Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine – Trailer 1

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Um jogo de quebra-cabeça com o Dr. Fetus comandando o show? Provavelmente um momento bastante calmo e relaxante. Dr Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine é um quebra-cabeças match-4 ambientado no universo Super Meat Boy, com uma reviravolta única do arqui-inimigo do Super Meat Boy, o nefasto Dr. Fetus. Com serras elétricas, mísseis e uma série de outros perigos mortais preparados pelo Dr. Fetus em jogo, Mean Meat Machine traz o desafio hardcore pelo qual o Super Meat Boy é conhecido para esta mistura única de quebra-cabeça e jogabilidade de ação. Lista de desejos agora no PlayStation, Xbox ou PC: ▶ ▶ ▶



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5uperM 2023-04-03 - 8:17 pm

"Look how they massacred my boy."

DoomerSlice 2023-04-04 - 8:12 am

After the last Meat Boy game you’d really think Team Meat would realise “oh hey hmm maybe people would just want more Meat Boy, just like, another NORMAL MEAT BOY game”

But no of course not, the next immediate thought is to make Dr Fetus Eggman Puyo. I mean hey, Puyo is fun at least, but it’s MEAT BOY?? THE PLATFORMER GUY?? HUHHH?????

Alen Mack 2023-04-04 - 2:54 pm

Was this trailer supposed to come out on April 1st?

Lucien The Peacebringer 2023-04-07 - 9:05 am

So Tetris but with buzzsaws and all sorts of deadly stuff that can cut you into pieces. 10/10 will buy

Никита Захаров 2023-04-14 - 3:00 pm

ваш супер мит бой это не соник?

F.A.C.E YTgamesAwAy 2023-04-15 - 11:16 am

I’d like to think why Dr. Fetus is doing this is because he is trying to make/find a perfect meatboy to counter the REAL meatboy. Probably since Brownie didn’t beat meat-boy (even though Brownie is somewhere in the same power level to counter) and just became frenemies?

I’m not sure but it would probably be like a Metal Sonic thing (except it ain’t robot AND its probably better than the real deal).

Man Face memes 2023-04-15 - 3:42 pm

A game, that looks like a mobile game is releasing on PC and consoles, except mobile (same thing with Super Meat Boy Forever)

Lucien The Peacebringer 2023-04-20 - 12:54 pm

Dude, stop hating on team meat for not making a sequel to SMB. It can get tiring only making games in the same series, sometimes you gotta come out with something new.

JJDSCHANNEL 2023-04-22 - 8:50 pm

Please add more variety, to the game design. And make it fun plz, But otherwise: I love how this is going so far! Just add some love to it though. And don't just be cheap and rehash enemies from Forever. Can you do that? I believe you can.

Robin Shaddle 2023-04-26 - 1:14 am

This is what Dr. Fetus does to relieve stress when he loses to meat boy

Zarasa 2023-05-03 - 9:50 am

What the…

El Litty 2023-05-07 - 3:26 am

No me habia dado c7enta de esto

dark soul frusho 2023-05-10 - 6:02 pm

When mobile

Darkbumbo 2023-05-15 - 10:28 pm

yes finally another random mobile spinoff that the community 100 percent wanted!!!

Reallife 2023-05-16 - 11:28 pm

Is this still coming out at the end of next month? It disappeared off the switch e shop “coming soon” page….

JeffTheGuest 2023-05-20 - 4:41 pm

If it has platinum, I'll buy it

Aura of Worlds Enjoyer 2023-05-21 - 12:30 pm

who would've expected a good meat boy game coming from a completely different studio

EvinFiveTwoSevenZeroSeven 2023-05-23 - 4:46 am

Golden Bent Boy

Oshmar Abarca 2023-05-27 - 3:15 pm

Dr fetus mean meat machine in android

Jeff 2023-05-27 - 10:08 pm

What a good game

I sure hope there's no reference about it

James Hail 2023-05-29 - 4:41 pm

I think its interesting how the visuals of the different color clones change between the levels, but it would be cool to add some sort of customization so as you play through the game you unlock new clones to play with, and you could go into options and set what failed experiments you want each color to be (it would just be cosmetic of course but that'd make the game a little better imo!). also, plushies of those little freakazoids would be awesome

Alexander2011 2023-06-10 - 12:43 pm

I like how in the title card its dr fetus with a open hand but in the demo he is flipping you off

DanielPlaysInROBLOX 2023-06-11 - 7:25 pm

this song fire tho 🔥🔥🔥


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