Front Mission 1st: Remake Review – Noisy Pixel

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

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etvow 2022-12-07 - 7:32 am

missed opportunity…

Whiskey Corridor 2022-12-09 - 10:24 pm

For better or for worse, it really is just the original game with 3D graphics. Forever Entertainment is gonna have to step up the game hard by the time they remaster Front Mission 3.

STM 2022-12-10 - 9:47 am

While I agree with all the points in the review, it's still worth playing if you're new to the series as I am. I can't see much of a reason to play this again though if you have played it before.

Nersius 2022-12-11 - 7:33 am


CBlade0 2022-12-11 - 7:13 pm

What if we've never played the original?

CATHODE 2022-12-12 - 12:34 am

I like your review. But you should really say 'Mech' as opposed to saying "robot", when referring to Wanzers.

Skadisson Deboye 2022-12-13 - 3:38 am

The 5/10 would sting way less if the mechas themselves wouldn't look this sick.

REDBEARD 2022-12-13 - 11:06 am

Well, the original fans like me, who played this on its first release, we aren't playing this game just for the story. Its why they didn't do quality of life stuff and kept the grind in.. we actually like the mechanics and way it is, warts and all. So im really glad they didn't change much in that regard.

iodide sodalite 2022-12-15 - 12:02 am

the mecha proportions and battle stance look bad. Raven wanzer looked lot better in 2d version. I just think the wanzer 3d modeling could have been better.

Zapata0909 2022-12-15 - 3:44 am

Is a shame that the only other “modern” game out there that plays similar to front mission is that full metal panic game that came out for ps4 a couple of years ago.

Skyler Reddy 2022-12-18 - 8:19 am

sounds like a skill issue…

David Neier 2022-12-19 - 7:51 pm

5/10 !!!!! LoL did you even play the game for the review!?!?! Hahaha Cleary this youtuber has 0 experience in turn base strategy RPGs, so definitely don't listen to his review, If you know this franchise and your familiar with turn base games this is a very Polish game, it's a hard 8 /10 or 8.5/10 and If you are not familiar or don't like strategy turned base games Yes this game will feel sluggish to you but it is not hard to get into I would say this is a very good introduction if anything to turn base games with mechs. So don't listen to this review it's not done well mostly due to the fact that the YouTuber has no experience in RTS games, strategy games, or turned bass games. If he did, this review would be much more detailed, with specific information of what this game got right.

32HPpotion 2022-12-23 - 7:36 pm

Thank you. almost made a bad purchase

Matthew LaSalvia 2023-01-03 - 7:02 pm

Forever Entertainment needs to stop making video games.

Jun Rosamura 2023-01-22 - 7:57 pm

Can't agree with this review. As someone who's never played the classic front mission games, it was a good change of pace to simpler gameplay. You can easily level up and gain the target body part option so this reviewer did not even play the game long enough. My only complaints is how easy rockets/missiles make you OP, no way to turn on 3D map rotation after you select no on start up, and how dull some of the npc dialogue is. Otherwise it's a fun game.

Keking 2023-02-02 - 4:08 am

This is the front mission I loved! Best FM ever!

Jonathan Goldberg 2023-02-02 - 10:55 pm

This hitpiece on an update to an immortal classic in tactical RPG gaming, easily exemplifies Noisy Pixel at its worst. As a long time Front Mission fan, this Front Mission project is EXACTLY what I wanted! If you're gonna throw unsubstantiated shade at the Front Mission 1st remake, you might as well be calling the Nintendo Super remake of Super Mario Bros. 3 trash. I mean, what were you expecting? A remake in the vein of the Biohazard 2/Resident Evil 2 remake? A project made with questionable design choices? This review is truly soulless and pathetic.

Timothy Lewis 2023-02-09 - 10:42 pm

First played this series with the amazing Front Mission 3. Was really hyped for this game when it was announced.

Didn't even know it released!

Lamech 2023-02-15 - 1:09 pm

I have this game on Nintendo DS – that port was AWESOME.

Michael Guerra 2023-03-14 - 12:46 pm

It doesn't look like an imperative purchase but not bad either.. I think I'll stick with my Fire Emblem & Advance Wars for now

Jaytecx 2023-04-03 - 7:53 am

Front Mission 5 was optimal.

Aidan Khaos 2023-04-11 - 2:48 pm

5/10 you’re on drugs

ericcornish1983 2023-04-22 - 2:50 pm

Wow, that was a harsh review, you know what though that still won’t stop me from playing this game, I have the original front mission 3 for the PlayStation. I think these complaints are pretty minor IMO.

ultris07 2023-05-14 - 8:52 pm

While I have never played this game, been on the lookout for the DS port…
I knew the fate of this game was dead on arrival when the trailer dropped.
I agree with pretty much everything in this review minus the targeting body parts, which in later games is relegated to snipers mostly.
My issues when looking at this "Remake" is exactly how uninspired it is being that it should be a full on Remake, I mean people rib on Front Mission 4, but at least you can tell that there was an attempt to improve the overall package.
And the fact that this glorified remaster even came out in this state at all is appalling to someone looking to actually get into the series proper.

This is a remaster first, a minorly enhanced port second, and a Remake not.

sylent19851 2023-05-21 - 7:51 am

Front Mission 3 was the best one. If a remake were to come out, square needs to do it justice

type2red 2023-06-30 - 10:42 am

I like the physical goodies they included for the low price but the actual game is something i know i will not enjoy so sadly will skip or buy on a slight sale maybe.

kingarcadian 2023-07-02 - 5:19 am

i would give it a 6 but i trust ur judgment and tanx 4 the rev

Dimaz 2023-07-02 - 9:37 am

I hope they'd remake my favorite ones: FM3 & FM5


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