Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective – Trailer de lançamento – Nintendo Switch

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective já está disponível no Nintendo Switch: uma noite de mistério aguarda na clássica história de Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, renascida com visuais HD e uma nova trilha sonora! Possua e controle objetos, resolva quebra-cabeças, mude o destino e persiga a verdade! #NintendoSwitch #GhostTrickPhantomDetective Inscreva-se para mais diversão Nintendo! Visite para todas as novidades! Curta a Nintendo no Facebook: Siga-nos no Twitter: Siga-nos no Instagram: Siga-nos no Pinterest:



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VirtualizeDave🎩[Unentertaining Vtuber] - ENVtuber 2023-06-30 - 5:12 pm

And they are releasing it for 30 dollars!

Robotortoise 2023-06-30 - 5:16 pm

This is one of my favorite stories of all time. Please do not miss it!

Atomica 2023-06-30 - 5:24 pm

Missile is the greatest fictional Pomeranian who ever lived

Mona 2023-06-30 - 5:25 pm

please play this if you can, saying It's great is IS an understatement

ProjectJ 2023-06-30 - 5:43 pm

If you're at all interested in this one, don't sleep on it. This is a real diamond in the rough.

UnusualBug 2023-06-30 - 5:44 pm

Played this game when I was in freshmen! God so many memories when playing this game at night!

A G 2023-06-30 - 6:02 pm

DS classic. Had this one preordered.

WiiGuy2014 2023-06-30 - 6:28 pm

My only problem with this HD remake is that it doesn't tell you what time it currently is during the present time when in the DS version as you play through the story, it always tells you the hour and minute of what it is, except when you're in the past making it so you can actually construct a timeline of everything that happened throughout the game, but here in the HD remake you only get the time stamps at the start of each chapter and the 4 minutes before a person's death.

It may seem like I might have complaint but to a guy who loves maping out timelines this is a letdown

The game itself is pretty awesome though, but just bothers the timeline maker in me

Uncle_Mogi 2023-06-30 - 6:36 pm

A game that's near perfect and dear to my heart, it's a game that I wanted more people to play and enjoy and see how much of a good boy Missile really is!

Keane Devadatta 2023-06-30 - 6:46 pm

Present 5 hours

Neko Medic 2023-06-30 - 7:18 pm

100% recommended

user1point0 2023-06-30 - 7:33 pm

I'm so happy that Ghost Trick fans can finally play the game for the first time

Sapphire 2023-06-30 - 8:30 pm

Just finished playing the demo, it gives you at least an hour which is really great to sink your teeth into, immediately purchased it after! Sooo good!

Samantha Wright 2023-06-30 - 9:12 pm

Cool video. Thank you for sharing this video. I enjoy watching all videos about Nintendo related topics. See ya next time.

steeledminer616 2023-06-30 - 9:31 pm

If you haven't played this game., GET THIS
It's on multiple platforms, and it's one of my all time favourite games ever. Great story, fun puzzles, great use of mechanics.

OperationFatGuy 2023-06-30 - 9:36 pm


Dave Van Tol 2023-06-30 - 10:09 pm

It still feels so unreal seeing this, it's my favourite game of all time and honestly I thought it was forgotten by everyone, Capcom included. The last thing I expected was for it to get remastered out of nowhere, and I really hope more people give it a shot now that it's getting a second chance, it's such an amazing game.

Zeo Spark 2023-06-30 - 10:14 pm

To those who haven't played this game, PLAY IT! It's a very good detective game and it's made by the same people that made the Ace Attorney series lol

BigSmiggles 2023-06-30 - 11:32 pm

I bought the switch version makes sense given I played it a lot as a child on the DS. I'm amazed to see so many people who like me played this game this was that niche game to me as a kid no one played it in my personal friend space.

Renan Interaminense 2023-06-30 - 11:37 pm

premissa muito interessante

Revoke 2023-07-01 - 12:09 am

Hey you!
Yes you!
Play this game.
You have to play this game.
Play it!
Play it NOW

DragonWriterArts 2023-07-01 - 12:41 am

Probably the greatest game on the DS, definitely don't sleep on this game!

yellow64 2023-07-01 - 3:40 am

Play this game I highly recommend this game it's magical and the remaster will probably make the experience even better so Don't miss out

moo 2023-07-01 - 6:31 am

I really hope this game gets more recognition. I would love it if they published another game like this. It's one of my favs!

JiMii78 2023-07-01 - 7:59 am

The most complete Ace Attorney game

John D 2023-07-01 - 8:56 am

such a goodie

Joy Statham 2023-07-01 - 9:03 am

Please put wobbly life on the switch

Ivan Tan 2023-07-01 - 10:03 am

Great game from NDS, highly recommend

Linkenski 2023-07-01 - 10:58 am

Either the game is very hard to market or the marketing is just rather mediocre for how good it is. Either way, this game is a rollercoaster of surprises and excitement. People who skipped it because they aren't sure about it need to try it.

Star Witch 2023-07-01 - 2:01 pm

I love this game SO MUCH ❤

MekaniDragon 2023-07-01 - 2:30 pm

Please play this game!!!

Morel 2023-07-01 - 7:58 pm

This should’ve come out physically all over. Now I have to import it

GhostFace 2023-07-01 - 9:32 pm

It's great to see this classic back.

Find That Music! 2023-07-02 - 3:16 pm

No physical?

Raphe9000 2023-07-02 - 7:43 pm

God, just finished this game after basically binging it, and it's insanely good. While I don't think it needs a sequel, I would most definitely play it and probably love it, so I hope it's able to build up more of a following with this release.

soshe 2023-07-02 - 9:38 pm

Just echoing everyone else in yelling that this was an EXCELLENT ds game and I'm so happy to play it again on the switch. Absolutely love ghost trick

SuperWahLuigi 2023-07-03 - 9:40 am

A waluigi game that all i ask

Aung Thu Hein 2023-07-03 - 3:53 pm

I still remembered the time I played it on my DS. Now, I will play it again on my Switch.

Adeams 2023-07-04 - 6:34 am

Thank you so much for bringing back this masterpiece !

Dyllan Roby 2023-07-04 - 7:57 am

ID: Invaded the video game

Magets Alive 2023-07-05 - 11:13 pm

Orange is the color of loyalty.

Apollo Justice 2023-07-06 - 12:39 pm

Honestly worth the purchase. I definitely wanna play again.

Egghead Scara 2023-07-08 - 8:13 am

do yourself a favor and buy this game, you wont regret it

Davif Smith 2023-07-08 - 12:10 pm

n o-one cxares


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