Exoprimal – Before You Buy

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Exoprimal (PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC) is Capcom’s newest multiplayer shooter and features dinosaurs and cool robots. How is it? Let’s talk.
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Phoenix Rhapsody 2023-07-23 - 3:29 am

This game is dead on arrival. Yes, there are more objectives, maps, and dinosaur varieties in the game. No, that doesn't change much. It's still a competitive race to see who can complete the race fastest. If this had been Left 4 Dead with dinos and mech suits, I think everyone would have played it happily, it would have had a lot more players, and nobody would have bat an eye at the idea of a gameplay loop like that. What we got was Destiny 2's Gambit with dinos and mechs, which I have no interest in playing, and which wasn't what we were told we would get. I can't wait for my Steam refund to come in so I can reject Capcom's greed one more time. A washed up company with an out of touch board that doesn't know what people want.

Greg Evans 2023-07-23 - 4:53 am

Disappointed that this review has missed a lot lf the awesome content that comes as you progress into the game.

I'm having a blast with Exoprimal, one of the best online multiplayers I've seen it as long as i can remember!

Mohammad Soubra 2023-07-23 - 5:42 am

This is just straight up lies and deceit. Play the game for longer than an hour and you'll see this game has tons of content to enjoy. Stop spreading bullshit, if you're a reviewer with any ounce of integrity you would play any game for 8 hours before posting any reviews.

Justin McGinnis 2023-07-23 - 7:48 am

I get what they were trying to do with the story by baking it into he multi-player like Titan Fall 1 but like you said………….it just dosent make me care about it

Epic_Joker_Spec gaming 2023-07-23 - 7:48 am

30 hours in and I'm loving it. intensity is still increasing and even new objectives that I've haven't played yet. another hit by capcom

Kubilay 2023-07-23 - 12:14 pm

good game! dont listen to anything play for yourself

Syke 2023-07-23 - 3:10 pm

So it’s gambit from destiny?

Corey Holder 2023-07-23 - 6:20 pm

Not only can you not spend real money on warchests, but there also is no premium currency, all the skins and modules are bought with currency earned through game play, and it has a 10$ season pass, it most definitely is not as monetized as you claim

Corey Holder 2023-07-23 - 6:21 pm

Can definitely tell you did NOT play that long before you made this haha

Casey F 2023-07-23 - 7:23 pm

For some reason I love the way this game operates. I’m 100% in on this game.

You people need to seriously give this game a chance. It’s beautiful!

Alex Shell 2023-07-23 - 7:37 pm

Why buy when it's free on gamepass?

MiccyLoco South 2023-07-23 - 9:34 pm

So yea don't count this game out. You have to play and beat this game so you can unlock another game mode called "Savage Gauntlet" that's coming soon. Played 56 games to beat and complete the Analysis map. Great game. Put a lil more time in it and give it a try.

TORAM 2023-07-24 - 12:45 am

if this game heading to like anthem … then i will be super pissed and ban Capom for life

Astro105 2023-07-24 - 1:38 am

dude wants a solo player mode, try versing a neo rex solo

Britton Durbin 2023-07-24 - 10:08 am

You can't buy loot boxes or currency. The loot boxes are purely level up rewards.

Rippski 2023-07-24 - 11:56 am

A Capcom game with a convoluted story… pretty on brand.

THROAT JAMMA 2023-07-24 - 1:09 pm

Come on man
If u reviewing a game u gotta play it full

THROAT JAMMA 2023-07-24 - 1:17 pm

$60 dollaz in a market where pubg and cod is free, is a hard ask…..

hollis 999th 2023-07-24 - 2:13 pm

I dont understand why game ranx complains about the 60 dollar price tag bur fails to mention its on gamepass until the very end. Which is how most people eill be playing it

Seeth Laemmert 2023-07-24 - 3:52 pm

It looks so tempting, but the same argument from every critique I see. I'm gonna wait–I got tired a few years ago of these immature games being released with full demands.

J.D. 2023-07-24 - 8:43 pm

As a Vermintide 2 fan who always liked the wave defense maps of VT1 a lot, and as a scifi fan, this looks pretty interesting!

J.D. 2023-07-24 - 8:46 pm

Aww no build customization? That already killed a bunch of otherwise great games for me like BDO. ☹
Also it looks to me like it has only 1 pacing, which is probably a big reason it gets old fast.
And for a game that entirely relies on finding teams, front-loading the monetization with this little to offer in the beginning is a huge mistake I think, because without players its reputation is never going to improve or spread.

Siegward of the Knights of Catarina 2023-07-24 - 9:39 pm

I have been playing for 8 hour's straight it is 3.39 Am I cannot stop

mrbonecutter 2023-07-24 - 10:31 pm

I think the story is actually pretty decent. Plus it gives you some back story as to why youre fighting waves and waves of dinos. And im pretty sure the war chests are only obtained through leveling, i haven't seen anywhere where you can buy them.

Sean2814 2023-07-24 - 11:45 pm

Falcon is the best voice over

Pr0 GengOo 2023-07-24 - 11:56 pm

F**k this game and f*/*k Capcom and f**k their system
1) Worst optimization for PC ( if you have multiple controllers like wheel, and KB and mouse – you're fked) Basically the game chooses whatever they want to use as main controll and go with it – I had to unplug my g923 wheel so don't have to jump out the window everytime I boot the game
2) Their registration process took me a longer time than the purchase of a car rental
3) I really hope this game flops

LYQ 2023-07-25 - 2:22 am

You didnt play this game and it shows.

Christophe Paitrault 2023-07-25 - 6:14 am

games that sell for full price, have little to no content YET have a full cash shop filled with items to sell with frequent upgrade is the biggest redflag for this generation of games to me. This is a big nono and I'm not gonna buy that game, period. It does look good and the concept I mean why not.. the red headed girl is clearly from Dino crisis back in the days of the PS1 but NO UH, no, not happening, fuck those cashgrab games, if I pay 60 bucks for a game I want my WHOLE game, not pieces of it and the rest to pay extra

CreatureTHEcritter22 2023-07-25 - 8:55 am

All this game did for me was make me wish Anthem had worked out. God why did bioware have screw that game up so bad.

Aflay 2023-07-25 - 9:19 am

I don't see a lot of people compare this game to Left 4 Dead.

It really is. Particularly, the aspect where it's short, but addicting. The story is minimal, but organic with the gameplay.

It does force you to watch cutscenes often, but you unlock these through playing the game. It's not a separation of solo and multiplayer, but a marriage. It's a unique format that I'm surprised we don't see more of.

I think Capcom accomplished this very well, but it does have it's share of problems, and kind of makes me wish it was a co-op campaign experience instead. I was hoping for a sort of Gears of War meets Titanfall 2, so to speak. It's still really, really good.

Just don't play in the morning. There are often times in the early morning me and my buddy happen to be awake, and we find way too many nooby matchmaking. It's frustrating to see a cutscene followed by your team surrounded by bots except for the one guy. In this regard, I highly suggest playing this game with at least 3 or 4 other people, especially if you enjoy reacting to some of the bigger event maps for the first time.

The game definitely peaks at the end of the campaign journey, but it really feels like there needs to be more. I am satisfied with what we have right now, but I hope they release more content sooner rather than later.

It's not worth 60$. It's worth maybe 20 or 30$. Get it on Gamepass for sure. Not unless you are going to play this with other friends. No, really. Matchmaking is ass. This game is worth playing with friends, mainly.

pistolpete84 2023-07-25 - 11:34 am

The more I play it, the more I dig it. I wish there was just a full on TDM WITH dinos attack as well. you get points for each big DINO your team kills ect.. kinda like how Titanfall was.

Dark Garden Records 2023-07-25 - 11:38 am

Capcom… you say. So I must ask; “Does a cross dresser greet you at boot up?”

Ace Dandy 2023-07-25 - 12:24 pm

Ngl Crapcom has done it again lmfao they really getting bad with new title releases

H Zhang 2023-07-25 - 12:48 pm

warframes + overwatch + anthem vs. dinosaurs

ConduitWolf 2023-07-25 - 4:11 pm

Had a one sided final mission, other team got a dominator instantly and wiped us out, didn't get ours till the very end. Right as I used it they finished the mission.

Douglas Heath 2023-07-25 - 4:42 pm

It really feels like you didn't play enough of this game, didn't care about it and went in with a bias already. I love the videos otherwise but this one feels lazy

Tim Daley 2023-07-25 - 6:55 pm

A waste of time and money!

Alrightyyy 2023-07-25 - 8:04 pm

Guys did u actually play the game before you put out this half-assed review?

ProjectXA3 2023-07-25 - 9:17 pm

I came here because how the fuck do I invert my controls

Deceptidad 2023-07-25 - 9:32 pm

Absolutely NOTHING about this game sounds fun


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