Fresh Savage Gauntlet News – Event Rewards & Frequency – Exoprimal

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

More Savage Gauntlet News are out as Capcom clarified some statements about the game mode and revealed what the event specific rewards shall be!

00:00 – Weekly Event
00:44 – Time
01:10 – Rewards
02:47 – Thoughts & Evaluation

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Mano (まふまふが好きです) 2023-07-27 - 12:49 pm

FIRST lol, i'm such a child 😅

Hazmy 2023-07-27 - 12:51 pm

Looking for a team to play Savage Gauntlet with? Join our Community Discord at :

H3lios227 2023-07-27 - 12:52 pm

I'm ready to kick these dinos back to the prehistoric era

Edgar Amos 2023-07-27 - 1:00 pm

Im so ready for savage gauntlet and i thank you for being one of few youtubers covering this game, keep it up🔥🔥🔥

Don 2023-07-27 - 1:06 pm

This is now my go-to channel for all things Exoprimal. Keep it up!
It's good to hear they'll have rotating events to keep it fresh. I'm hyped!

Paragon Veteran 2023-07-27 - 1:16 pm

As someone who works 70+ hours a week and a lot of weekends, this is a nice bit of information as I won't have to worry about missing out on events/rewards. I loved doing events in Monster Hunter World and it gave my friends and I something to look forward/work towards.

Overall, I think this is a great foundation to build upon for the game and hopefully they take things nice and slow to really build something that players will keep coming back too.

Morgoth 2023-07-27 - 1:19 pm

They said its going to be hard but it won't be if they give you over 30+ revives! Make it 10 then it's hard.

Atilla84PL 2023-07-27 - 1:47 pm

There are so many cheaters in this game when i have crossplay enabled on xbox, that i don't want to play this game anymore. When i disable crossplay no one plays this game on xbox😢😢

The Almighty Thanos 2023-07-27 - 2:03 pm

Im hoping that the rewards will be possibly banners or backgrounds from war chests because then it's just based on what banners and backgrounds u have

XSworn-EnemyX 2023-07-27 - 2:06 pm

I'm hyped and ready for battle! It would be awesome if they added savage gauntlet specific player cards , exo suit skins as well as player icons. For those who haven't gotten the 100,000 dinosaur kills trophy achievement yet, I would recommend playing/grinding this for easy fast dinosaur kills for your cretacous eradicator achievement 👊

Zarton Plays 2023-07-27 - 2:37 pm

Eh, it will be tough getting anytning better than completing it considering how many different entries there will be.
They didnt say if the same team keeps rerunning it if they only keep their best times or if its just added to the pile.
They still need to get crossplay invite working.

Papito208 2023-07-27 - 2:40 pm

The mode seems fun but they need better rewards for this

tootallforyou112 2023-07-27 - 2:53 pm

My body is ready

demo critis 2023-07-27 - 3:13 pm

Rewards are just pictures ? That is worthless

Morgoth 2023-07-27 - 3:24 pm

Think they should of atleast made new cosmetic looks a reward as well so think they dropped the ball there.

BoneDaddy34 2023-07-27 - 3:38 pm

Can you do a witch doctor video?

Syrant 2023-07-27 - 3:53 pm

My only issue here is that, if Savage Gauntlet is a weekly release, why not just have the event rotate when the next scheduled gauntlet releases?

Seems a bit artificially constrained here, and I can see people being upset over missing out on a challenge when their IRL schedule finally opens up for game time in that 2/3 day period of no gauntlets. Maybe the intent is to make people go back to the main game mode during the downtime?

TimeAttackGhost 2023-07-27 - 5:16 pm

Your guides and info on everything Exoprimal have helped me a lot man. Keep up the good work brother 👍

Gun Valkyrie 2023-07-27 - 5:34 pm

Please don't bounce text in your videos.

Energy Vanquish 2023-07-27 - 6:10 pm

Such disappointing rewards.

Dreamforger 2023-07-27 - 6:18 pm

Looking forward to see how tough it is

Lucas Mills 2023-07-27 - 6:58 pm

Definitely extremely underwhelming rewards. Hoping the mode is at least fun

Chris Black 2023-07-27 - 7:18 pm

No exclusive rewards? Personally that’s pretty disappointing, and I don’t really care about emblems


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