Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed é muito divertido

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

My GOG Affiliate Link: Ganhe 12% de desconto no seu próximo pedido do SteelSeries com o código promocional “GMAN” Observações e premissa 03:37 Visuais e dublagem 09:30 O combate e a jogabilidade 13:04 Novas armas 14:45 Combate de navios e atualizações 17:03 The Bad 19:39 Observações finais 20:35 Patronos incrivelmente impressionantes



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GmanLives 2022-08-26 - 10:45 am

Hey guys, game isn't out yet, but you can pre-order and eventually buy it here:

Grayson Schrader 2022-12-08 - 5:38 pm

Didn't the meteor gun just shoot one big meteor in the OG game? I can't remember

Elijah Walling 2022-12-12 - 8:12 am

i hate what they did to the dislocator in the remake. they turned it into the superballer from the 3rd game.

Johny40Se7en 2022-12-12 - 5:13 pm

For once, it's nice to see you in a positive mood when discussing a game 😅😜
Maybe if games didn't suck so much arse nowadays, it would be the norm for you. Great how this game turned out. And have to hand it to the developer, they know exactly how to do very provocative camera angles for a particular character. LOL 😝

Kuddlesworth NA 2022-12-19 - 3:04 pm

I hope we get a Big Willy remake as well.

Dukeljk 2023-01-01 - 8:44 am

People need to teach their kids free speech and raise them correctly.

Adam Murphy 2023-01-08 - 4:54 am

This game runs TERRIBLY – I love the games and the series, but DO NOT BUY THIS GAME UNLESS YOU HAVE A 30 SERIES! It will not run above 40-50 frames and the memory leak was never fixed.

James Bond 007 2023-01-17 - 8:53 pm

anal probe is like watching your content. LOL

Isaac Westling 2023-01-18 - 11:31 am

Imagine the devs of GTA caring this much about the remakes of their games.

David Hogins 2023-02-07 - 4:03 am

Ending music name?

King Dring 2023-02-15 - 8:30 pm

Mediocre back in the day, mediocre now. Either way still love your vids bro

Auston Versluys 2023-02-16 - 1:20 am

why are a bunch of youtubers calling the disclocator and the geneblender new?

Edward Littleton 2023-03-06 - 4:08 am

Hey I just got a brand new PS4 I wonder what this game be on PS4.. like ever ..let me know 🤔

QCQuezo 2023-03-14 - 3:40 pm

2:30 – They took out the Transgender side mission in albion. where the husband is divorced and scolded for dressing like a woman.

Zp 2023-03-25 - 1:32 pm

I went through the trouble of setting up a ps2 emulator just to play the original game about a week ago. Now that I'm almost finished with the original, I find out they remade it…. Of course.

Well, guess that means I'm playing it again with a much smoother experience

SwankyJami 2023-03-26 - 6:49 pm

At first I was pretty pissed how this game is only on the new gen consoles. But after watching this, which is my first time seeing any footage of the game, I can totally understand why they only did it for the new gen consoles! This game is beautiful and looks so awesome to play! Definitely gonna be my first game whenever I switch over to the new consoles

sabpac 2023-03-26 - 7:38 pm

this game kicks mega ass, even the original on the PS2 still holds up

Anxiety Fitness 2023-04-23 - 6:45 pm

11:53 Crypto would have vaporized you straight away with his disintergrator if he heard you say that 😂

A Guy Named Alfons 2023-05-14 - 9:49 pm

The new controls are god damn terrible.

Brandon 2023-05-20 - 4:49 am

Anal probe is everything. You damn snowflake.

Mauman 2023-05-30 - 5:35 am

The irony is they put up that content warning and STILL censored their game by removing a whole mission.


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