INFINITE FIRE DINOSAURS – Pro and Noob VS Exoprimal! (Best Flying Monsters)

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Pro and Noob experience flaming dinosaurs and so much more! Enjoy!
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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gameplay and Monster Hunter Pro and Noob funny moments are on pause as we head into new Capcom game Exoprimal with its awesome dinosaur Exoprimal gameplay and all the Exosuits Barrage Deadeye Vigilant Zephyr Murasame Roadblock Kriegen Skywave Witchdoctor Nimbus guide abilities skills gameplay best and Exoprimal release trailer walkthrough part 1 PvP story Neo T Rex Neo Dinosaurs oh yes story Exoprimal Neo Saurs Exoprimal Pyro Neosaur!

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I’m Josh with Cotton and Hollow. We make funny things, we make useful things and we end up in many improbable situations. If you’ve got this far in the description you are an intrepid explorer of boxes and I approve you as a comrade in curiosity. So join me on this adventure as we make multitudes of majorly magnificent videos as we be excessively modest and have a good time! Thanks for watching and reading, give yourself a cookie.



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Ches 2023-07-25 - 5:00 pm

Mincraft youtubers treat their love life like their diamond hunting.

14 and below

riemaennchen 2023-07-25 - 5:02 pm

Cottons ExoPrimal Character looks so "normal" compared to what we are used to.

Luis E Morales Falcon 2023-07-25 - 5:02 pm

And there is a fire in the sky…..

Ches 2023-07-25 - 5:03 pm

2:07 I thought that was delving into asmr there

Idiots Playing Games 2023-07-25 - 5:04 pm

Would love to see an editing video some day

Ches 2023-07-25 - 5:07 pm

6:22 This better not lead into the bad dragon conversation from moltens video

James W 2023-07-25 - 5:11 pm

Murasame Main 4 LIFE!

Invictus927 2023-07-25 - 5:19 pm

Anthem meets turok

Jackattack 2023-07-25 - 5:29 pm

The neo tri is coming to exoprimal but in a title update.

Brent Buckalew 2023-07-25 - 5:30 pm

You need to read some Chuck Tingle book titles. He may have written "Night with the velociraptor."

Fausia Merkus 2023-07-25 - 5:36 pm


Jack the Omnithere 2023-07-25 - 5:43 pm

15:2715:31 well no; it shoots fireballs from its wings. and again i'll say my complaint: the Pyro Neosaur is disappointing.
as i said last time, it could have been a Suchomimus in reference to TheGamingBeaver when he played Jurassic Park Builder.
or better yet, the Pyro Neosaur could have been a Stegosaurus! armed on both ends: approach from behind, you'll get whacked by the thagomizers; approach from the front, you'll get burned by its fiery breath.

you skipped the second hand pun and the characters' reaction to you cheating.

AngeloTrex 2023-07-25 - 6:00 pm

3:26 Ummm that was the Jurassic Park 3 SPINOSAUR sound, not a t.rex, Ragegaming check yo self b4 u reck yo self 🙄

Appolyon 2023-07-25 - 6:03 pm

After the Neo Rex, I'm hoping for a Sauropod boss

SpoonierBooch51 2023-07-25 - 6:08 pm

The upgraded dinosaurs sofar i have encounter is , if you are behind in PvP there will sometimes appear a gold dino if you kill it you will have 30 secconds to kill as much dinos as possible , the more dinos you kill the stronger the dinos become against the enemy players

TheD4rkSoul 2023-07-25 - 6:19 pm

more than 110 games im at 170 games played and im only level 110 thats impressive

Nikolai 2023-07-25 - 6:23 pm

40 hours in two weeks? I got 40 hours the first two days sunbreak came out, it sounds wors than it is

YAMI KAMI 2023-07-25 - 6:33 pm

I cannot understand why they make Exoprimal content instead of content of games that actually fit the channel like Remnant 2, Armored Core, Outward or smalland.

TridentTank88 2023-07-25 - 6:36 pm

“Black hole”
“That’s my favorite color of —“
“Don’t… don’t say that.”

TridentTank88 2023-07-25 - 6:37 pm

16:08 Ahh dick maybe?

Mr.FabulousPlays 2023-07-25 - 6:37 pm

The thing about road block is the further you get into the game the more fun he gets because things just get more and more absurd

TridentTank88 2023-07-25 - 6:40 pm

Josh: “that about 20 hours…”
Josh: “he’s played a solid 30-40 hours of exoprimal!”

TridentTank88 2023-07-25 - 6:46 pm

Durable and stain resistant, but also high voltage. I’m getting mixed signals here.

LA BADIER 2023-07-25 - 6:55 pm

Krieger tips :
The Shield breaks automatically ONLY if a big dino is inside the range when it is deployed. If it break when you use it it's because your positioning is not good.
+ With the passive of the gatling he can stop a horde alone as long as he can shoot
+ The little missile can stun 3 pteranodon every use so everyone can kill them easy

Alex Ciesielski 2023-07-25 - 7:04 pm

Have you guys encountered a stegosaurus they’re annoying because they disable all of your abilities

Ace Undead 2023-07-25 - 7:16 pm

Salt High? I think you mean Sultai lol

Savage Howler 2023-07-25 - 7:24 pm

For a moment I was sure I was that Vigilant 😂. I had that exact experience with a Zephyr coming after me while I tried to snipe it on that section of map haha

Michael Floodine 2023-07-25 - 7:40 pm

0:50 cottondinosour?

Mistah Robb 2023-07-25 - 8:07 pm

These guys have the best chemistry. Glad they're really enjoying the game.

Jacky2734 2023-07-25 - 8:13 pm

Hot take, but in PVE final missions when things are neck and neck, I don't think players should actually use the dominator unless it's used against them first. Both teams are able to win PVE missions regardless of who finishes first and you don't actually get anything by insuring the other team can't finish their objectives.

Austin Forgues 2023-07-25 - 8:22 pm

Krieger dome is a taunt if you look in game it tells u

Christopher Smith 2023-07-25 - 8:42 pm

sandy telling the hand joke was so out of left field hahahahaha

Corethunder 2023-07-25 - 10:24 pm

Sandy telling the joke is the best part of the video

GunlessSnake 2023-07-25 - 10:38 pm

Yeah, definitely seeing how this game was going to be a Dino Crisis game at some point with all this time travel dinosaur story stuff. Hell, it could've been the actual true Dino Crisis 3 we wanted rather than the garbage fake one we got.

Umbra Volpes 2023-07-26 - 12:51 am

as a level 132 i feel called out

Jurassic779 2023-07-26 - 1:37 am

Breath of fire

drone 2023-07-26 - 1:56 am

"rectum fire"?

DrunkleCrow 2023-07-26 - 2:59 am

I'm 104 and I've played 138 games safe to say he has played few games 😂


E ai? o que você achou...

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