EXOPRIMAL Review – The Final Verdict

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Capcom’s co-op shooter mixes futuristic suits with dinosaurs, objective-based gameplay, PvP, invasion elements, and live service – the list goes on. It’s an intriguing concept, with two teams of five competing to complete objectives while battling all kinds of Jurassic threats.

While the gameplay and visuals are solid as you mow down hordes of dinos, Exoprimal has some fundamental design flaws. Its interface varies from serviceable to inane. The story-telling mixes mystery and data gathering, but the latter ultimately feels irrelevant. Many matches feel monotonous, the maps are unspectacular, and the most varied objectives are in PvP.

Overall, Exoprimal isn’t the worst experience if you want to jump in for some quick action, but whether it survives in the long term remains to be seen.



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Lucas Radford 2023-07-19 - 6:36 pm

Looks like a Destiny 2 / EDF (Earth defense Force) type

NekroVX 2023-07-19 - 8:19 pm

wth is this game everytime I see it I'm so confused

cuyospartan02 2023-07-19 - 8:29 pm

I hate the fact that is strictly multiplayer, in concept it had a lot of potential as it could be a fun game with a single player campaign that could also be played with friends along with a horde/survival mode and why not have the pvpve mode as well. But nah it gets really repetitive really quick and matchmaking feels unbalanced as you can be paired with overleveled opponents while your team is underleveled

Eric Burns 2023-07-19 - 10:06 pm

I downloaded it without seeing gameplay and reviews. After playing it since it came out, it's a simple but addicting game! Having the contrast of AI and dinosaurs mixed together is intriguing. This reviewer is a little harsh.

Jay Music 2023-07-19 - 10:08 pm

My only complaint is this game could have some more game modes 7/10

CeeTruth 2023-07-19 - 10:08 pm

5? Hell no, this game deserves a 7 atleast. It's repetitive, but its really fun and opens up more the more you play

justinleahdixon 2023-07-19 - 10:12 pm

I disagree with you, now I know the story does not make any sense. But who cares. You don’t need to have an Academy award winning story to play a good game. People tend to forget it’s a fucking VIDEO GAME!… I believe people try to think too much on video games instead of looking at what it’s for, and that’s entertainment!!.. like I said, the story doesn’t make sense yes, but the game plays awesome. The visuals are awesome.. the concept is awesome.. I can see them doing a lot with it. Just the fact that you could sit home and just shoot dinosaurs I mean come on that’s fun.. and it’s not one or two these are hordes of dinosaurs swarms!. it’s pretty cool. Yeah it’s not the best game out there but this game could be one of the best down the line.. it’s a fun time and that’s all that matters. I’m pretty sure they’re going to do a lot with this game., I mean, you could do raids, release, new tanks, healers, assaults etc.. this game has huge potential.. and honestly there’s a lot of people that were kind of surprising how much they really enjoyed playing this game, and I am definitely one of them. I give this game a 7 out 10….

Rob Men 2023-07-19 - 11:17 pm

Bro, nobody is going to care about the story in this type of game. So it's not really a problem. lol.

Rob Men 2023-07-19 - 11:23 pm

"aT lEaSt nOt fOr nOw" they said they have no plans of PVE only

TalentAthlete 2023-07-19 - 11:48 pm

Bro i really love this game, lvl 70 already and my tank is 62 ❤️❤️ this game is what we needed… and the way the STORY is made with playing multiplayer to unlock new story things… absolutely great 💯💯💯 yes it can be repetitive but switch up your suit and continue the fun

TalentAthlete 2023-07-19 - 11:52 pm

Also… 5k for a new suit isnt shit. I average about 40-50k coins to upgrade and buy whatever. Its only a problem if yoy play 2 games a day 💯

TalentAthlete 2023-07-19 - 11:55 pm

This game is alot more fun then he is making it out to be, try it out yourself before you listen to someone and make assumptions

Junus CR 2023-07-20 - 12:28 am

I think in 6months if the game can keep a player base it’ll be great. Obviously needs more suits, maps, Dino’s, etc… but it has potential. It’s simply dumb fun

Munching_Bird 2023-07-20 - 1:43 am

Crack, the game

Fanged Wolf 2023-07-20 - 1:54 am

-60 dollars upfront. No demos. Destiny 2 gambit rip off.
– a premium battle pass
– a dlc pack that has you unlock stuff faster
– cosmetic dlc packs on release
– loot boxes.
-less than 70 in all metacritics.
This is the monetization of a free-to-play……this is a 60 dollar AAA game from Capcom on Steam.
-Gamepass costs 10 dollers per month, still a portion of money.
-most fans fuming on valid criticisms or negative opinions.

Capcom killed its winning streak with this one. Deserved.

Roger Strack 2023-07-20 - 2:13 am

This is actually a great game

RAGNAROK VALHALLA 2023-07-20 - 2:18 am

CAPCOM Are The Most Impressing Video Game Developers Since 2017.

Ghost Of War 2023-07-20 - 5:18 am

Seems like a fun game but c'mon Capcom, people want dinosaurs in dino crisis more than this

Michael Stronghand 2023-07-20 - 5:40 am

Trash and will end up like Anthem.Have fun while you find people to play.

Yudon Mesd'upt 2023-07-20 - 8:48 am

This reviewer blows…Sorry not sorry.

gameman876 2023-07-20 - 10:22 am

Just a quick correct in order to play gambit you had to pay for forsaken. Gambit wasn’t free.

Greatness+Greatness 2023-07-20 - 10:27 am

Not going to lie. This is one of your worst takes. I've played about 50 hours of exo primal beating the story, completed the data log, ect. and a lot of your points are really more so nitpicks more so than negatives. Now I will agree that the RNG for the mission structure does need the change a little bit. It's a little too samey at times but a lot of the times that's due to it trying to not give you missions based off of the story and it does follow a certain structure for the story. I think the level design is fine that this game is not about the level. The level looks fine. It's very polished as you mentioned also that the game runs very well everywhere. The characters are good. I believe the progression system is good. The only thing that I wish It said there are more PVP focus missions as in more as we like to call it more OverWatch style gameplay because that's really is. What is mixing in is mixing in a little bit of OverWatch mixing it a little bit of dino crisis/ Earth defense Force and then it has very well thought out and really well put together mech suits that are basically makes it kind of like a hero base game. I'm at your progress like many of people are saying in a comment section which sounds like you did play the game but you really didn't pay much attention or possibly got really bad RNG which it's understandable. R&g can be kind of bad at times.

Ray 2023-07-20 - 1:23 pm

This really should have been a free to play game. Capcom has been on a roll lately but this ain't it. This game will be at a massive discount by the end of the year.

Ben Parton 2023-07-20 - 3:56 pm

Having a blast on this game

James Flux 2023-07-20 - 4:59 pm

I'm having a lot of fun with Exoprimal. I'm not sure why the reviews don't support to comments on a lot of these type of videos.

Niteniffler 2023-07-20 - 6:41 pm


Crono 6874 2023-07-20 - 9:00 pm

5/10 too many dinosaurs… (IGN that you?!)

Banjo The Fox 2023-07-20 - 9:07 pm

I think I'd like this more if you could be a dinosaur instead. Mechs, suits, robots, it's all so fucking overdone.

David Romero 2023-07-21 - 11:59 am

The reviews for this game are the real 1/10, this just shows most reviewers only play a couple of hours of a game

grundged 2023-07-21 - 2:34 pm

A live service with 4k max player base is a doomed game.

Guyver zero 2023-07-21 - 3:01 pm

The raids don't start till level 27😅

Jakub Bercik 2023-07-22 - 11:25 am

This is the type of idiot that'd just want this to just be another battle royal…

Neftali Cruz 2023-07-23 - 9:53 am

This game and the people liking it it's the reason why games are no longer FUN. Capcom doubling down on charging high price for some low tier and generic piece of crap that should've been f2p, spoon feeding promises that keep idiots begging for more ( just as Bungie does with destiny 2). Seriously you want me to play 20-30+ hours to start the allegedly good stuff? It was okay for a couple of hours until I realized I was doing the same thing over and over while the game wants me to lie to myself and say it's good or fun. It's not.

Slower is Faster 2023-07-23 - 7:04 pm

This is a terrible review

Alex 2023-07-23 - 8:57 pm

Ill get it when the price drops

Hardliketissues 2023-07-24 - 1:24 am

It seems like people are shit at the game so they are upset. It’s a weird niche but man is it refreshing to have capcom trying something new. I hope it sticks around. It’s better than most class shooters in todays age and that’s says alot. I love killing dinos

Greg 2023-07-25 - 8:19 am

I play games to have fun. And this game is fun as fuck! I can’t stop playing it. That’s it!

Daniel Ramsey 2023-07-25 - 7:34 pm

Feels like this could’ve been the Sequel to Dino Crisis.


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