Here’s why the Mega Drive Mini is Better than the Mega Drive Mini 2

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

In this video, we’re going to discuss why the Mega Drive Mini is better than the Mega Drive Mini 2. Despite being released a few …



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Choco Loco James 2022-11-08 - 1:12 am

This sounds nice, but I can't help to think that I won't play it more than once when or if I get one.

Garry Hedger 2022-11-08 - 2:54 am

Great video

Fernicus Maximus 2022-11-08 - 4:02 am

I wish it was a Sega CD mini only maybe 30 – 40 games.

Raziel 2022-11-08 - 4:03 am

The Mega Drive mini 1 was nice but had the problem that 95% of the games were already released 100 times. In DVD compilations on many consoles over 20 years, download portals, or you played it yourself back then and found the titles on every street corner.

The Mega Drive mini 2 is a device for fans. The games are high quality and many insider tips. One has quite thought about it, the games all have their reputation in the Md scene and very interesting in historically context. Much of it was re-released for the first time. + some remaster titles. The CD Games show more of the Mega Drive World und Lifestyle of the 90s. The performance of the emulation is better than its predecessor. For someone who played Mega Drive back in the early 1990s and has over 180 games on their shelf, the Mini 2 is a lot more interesting and a nicer mix than the Mini 1. Less mainstream, yet consistently games that are either very good, or are historically significant.

VideoGameObsession 2022-11-08 - 4:16 am

Both are pretty awesome IMO.

PlaySushi 2022-11-08 - 4:54 am

The Mini 2 on a technical level is actually better than the Mini 1. It has a faster processor, and it also has 8gb of storage compared to the 500mb the Mini 1 has.

VideoGameObsession 2022-11-08 - 5:02 am

My thoughts on this are that the Genesis/MD1 is for the average Sega fan. Sega added quite a few of the big hitters here. I feel the Genesis /MD2 is more for the hardcore Sega fan. Curated with some amazing cult hits (Alien Soldier, Gain Ground, Elemental Master, Herzog Zwei, Truxton, Rainbow Islands EX).

Then you have the games that you can't believe weren't on the first Mini (Revenge of Shinobi, Phantasy Star II, Ristar, Golden Axe II, OutRun, Thunder Force IV, Shadow Dancer, Super Hang-On, Virtua Racing), along with something that actually made me buy this when I was on the fence (a version of SPACE HARRIER II, reimagined as if the Sega MD/GEN had hardware sprite scaling. The original release is infamous for running at a very low frame rate, and having choppy sprite redrawn sprites. So as a huge fan of the original I'm very happy to have something this special. Not only that, but you can also play the entire SPACE HARRIER arcade game (unreleased on a 16-bit Sega home console).

Finally you have Sega/Mega CD games. Sonic CD is better than Sonic 3 IMO. It's pretty underrated. They give you the ability to play with the choice of USA or EUR/JPN OSTs. Like the first Mini the new one allows you to switch regions and play the import versions. So Streets of Rage 3 becomes Bare Knuckle 3, Revenge of Shinobi becomes The Super Shinobi, and Night Trap is hilarious with Japanese dubbed. 🙂 Silpheed and Robo Aleste are top tier shooters on the Sega CD, and Final Fight CD pulled off a better, albeit less colorful, version than the SNES offering.. You get the two player co-op, more on-screen enemies, and an amazing remixed OST.

Overall I like the Mini 2, but at $145 USD /w shipping, I'd really only recommend it to hardcore Sega fans. For a bit more you can buy an Analogue Mega Sg FPGA based console, which can play SMS and GEN/MD (region free) with zero latency, all Sega controllers/accessories, original carts. You can also buy cart adapters to play Game Gear, SG-1000, Mark III, and Sega My Card games. Not to mention it'll also play every SMS/GG/SG-1000/GEN/MD/ColecoVision rom (with exception of Virtua Racing, due to the use of an SVP co-processor), right from an SDcard. This is currently on pre-order for $199. Or buy a Pocket for $220, and play nearly even portable (real cart/roms), and many consoles (via roms), with a $100 dock that can connect the portable to an HD display.

Davedoubledecks 2022-11-08 - 7:20 am

I’ve still got the megadrive mini 1 with the fake megadrive cd and 32x and got a couple of Bluetooth 6 button controllers from 8BitDo. I decided not to get the megadrive 2 as most games didn’t appeal to me.

Steven R 2022-11-08 - 8:29 am

As I had the first Mega Drive with Mega Games, it’s all about memory lane for me. No need for the mega drive II. I do have Mega CD and 32x titles on the Mega Drive Mini I, at least the games I wanted to have but didn’t (and the CD versions of eternal champions, Ecco and Earthworm Jim are the definitiv versions for me).

Slym Yoche 2022-11-08 - 8:35 am

Enfin un avis impartial et avec beaucoup d'objectivité, la première est bien meilleur !!!! Merci pour cette analyse de qualité !

chris jones 2022-11-08 - 8:50 am

Id love to have the m1…ssdly they are more expensive now and harder to find

Spooky geek 2022-11-08 - 11:47 am


James Cameron 2022-11-08 - 5:16 pm

I bought both. I got the Mini 2 and realised I wanted the Mini 1 so I picked it up from CEX for a reasonable price

arsenewenger30 2022-11-08 - 7:00 pm

I know it's going off on a tangent, but will you be playing Gow Ragnarök?

Chilly64 2022-11-08 - 7:09 pm

I didn't even bother with the mini 2.
I just love the look of the original mega drive.
I would never actually use them when there's so many easier ways to play these games.

sooty899 2022-11-08 - 9:44 pm

The mega drive 1 is the better one.
As a collector I have both versions of this and original hardware.
And I feel that they have done the mega drive 1 dirty on the sound.
I have a model 1 series 1 and it sounds so much better than any of the following mega drives.
And I don't like on the mdm 2 that they have a slide button and left off the power light.
The game are OK but not really much to wow the crowd.

Ciderpunk 1997 2022-11-09 - 4:02 am

Was on the fence about the Mini 2 as it had about a dozen games I thought should have been on the 1st, but features way too much shovel. (Clayfighter?) Similarly, the Mini 1 (which I have and mostly love) could have been way more interesting by swapping out, like, 5 games. Put Herzog Zwei on there and you've introduced a whole other genre!

atomiswave1971 2022-11-09 - 6:10 am

Didn't really get the audio comparison. How can you tell which is which?

TheBaldConvict 2022-11-09 - 9:57 am

For me I think I prefer the second one and like you it is based on my opinion and probably my memories also. I didn't own a Mega Drive 1 but I did own a Mega Drive 2 so for me that is a big thing. You hit the nail on the head at about 8:30 when you said you think this one was aimed more at collectors…. I'm not actually looking at playing it much (although both my kids and I have done a lot surprisingly), I mainly bought mine to go on a shelf and look pretty and come out occasionally to "scratch that itch"

Sega by saying they wouldn't be making as many also pretty much confirmed that for me…. BUT the bits that annoy me, the missing power LED that you mentioned and why oh why does it have a red version of the Jap power switch and not a button?! Two unforgivable things in my mind from Sega, they made this for collectors and then cheaped out on something that is not only visual but you touch.

Study guy. 2022-11-10 - 1:53 pm

Great video as always Gemma! I actually have this sega megadrive 2 lion king box that I found in my attic the other day, any idea on what it might be worth?

Greek Power 2022-11-10 - 6:33 pm

Crusader of Centy AMAZING GAME

Stuey-77 2022-11-10 - 7:31 pm

I like the look of the mini mega drive 2. Games like Super Hang On which I had on my original and Thunder force 4. I've had enough copies of sonic over the years (PS2 sonic collection), the Xbox 360 copies which allowed you to combine sonic 3 & knuckles, and the games that came with Sega Mega Drive classics for PS4 just didn't make the first one a must have in the way the new one seems too.

Mig _zvm 2022-11-11 - 3:57 am

There was a time when the 1st mega drive mini was around $50 and I passed on it then, do you know why?
Because Every game on there is either on every Sega Collection released on every platform already or they are so common that they could be easily purchased at any time.

Still with the scumbag scammers below??

Nicholas Garratt 2022-11-11 - 5:38 pm

Got my mini 2 today, love it. Where did you get the plastic mount display stands? Thanks.

DroidLocks6971 2022-11-12 - 2:19 pm

Every video with a woman has said women with her cleavage out and in this video she actually leans 4wd To Give Us A Look . I Love Women But I Appreciate A Modest Women

Ben H 2022-11-12 - 8:45 pm

Mini 2 is rubbish, mine's broken already

wandering sword 2022-11-12 - 11:30 pm

I disagree, although the original Megadrive Mini has it's solid games listed, the titles are very abundantly available on modern consoles. The Mini 2 offers unique titles that aren't on offer on say, the Switch.

Both are great.

Randall Rutherford 2022-11-13 - 12:15 pm

Streets of rage three is actually a lot better than part two in playability

Hello786 2022-11-13 - 9:09 pm

Comparing different games as an example for sound qualities, and then side by side but different parts of one game doesn’t really show anything unfortunately.

XP6128 2022-11-16 - 5:58 pm

Does anybody know when Sega Mini 2 are going to restock in the uk? Thx.

TK Yang 2022-11-17 - 4:25 am

MD2 wins for me just for the amazing Space Harrier arcade port!!!

Allennium Falcon 2022-11-22 - 7:12 pm

I'm sure it's probably due to licencing or whatever, but Mini 2 should've had Moonwalker, Batman, Rambo 3, Ghostbusters, Two Crude Dudes, Strider, Wrestle War, and Snatcher.

Greek Power 2022-11-23 - 6:16 am


Dan-O The Mando 2022-11-25 - 7:38 am

Awesome I Need The Mega Drive Mini

flyingwings 47 2023-01-04 - 3:08 pm

What happened to the hack for Mega Drive Mini 2, never heard a thing since it was released ?

Speed Devils DC 2023-01-05 - 11:16 pm

Hi Gemma I too think the 1st has better games also on the 1st is one of the menu tunes from zombie flesh eaters the scene where they arrive at the main Caribbean island before they set off to the cursed island of Matool where the zombies are ,many thanks

James Muller 2023-01-07 - 5:19 pm

You can add more games to the mini 1 also. You can't do that with the mini 2. I got the mini 1 for $50 . The mini 2 is double and triple the price. You pay more for less games. I won't waste my money.

PILMAN 2023-01-17 - 4:12 am

Just ordered a mini 2, i dont have the original mini but I grew up with the Genesis (i guess version 2) and mainly played sonic 1, 2, 3, sonic and knuckles, spinball, mortal kombat, road rash? space harrier, outrun, afterburner, streets of rage (on gamegear) vectorman, earthworm jim, ecco the dolphin. I saw the Sega CD as a kid but never had the money so to experience it and many of the rpgs for the first time is nice. Its not that i dont want to play the classic, I have played them so many times I want to try some new things with the CD music. I always wanted that CD and Sega channel as a kid.

Saturmorn Carvilli 2023-01-20 - 7:44 pm

I can't really agree that the Genesis mini was better than the mini 2. Since I am primarily a computer gamer these days, I have the Sega Compilation and the Castlevania Compilation on Steam. With that in mind, there's only about 10 games on the original mini I could want.

Whereas, the mini 2 has a bunch of games not easily obtained beyond owning an actual Sega Genesis. Even then, many of the games are outrageously priced on the secondary market. There is some games that are on the Sega Compilation, sure. I think it is much less of a percent of the games, if not the entire amount overall (I think it is like 4-6 games).

Don't get me wrong, between the two Sega minis there are a bunch of great games. And my argument is weakened if one doesn't pick up a Sega, Castlevannia and/or Sonic compilations (which are cheaper and easier than getting a mini 1 at this point). And neither have any team sports (football, basketball, baseball, etc.) titles which the Genesis was well known for. This is the only really gap in either.

I passed on the mini 1 because it didn't have that many games I couldn't get else where cheaper. The only thing I don't like about the mini 2 is that I never did like the look of it compared to the Genesis 1 design. Which is far more iconic to me. But it makes a lot of sense for the mini 2 to be the Genesis 2 design. Especially if you happen to have both to know which one is which.

Daniel Shirley 2023-02-06 - 2:17 pm

Plus the fact the mini 1 is based on the far superior shape of the first classic console! 😍😍

Alcoholic Nerd 2023-03-29 - 5:15 pm

9:42 Wow, she barely even touched her skin and instant dots that fast lol….

John Barber 2023-05-04 - 2:31 pm

Great video 👍 I've recently bought the mini 1 and think I made the right call! ❤


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