FINAL FANTASY 16 Passo a passo da jogabilidade Parte 1 DEMO COMPLETA (4K 60FPS PS5) – Sem comentários

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Final Fantasy 16 Walkthrough Parte 1 e até a última parte incluirá a jogabilidade completa de Final Fantasy 16 no PS5. Esta jogabilidade de Final Fantasy 16 é gravada em 4K 60FPS no PS5 e incluirá o jogo completo, todos os finais e todas as lutas contra chefes. Aproveitar! Se você gostou do vídeo, por favor, lembre-se de deixar um like e comentário, eu agradeço muito! Final Fantasy XVI é um RPG de ação desenvolvido e publicado pela Square Enix. A décima sexta parcela principal da série Final Fantasy. Siga-me no Twitter – ASSINE – Apoie o MKIceAndFire e torne-se um membro – Inscreva-se no MKIceAndFire para obter todos os novos vídeos de jogabilidade e orientações dos jogos mais recentes! Passo a passo educacional editado completo de novos lançamentos de jogos! Todos os videogames são fornecidos pelo editor do jogo para fins de revisão pelo PR local. MKIceAndFire ajuda jogadores de todo o mundo que ficam presos em seus jogos e precisam de um guia para ajudá-los a terminar um jogo. Passo horas todos os dias editando meus vídeos para que meu público possa curtir meus vídeos e também obter ajuda nos jogos que estou cobrindo em meu canal. Estou constantemente melhorando minha edição para que meu público possa obter as melhores orientações para ajudá-los sempre que ficarem presos em um jogo, mas se você tiver alguma sugestão para mim, deixe-me saber nos comentários! #FinalFantasy16 #Gameplay #Passo a passo



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Mangajedi 2023-06-16 - 9:51 am

i would rather just wait for Rebirth, battles feel very God of warish, No special move flourishes and companions are doing little or nothing….story lines seems decent but I can always read a book for that…and its not a Morbol, its a Malboro

SuperMaquech 2023-06-16 - 10:33 am

The prelude version during the battle of the armies at the beginning is sick

Debbie Blackwell 2023-06-16 - 11:21 am

When does this game comes out

Maiyagy Gery 2023-06-16 - 12:29 pm

What is Nathan Drake doing in Final Fantasy?

Marco_Online YT 2023-06-16 - 2:35 pm

If theres no important person dying, it aint Final Fantasy XD

Muy Bien YT 2023-06-16 - 2:54 pm

The game is phenomenal, a great revival for the final fantasy franchise.

jeremy stamper 2023-06-16 - 3:00 pm

My favorite game as a kid and now I don't even recognize the franchise anymore…breaks my heart they change so much of what made FF and now we get this crap.. everything from childhood just gets ripped apart every year it seems.
Example: FF7 was supposed to be a remake and 1st chance they got they butchered the story and changed everything…it's not a remake so least advertise it correctly as a whole different game.

DrJones20 2023-06-16 - 3:34 pm

The graphics look similar to Forspoken. Flat and uninspired art direction.

hizam den 2023-06-16 - 3:46 pm

too many skill but the damage too little

Wesley White 2023-06-16 - 4:09 pm

When the demo is longer than the order 1886

Shahzad Suterwala 2023-06-16 - 4:21 pm

As a pc gamer I can't wait. But i have a feeling the PC version is gonna be crap compared to the PS 😔

Ormex 2023-06-16 - 4:26 pm

man cant wait to play this in 2024.

Matt Redfield 2023-06-16 - 4:52 pm

Why the heck isn't anyone talking about that insane music score omg, I died during the Malbro fight. Joshua fight. This right here is Eikonic classic FF

Antlfinger Patrik 2023-06-16 - 5:15 pm

0:442:28: Gandalf vs Balrog in Moria? 🤔

FailureXD 2023-06-16 - 5:45 pm

game needs to remove a bit particle efffects.. CANT SEE SH8T

Chillax 2023-06-16 - 6:07 pm

After seeing the demo I really hope that once this game comes to PCs it's going to be a good port. Instant buy for me at full price if it's well optimized.

Murkoph 2023-06-16 - 8:23 pm

God, this shit is boring. 40 minutes in and not a single actual fight yet. Stiff characters, dull exposition, tropey personalities… and this was supposed to be a successor to the old Ivalice games? I don't think so.

NeverTheExpert 2023-06-16 - 9:10 pm

Seems I’m alone in this opinion but this game looks dull as hell lmao.

Bupi 2023-06-16 - 9:29 pm

Kinda speechless. FF has always been very special to me, and this has me in tears. I'm so, so excited.

kjhasjd 2023-06-16 - 9:36 pm

Joshua….Hugo's VA!!

J L 2023-06-16 - 9:47 pm

They took a LOT of inspiration from Game of Thrones

Lets Go Joe 2023-06-16 - 9:54 pm

O Joshua killed Clive?

Brooklyn Paranormal Society 2023-06-16 - 10:30 pm

I feel like their character design has sucked for a long time, but they get a pass.

Derrick Franklin 2023-06-16 - 10:54 pm

Do swords and armor change when getting new equipment.

FailureXD 2023-06-16 - 11:15 pm

took you long enough to use magic burst hahah

Matt M 2023-06-16 - 11:40 pm

I've finally found a Final Fantasy game that I like. I've tried 6, 9, 10, 7 Remake, and 15 and couldn't get into any of them. The story of 16 was immediately interesting to me, and the gameplay is really good too.

acedamace 2023-06-16 - 11:49 pm

Pretty impressive that the wood sword didn’t catch on fire!

Stevie Good 2023-06-16 - 11:57 pm


kjhasjd 2023-06-17 - 12:19 am

From the demo, I see the following:
DMC – Action
Samurai Showdown – Galfords "Go Poppy" hound attack
Assassins Creed – Enemy indicator

Kervy Choa 2023-06-17 - 12:22 am

so is the 4k 60ps the Performance mode? The Graphics mode will be 30 fps?

Brian Gallardo 2023-06-17 - 12:47 am

Some parts the frame rate dropped other than that i love the game

Aden Jacildo 2023-06-17 - 2:02 am

The game looks dark on my iphone. Im downloading the demo on ps5 now. Hope it is not as dark.

estranged 2023-06-17 - 2:05 am

What did they do to FF.
a good one button smashing game, gonna wait for a sale, a big one.

Qais Noori 2023-06-17 - 2:08 am

Generation 7 Graphics look like.

Ryou Yuuichi 2023-06-17 - 2:09 am

Here i am watching the demo to quench my thirst to play the game since there isnt any announcement on when its coming to pc.

Aa K 2023-06-17 - 2:17 am

I just hope there is no 5 hour tutorial and cutscenes before you play the actual game.

TELITRAAN-C 2023-06-17 - 2:44 am

Anyone else here for the incredible music

Haku Helios 2023-06-17 - 5:41 am

Is that Performance or Quality Mode?

Shut Up Charlie 2023-06-17 - 7:08 am

the writing of this game so far, has been splendid. this is what has been missing from entertainment for so long.


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