Fan Games are better than Real Games (Pokemon Opalo)

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Today we’re playing Pokemon Opalo! A fairly new Pokemon Fan Game that’s recently been translated into English. This playthrough is slightly different than normal because I have a chat to talk to while I play, however most interactions will be removed for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy it!

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LockLhan 2022-10-17 - 11:38 pm

I played this decently thru and I loved the fire type starter he's really versitle

▇▇▇▇▇ 2022-10-19 - 4:40 pm

"Open the letter, you worthless piece of shit!" had me choking

Howard Benensky 2022-10-19 - 10:25 pm

I know it's gonna reach you by episode 8 B's of the delay , but I believe the villain is pronounced like the gun so sounds like Dare-en-ger

Hitmon Chan 2022-10-20 - 4:15 am

Women really do be marrying dudes who disagree with them on basic human rights issues

Maestro Inga 2022-10-20 - 10:21 am

this fangame is a really good one, its creator said it was intended to be sort of his magnum opus. also I'm trying to beat a deathless nuzlocke of it and wiped to the league on my 15th attempt

Kuzu no ha 2022-10-20 - 9:49 pm

Krillin and Tien are bald.

Leonardo Oberdã De Almeida Monteiro Júnior 2022-10-21 - 6:47 pm

Bruh, this Wooloo it's literally the black sheep! Hahahahaha dope.

Sangui 2022-10-23 - 11:19 am

It’s like 9/11 but in the Pokemon world

Some Gem 2022-10-25 - 7:41 pm

The dad has no chill

NovaNavii 2022-10-26 - 9:17 am

“I am going to unplug you google. Nobody loves you.” based

NRool 2022-10-27 - 6:54 am

19:28 is that the edgelord rival from Pokemon Clover?

arzfan29 2022-10-27 - 4:32 pm

Doesn't look like it matches up to the official games

Blue face Stan 2022-10-27 - 11:52 pm

What emulator does it need lol

Tedi Boy 2022-10-29 - 6:02 pm

the only pokemon Fan game i ever played that is 10/10 is POKEMON PHOENIX RISING. the only thing that i didnt liked is that they didnt complete the game.

Sigurður F 2022-10-30 - 5:39 pm

did your kid sharpie on you?

Karot ConCarne 2022-11-02 - 5:46 am

Why are fan games either "cutesy candy yay" or "blood death and destruction edge"? There's like no inbetween.

Helio 2022-11-09 - 10:22 am

this is why we should praise the actual game makers instead of companies. so fuck nintendo.

Joshua Roman 2022-11-25 - 7:17 pm

Capitalism? Worst for society? Whaaaa???? Not Wars?? Not religion?????? Lol

Jett Ankermann 2022-12-08 - 9:49 am

This Fangame is up there with Sage and Coral as one of my favorite Pokemon fangames I've ever played.
But it might also be because SC/VI is SOO SOO BAD in comparison and the last good Pokemon-Like I played was Nexomon Extinction 2 years ago.

the Ganon Cannon 2023-01-07 - 9:48 am

I personally like seeing some chat interactions in a video i make me feel included and adds more personality to the playthrough

Mortivore 2023-03-09 - 1:12 pm

I'm late to the party on this but open the letter first line had me in stitches. To be fair, your reaction was probably what made it super funny. Love the content, keep it up!

Hera 2023-03-10 - 6:10 pm

how can i download it

Lightening Leke 2023-05-18 - 4:56 pm

The answer to question 6 was very very easy, Religion is and has always been the biggest problem with are world.

Even more so today as it is keeping humanity from evolving and is holding us back.


E ai? o que você achou...

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