan of bullet heavens for awhile now.

Rob M 2023-07-16 - 10:34 pm

This game is pretty great. Im in love with it and have been dince the demo… i would like a branching gun evolution for tier 4 based on the tier 3 gun you chose that run that you choose as well… then some duo boon type exclusive abilities when you have 2 certain classes on your team and ankther set of abilities after 15 minutes if your doing a solo survivor run.

That Box Nid 2023-07-16 - 11:53 pm

You can turn the zombie's infecting you off in Zomboid.

FirasX 2023-07-17 - 12:09 am

Sad to see the helicopter never picked. You never know how it is unless you grab it.

oicramquatro 2023-07-17 - 1:38 am

l enjoyed the video.

Pevec G 2023-07-17 - 4:53 am

This looks really interesting. Seeing this i wish deep rock survivor went this route with the team.

twin4o 2023-07-17 - 4:58 am

"I think they removed the squad mechanic alltogether"…
And then 1 min later:
"I was right, they do have the squad"… :D:D

I love the video, keep it up 🙂

Jaden Oldfield 2023-07-17 - 5:00 am

Really fun for like a day, there just isnt much variety- you figure out what is the best and just do the same thing over and over

protoskeeper 2023-07-17 - 10:15 am

The good thing about zomboid are the mods for it. Random chance of zombifying is the first thing I patched out ^^

Critter_Guy 2023-07-17 - 9:40 pm

This was amazing, please tell me you have more on the way!!

Zinthaniel 2023-07-18 - 2:17 am

you are supposed to stay within or close to the radius of your turrets as they give you good cover and yield high damage.

Pyrela 2023-07-18 - 5:25 pm

Engineer is great. Good gun to start with for early game. Get a point into electrocute then focus on leveling his gun. Stick with his tier 2 tesla gun and skip tier 3 weapons even when you unlock them. His energy shield is great when you unlock it. Put a point into it as son as you can once unlocked along with electrocute for AoE.

I usually use the first SoS rescue to get the free level up, then second for another character, the third for another level up, then the fourth for another character. That way you can focus in on leveling up guns for the characters without the level up skill pool being too diluted.

amnavas1971 2023-07-19 - 6:41 am

Very interesting game. A new one for my wishlist!


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