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Joguei o jogo de fãs de Pokemon mais superestimado e envelheceu como … (Pokémon Insurgence)

Pokemon Insurgence é o jogo de fãs de Pokémon mais superestimado, na minha opinião. Estamos jogando em 2023 para ver se ainda resiste ao teste do tempo em comparação com os novos jogos de fãs de Pokémon e hacks de Rom recentemente! Deixa um Like! Assista mais Pokemon Insurgence Reboot: Compre Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Compre Pokemon Scarlet: Compre Pokemon Violet: Compre Scarlet e Violet Double Pack: Assista ao jogo ORIGINAL de Pokemon Insurgence: ● Todas as consultas de negócios: ● Canal de jogos ► ● Canal de comentários ► ● Cop Some MERCH! ► Meus Links! ● Twitter ► ● Instagram ► ● Tiktok ► ● Twitch ► ● Discord ► ● Música ► TORNE-SE MEMBRO E APOIE Hoje! – Se você está lendo esta descrição, saiba que ESTE é o canal Pokemon do Sacred! Inscreva-se e clique no sino para o conteúdo FIRE Pokemon! Como novos Pokémon Rom Hacks, Pokemon Fan Games, Pokemon News & Updates, Let’s Plays, Gameplay Walkthroughs para os novos jogos Pokemon e transmissões ao vivo INCRÍVEIS! #pokemon #fangame #romhack Obrigado por assistir!~



Marcos Paulo Vilela

O Wisegamer nasceu da paixão sobre os games, desde criança eu amo vídeo games, desde a muitas horas jogando em Game Houses como em casa, aqui é um espaço para quem ama este hobby com paixão!

21 thoughts on “Joguei o jogo de fãs de Pokemon mais superestimado e envelheceu como … (Pokémon Insurgence)

  • Literally started playing insurgence for the first time a few days ago since I couldn’t do it when I was younger I didn’t have a computer😂😂😂

  • Bulbasaur is the best starter by far..It is still one of the best fangames out there easily.. Not overhyped at all.. I replay this game every 6 months, I don't replay any other fangame..

  • It did it’s job for the time, but yeah, this game was always naturally going to get aged out thanks to newer fangames

  • 🤭Actually enjoyed that. Holy moly. The mons already look unique. Never seen this before, glad I get to experience it in this community. Be well and safe you guys.😌♥

  • I stopped playing it after the soaring braucht me a full Black screen and i couldnt exit from that and i didnt feel comfortable starting New.
    Is it updated and fixed now???
    I played version 1.2.7

  • Today this game would be overhyped, but it was a gem that led to the diamonds we're getting

  • If delta zard is the way it was a year ago then I would argue its the best starter. Once you get its signature and mega you really just one shot everything in front of you if you're on level or below by no more than 7 or 8

  • I’m glad I played Pokémon Insurgence as my 1st full run through of a Pokémon fan game. I picked this as its the best when it comes to being the 1st. After than I played stuff like Uranium, Xenoverse, Infinite Fusion and recently Fire Ash. All fun times

  • I really don't get the "aging" factor. It's pixel art, with the same graphics and mechanics since gen 3 (even fangames with gen 4-5 graphics use the same Essentials engine). So what content ? Features ? It still has more than most fangames nowadays. You just gotta admit you're the one who changed (you reader, not necessarily Nich), not the game.

    Now I'm still going to watch this video because I know it won't be bad faith. Mostly.

  • Another Insurgence playthrough would slap. I randomly play the game every year or two, I do the same thing with Uranium too. Insurgence and Uranium may be overhyped but they hold a special place in my heart as my two favorite Pokemon fangames

  • I just started Crown Rom but this one looks way better. Switching today. Plus im up watching this at 2am cuz i cant sleep! Keep up the dope videos man!

  • I personally love the game…but man is the commitment insane. It's at the very least a 20 hour time sink to get to the end, and it's even more for post game content. I'll recommend it to people who want a slower, but rather rich pokemon fan game


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