Dread Templar PC Weapons

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Dread Templar PC Weapons

Dread Templar 

Dread Templar is a first-person shooter (FPS) combining old-school gameplay with modern game mechanics. 

Developed by one-man studio T19 Games, this production from 1C Entertainment’s catalog has been released in early access.

Game mechanics

The developer describes Dread Templar as a combination of old and modern shooters, so a title in the style of newer installments of the Doom series. 

So we have the fast-paced action and hordes of enemies to kill – there’s no time for sneaking or using cover. We kill the adversaries using a varied arsenal, which includes katanas, shotguns and pistols.

Equipment can be modified with gold and silver cards, but in search of these you need to look around the locations more carefully. There are plenty of secrets and simple puzzles to solve, which will reward us with cards and gems giving us additional weapon slots for upgrades.

All this makes that on the one hand we can adjust the gameplay to our preferences, on the other – it encourages exploration and moving your head in the fight. They didn’t forget about bullet time, allowing us to effectively eliminate slowed down enemies.

Dread Templar Weapons.



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