If The Expendables Was a Turn-Based Tactics Game – Jagged Alliance 3

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Hire mercs, meet interesting characters, and fight in tactically deep turn-based combat in this true successor to a beloved franchise.
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Hi! My name is Christopher Odd and I’ve been playing video games on the internet for a few years. I really enjoy a variety of games but generally lean towards games with a unique and engaging story (Bioshock, The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us etc), strategy/roguelike games (XCOM 2 War of the Chosen, Darkest Dungeon, etc), and RPGs (Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Dragon Age, etc). Of course, I am always looking for great indie games too!

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0:00 Game Setup and Options
2:28 Opening Cutscene
4:46 Creating My Personal Merc
14:50 Hiring Additional Mercs
18:38 First Mission and Beyond

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Triniton82 2023-07-27 - 3:14 pm

No need to use character inventory for ammo, it shares all from the squad inventory. Also, you missed dude in the first sector that you can talk with.

Timlagor 2023-07-27 - 3:28 pm

Really think I'd want that mod to see some of the hidden info …but maybe I'd be missing out on a different experience

Sevein Sevein 2023-07-27 - 3:31 pm

Id love to see more! Been waiting for this vid 🙂

– Right click in inv for reload, modding or combining items.

– Every map has a stash, things go there automatically from corpses or boxes you looted. Access via right bottom corner on world map.

– Hunker down that saves AP, it saves what you got left up until 5AP(?). Great to use. Works with "hidden".

– Right click on maps to enter them even if there is no engagement.

– Melee stealth is done by marking a mob and walk up to them. Mark by clicking them and choose where to attack then walk there.

– Stealthing in front of an enemy is the same as stealthing behind the enemy

– Mercs lvl stats depending on what they do. Running a lot in combat gives them agility etc.

– switching from prone to full standing is 2AP and the same for opposite. 1 per stance.

– body armor lowers the enemies dmg taken by a lot.

– You saw the enemy outlines at start because you have a merc with an ability "proccing" in scouted areas.

– Some merc have special perks for doing mech, trap, hack-things etc. In your case Livewire and Barry. Use them for that. Other than that it doesnt matter who you do what with. When looting scrap and herbs etc.

– EDIT: Also, good to know that some "Operations" you will find later, like training Militia, has a cost that is draw when you select your Mercs for it. Not when its started. So if any operation shows a cost itll be drawn when selecting mercs even if you dont end up starting it. At least it was like that for a while. Selecting mercs just to check how much time itll take ended up charging the cost regardless.

There is a lot more but nothing really scary or complicated. Just things that you might find out or that we here might advice you about.

HeavensFrogman 2023-07-27 - 3:31 pm

Do keep going with this. Would love to see more.

Kcaam Karma 2023-07-27 - 3:33 pm

one word: More

michil75 2023-07-27 - 3:42 pm

I played Jagged Alliance like 20 years ago lol. Such a good game. Please continue the series ! 👍

AbsentMindedGamer 2023-07-27 - 3:51 pm

Hope you do a full playthrough of this

Haakona 2023-07-27 - 3:51 pm

33:05 well the game takes playce in 2001 so the Ipod isn't that oldschool lmao

Janne Suurkoivu 2023-07-27 - 3:53 pm

You need Search area for loot. When you clear off the enemy. Little hint for you.

omnisemantic1 2023-07-27 - 3:56 pm

And some tips based on the last few minutes:
You can right-click weapons and items in the inventory and select the unload/reload/mod/etc. options from the pop-up menu. All ammo can stay in the squad inventory, you only need to move it to character inventory, if you want to split the ammo pile.
WP means Warsaw Pact (as in the former east of the Iron Curtain alliance) and it's a different bullet type (7.62×39) as opposed to the NATO standard (7.62×51). WP is usually used for assault rifles like the AK47, while the NATO 7.62 is usually for carbines or machine guns.
Finally, are you kidding? Of course you should be making a series of this!
JA is just as classic of a series as X-Com ever was. If you have any love for the genre you need to try your hand at this!

András Balázs 2023-07-27 - 4:02 pm

After watching Zemalf's LP on JA1-2, this made me happy 🙂

Teh R0XX0R 2023-07-27 - 4:12 pm

Finally a worthy successor to JA2. Perfect fit for Odd as well. Would definitely watch the whole series.

Neil Sullivan 2023-07-27 - 4:24 pm

You, three ladies and Barry (or was that Bosley) is this Oddie's Angels

Lord Sarek 2023-07-27 - 4:42 pm

Wow…Very neat game.

Roberto Boertje 2023-07-27 - 5:10 pm

Played JA1 and JA2, i'll be playing this one too soon. In the meantime please make it a series Chris!

Catalin Gheorghe 2023-07-27 - 5:20 pm

Finally you've started it. GG man. I promise I will watch your entire campaign (I've already finished the game once and now I play it on mission impossible). You will love it this game man! 🙂

wyomingsioux 2023-07-27 - 5:23 pm

Having sunk hundreds of hours into the first two Jagged Alliance games, I am quite attuned to the unique elements of this series. Even then, some of the differences between JA3 and JA2 required a mental adjustment on my part. So I am quite impressed that Odd, who does not seem familiar with the earlier games, could dive in so comfortably and employ the same tactics that a more experienced player would (e.g. moving into optimal range for a given weapon, judiciously choosing fire mode and targeted body part, paying attention to firing stance and going prone at the right moment to either increase chance to hit or reduce chance to be hit). His in-combat assessments are on point. Evidently, he prepared prior to recording.

Teh R0XX0R 2023-07-27 - 5:29 pm

Useful hints:
-make use of unique perks (blue) like hacking with Livewire to get money quickly early on
– squad stash is for ammo and is shared by all squad members
– you can right click weapons and ammo to modify and pass
– there are two different 7.62 calibres: NATO (Western guns) and WP (Warsaw Pact, Eastern guns)

Joey Willsher 2023-07-27 - 5:42 pm

Please play this and Xenonaughts Mr. Odd Boulders Gate you should just do the main story or it will take 300 episodes. Thanks as always.

Lukuigi 2023-07-27 - 5:45 pm

I love the additional dialogue on maps and social interaction you get unlike xcom games, the voice acting is great and graphics look nice as well. Would watch this whole series!

Joey Willsher 2023-07-27 - 5:50 pm

This seems like a ChristopherOdd dream game!?

lterlemez 2023-07-27 - 5:51 pm

This game is one of best games ever made, but series never had the chance to use the new game production techniques properly. Weapon and ammunition variation was always good. I am really happy to see you playing it.

Tiramizur 2023-07-27 - 5:51 pm

Oh boy! You didn't recruit "rambo" Blood. Did you check his infinite throwing knife skill? He can be a stealth melee killing machine if you train him well.

Chris Kent 2023-07-27 - 5:57 pm

Looking forward to this.

lterlemez 2023-07-27 - 5:59 pm

For squad back pack and item swap, probably all mercs should be close enough to each other. Game depends on squad tactics and logistics….

Nathan Explosive 2023-07-27 - 6:07 pm

Of all the youtubers I follow your review was the one I expected the most <3

lterlemez 2023-07-27 - 6:07 pm

@ChristopherOdd; You do not like using 💣, do not you 😄? You did not even intend to use it in Miasma Chronicles, too.

DaleP25 2023-07-27 - 6:12 pm

One important thing to note is that leadership directly contributes to faster travel times as well as training militia etc. Time is money so always worth having a very high leadership merc per squad.

Skaarphy 2023-07-27 - 6:56 pm

Hello, German here. The "Gewehr 98" is pronounced "Guhvare" with a hard G like in "gear." It means rifle.

Rupert Webb 2023-07-27 - 6:59 pm

Loving this. Really enjoyed the earlier games, some of the few games I actually played ot the end.

Toby Kilroy 2023-07-27 - 7:17 pm

I used to love these games. I’m glad to see the latest instalment looks good too. I hope you’ll be playing more!

Dries Creve 2023-07-27 - 7:58 pm

Gewehr is German for Rifle…so the rifle is just called rifle and is quit differently pronounced 😉

also try and sneak up Barry with the knife.

souldry 2023-07-27 - 8:55 pm

JA2 is still one of my favorite games to this day. I hope they did it justice with this game

Mike0193Azul 2023-07-27 - 8:56 pm

I am loving this game so much! Love the difficulty and the story is surprisingly amazing. I love that unlike other turn based games it doesn’t give you percentages. I love that realism part of it. Building destruction is also great love how powerful guns that shoot through walls. Just a fun game that is as hilarious as it is dark. 💚

Game Actual 2023-07-27 - 9:42 pm

32:08 totally a Star Wars reference 😅

Kadayi 2023-07-27 - 9:56 pm

Odd. Use Livewire to hack as she has the highest mechanical and a specialism trait so more chance of getting money from the hacking.

Spion 2023-07-27 - 9:57 pm

LiveWire get bonus to hacking since she got a datapad and it reveals more secrets

1stpogo 2023-07-27 - 10:08 pm

You have two different types of 7.62mm rounds, WP (Warsaw Pact) and Nato Standard, each fits only the weapons used by the side that made it, i.e. Ak47 fits only 7.62mm WP


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