Every Modern Mega Drive Game Ranked

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

A review of every modern major release for the Sega Genesis / Modern Mega Drive games ranked from worst to best. Can you …



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St1ka 2023-02-26 - 4:59 pm

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Swift Justice 2023-03-16 - 1:31 pm

But if they gave enemies ammo to drop you'd never see the boot! And some wiseguy would quit because hey, why are these slimes carrying ammo for my gun.

Andrew Kramer 2023-03-16 - 9:40 pm

Yo bro, u totally should review classic RE2, I'm dying 2 hear your thoughts on that game, btw that review of ODT wuz awesome, 1 of my favorite games from my childhood, keep coming with these retro reviews, they're awesome 👍👍

Monacomaverick 2023-03-16 - 11:34 pm

I think the reason people didn't get their game is because there was a link in the Watermelon email that took you to another page where you entered your address. I found this link years after I had already moved to another city and entered my new address. I received my copy of the game within a few weeks from entering my new address, so I'm pretty sure that obscured link is what tripped people up. It wasn't intuitive at all, and I could have just as easily missed it.

Francesco Smith 2023-03-19 - 6:00 pm

I keep coming back to this video and continue to enjoy it. I finally got into both Metal Dragon and the Beggar Prince and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with both. For Metal Dragon, I'm glad I waited. When it was initially released my expectations were through the roof and it's certainly nothing special but I still found it fun and satisfying. I wish it had some extra boss fights or maybe a vehicle stage or two or you have to control a turret and fight in a gallery shooting style or maybe one level where you don't just walk to the end and maybe have to find a couple of keys. So again, it's okay but really feels like one or two little extra touches would have gone a long way.

I'm only a few hours into the Beggar Prince but it's a surprisingly fun story with some simple mechanics. Again, nothing extraordinary (and both the music and graphics could be better) but a fun little game. I'm curious to see if I think the fun continues or if it becomes repetitive or I just simply get tired of the story. We'll see.

I think my updated new Genesis games list would go Xeno Crisis, Demons of Asteborg, Ultracore, Tanzer, Darius, Brave Battle Saga, Metal Dragon, Water Margin, Beggar Prince, Jim Power, Generals of the Yang Family then Switchblade with all of the first 10 games being fun and the last two being duds.

MrSancini Plays 2023-03-21 - 1:24 am

I finished Brave Battle Saga recently, and while I liked my time with the game, I have some issues regarding the balancing, because most of the equip I bought have almost no change in how much damage I receive, and leveling up didn't help. Also, I don't recomend the Steam version that much because, for some reason, the code for level 99 doesn't work there (which is strange, because it's emulation).

Sometimes, the game relies on too much fetch questing (when the MC fell sick, we had to ask for the help of the Goddess of Life, but she asked the group to recovered the captured fairies, the guy who captured the fairies asked for help to lift his curse, and to lift his curse we need to get and specific item on a mountain, and we only know about the item when we talked with the goddess about the guy's curse), and despite the game being straightforward, the navigation on some points are a absolute nightmare.

I needed to get this out of my chest since I finished the game.

Anyway, nice video, although Insane Pain, a fighting game released in december (I think) isn't in the video. The rom is available for free, but the devs are also selling physical copies of the game.

I played a lot of the games on this video, and it's fantastic how, since the advent of the SGDK, it's easier to make a Mega Drive game, but kudos to the guys before that time that were able to do something for our beloved 16-bit machine.

noop9k 2023-03-25 - 10:54 pm

You are supposed to use COMPOSITE VIDEO with this Duke3D game. Thought everyone interested knows it..

roadkill_52 2023-03-27 - 2:28 pm

Devwill Too have a sequel, why you didn't include it?

Pedro Alpha 2023-03-28 - 1:08 am

Pesquise real bout fatal fury genesis – canal da Rheogamer.

Glitch Gremlin 2023-03-28 - 2:16 am

L'Abbaye des Morts is my favorite one here by a mile. Its amazing how great that game is. Just wish it was longer. A lot longer.

mugen FPS 2023-04-06 - 9:20 am

i've recently discovered this niche, but i honestly dont understand it why develop games with so many restrictions… is it for challenge?

Homebrew Game Club 2023-04-11 - 1:02 pm

Great video, thanks!

Robert Chase 2023-04-20 - 12:54 am

As someone who's had a love hate (though mostly love) relationship with Jim Powers, I was pretty impressed with the Mega Drive port, as well as the NES style demake that came with the GOG/Steam game. The soundtrack wasn't quite as good as the original Amiga or the SNES versions but is still amazing considering the console it's on and the Mega Drive's fart noise legacy, and the gameplay itself is still that wonderful blend of "this is fun" and "this makes me hate life itself". I also have to say that I REALLY need to get my hands on Tanzer, I actually love the euro computer look of the graphics, and that gameplay? Looks amazing!

Khan 2023-04-20 - 8:18 am

You might not be too familiar with the source material, as you are Portuguese, but there's an ongoing project to do a port of Street Chaves to the Mega Drive

Welton Brito 86 2023-04-23 - 2:43 pm

I have The Duke Nukem, I don't think a bad game(Eu tenho o Duke Nukem, eu não acho um jogo ruim).

GamesAndPlanes 2023-04-24 - 11:38 pm

Jim Powers backgrounds are fucking scrolling the wrong direction. Lol. Idiots.

lord fyita 2023-04-28 - 4:35 am

Geni?… armor in the style of a Z-spectrum?… good one. XD
48:06 any game that has this kind of… "music/sfx" is terrible or made disgusting by them.

mad gamer 2023-05-03 - 3:17 am

Where can you find these games? Some of them I would love to play.

CrazyJake 2023-05-03 - 1:12 pm

I really expected better visuals.

Chaotyczne myśli 2023-05-11 - 9:09 pm

24:16 There was already an older game that looks a lot like this one – it's Granada by Wolfteam. Try this one if you dig top-down shooters.

King_Kiff 2023-05-13 - 2:02 am

shoot them up = shmup

lol 😂

Raden Andrianto 2023-05-13 - 8:40 am

I interesting with this beat 'em up game 30:46

Kyle Kostamo 2023-05-13 - 4:21 pm

I have the original duke nukem 3d on PC and it has crosshairs, you can turn them on or off.

inceptional 2023-05-15 - 12:21 pm

So many new games for Genesis, many of them pretty awesome at that, while the SNES still gets almost no love. That's a straight-up crime. I cannot wait until one day [hopefully] the SNES finally gets its own much better SDK that's somewhere close to the SGDK, and then we should finally start to see more new indie/homebrew titles for this beloved system. Out of all the consoles from that era, the SNES deserves nothing less than at least the same kind of love the Genesis is getting from the indie/homebrew scene in modern times.

AuraLuna 2023-05-15 - 4:44 pm

Arkagi’s Revolution is so awesome, and I’m so hype for Arkagi’s Escape as he seems to be experimenting with a 3d first person perspective this time, and I love 3d on 16 bit consoles. I’m happy more people are positive on it

chiissu 2023-05-16 - 6:46 am

Thnx for doing this and putting the games and time stamps in the description. I was updating the list of games I wanna get and this helped me choose some good ones to go on the hunt for.
I do have Generals of the Yang Family, Canon: Legend of the new Gods, Water Margin, Tanglewood and The cursed Knight and hope to get
Pier Solar, Life on Mars: Genesis, Brave Battle Saga – Legend of the Magic Warrior, Demons of Asteborg, Ultracore and Paprium. I'd like Fx Unit Yuki but heard it only works on Model 1 Genesis's and I only got a Model 2
I backed Affinity Sorrow and The Black Jewel Reborn when the Kickstarters were on.
The Genesis is my fave system and i had some good times with it so new games on it in this distant future year of the 2020s (When Robotech II The Sentinels happened) is quite grande.

Italo Penna 2023-05-22 - 1:10 am


Vintage Bluenote 2023-05-25 - 10:35 pm

For Xeno Crisis just get a Brook Converter ps4 to md.

Tanzer only problem to me is bosses really too easy.

Darius I have 2 problems…Bosses too easy and background too static

Vintage Bluenote 2023-05-25 - 10:50 pm

Did you have a copy of Paprium?

Kainlarsen 2023-05-28 - 1:31 pm

Ultracore looks like if Turrican was made by the Bitmap Brothers. <3


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