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sábado, setembro 30, 2023


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Final Fantasy XVI NOVA jogabilidade exclusiva de 8 minutos (4K PS5 60FPS)

Final Fantasy XVI NOVA Jogabilidade Exclusiva de 8 Minutos (4K PS5 60FPS) Final Fantasy XVI é um RPG de ação desenvolvido e publicado pela Square Enix. É o décimo sexto jogo da série Final Fantasy principal e está programado para ser lançado para o PlayStation 5 em 2023. O jogo se passa na terra de Valisthea, um continente com seis facções à beira do conflito devido a uma doença em expansão chamada a praga. Final Fantasy XVI está sendo produzido por Naoki Yoshida e com Hiroshi Takai como diretor principal e Kazutoyo Maehiro como diretor criativo e escritor. #finalfantasyxvi #finalfantasyxvigameplay #finalfantasyxvips5



Marcos Paulo Vilela

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36 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XVI NOVA jogabilidade exclusiva de 8 minutos (4K PS5 60FPS)

  • What does this sensless beating shit actually have to do with FF?😮‍💨

  • I can't see clearly enemy's action.Maybe I will die in enemy's counter.The visul effect is too strong.

  • At 4:03
    Cocky as Vergil with the "too slow" then yelling like Dante beating the sht out of them xD

    It looks amazing.

  • I dunno….it looks like a good game but it's not a FF game.
    I remember enjoying a FF game because it was about having party members. An enjoyable part of the game is lining up your party formation and inventory management, acquiring new abilities, and stocking up items in prep for war.
    All I see now is hack and slash with lots of fireworks.

  • If there is not live story like final fantasy 7 and 10 all development is no longer value.

  • Ce Final Fantasy 16, d’après ce que j’ai vu dans les gameplays, me donne l’impression qu’il sacrifie le gameplay au profit du scénario, avec des scènes cinématiques inutiles et des combats ennuyeux contre des ennemis trop résistants.

  • This just has the final fantasy title on it. These aren’t the core games anymore. This looks like mortal kombat mixed with devil may cry. Turn based always sell what is the deal with them.

  • The fighting system menu they did for FF7 remake was the perfect blend of turnbased and action rpg, like kingdom hearts mixed with ff essentailly. This looks horrible no pauses all realtime action… why ruin a franchise by trying to be like every other game?

  • Not a single well done counter moves. Senseless button spamming. Everything is cheap and shitty as genshin impact these days.

  • Woud love to see a turn based. But the good ol times are over.

  • looks way more appropriate for final fantasy vibes than the last few ff games. and the combat is a double of DMC which is probably the best type of combat gameplay other than turn based and much better than ff15

  • just wondering why people want it turned based…? its a story telling game, to have full potential on emotion, the audience has to feel the emotion and visualise the emotions of the actions in characters. turn based is like saying someone is standing still in one spot and waiting for each other to make a move and keeping waiting turn for turn. yes 13 and below were turn based. but games are different now, graphics have changed, to fully immerse and to maximise the potential of graphics, real time is better. what we should be worried about is the difficulty.

  • it has so many abilities to use… crazy combat battle, very good!


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