Mordhau | Jogabilidade do Xbox Series X | Primeira vista

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Primeiro olhar sobre a jogabilidade do Xbox Series X de Mordhau Timestamps: 0:00 – Jogabilidade de combate 11:31 – Visão geral dos recursos/UI Descrição MORDHAU é um slasher medieval multijogador. Crie seu mercenário e lute em batalhas brutais, onde você experimentará combates rápidos, cercos de castelo, ataques de cavalaria e muito mais. Publicado por Triternion Desenvolvido por Triternion Data de lançamento 12/07/2023



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GAME IT UP 2023-07-11 - 10:47 pm

Disclaimer: I experienced some hiccups during my recording session. Certain maps having a lot of late texture loading. 3 second freezes during gameplay. Fps drops on bigger maps with 64 (bots) when a lot was on screen. Didn’t suffer from that problem as much on small maps. I can’t comment on performance in regards to online player performance though as I did not get to test that and can’t until the game goes live but thought I’d give a heads up.

Thanks for checking out the video!👍🎮

Wayne Kennedy 2023-07-12 - 4:07 am

So is this a multiplayer game? It’s an interesting concept but I can imagine the combat loop getting old quite quickly. I applaud the 60fps target though and the visuals aren’t horrible. Thanks for the gameplay ❤

oger 2023-07-12 - 7:39 am

this is a different game on console

Adam Stark Rap Artist Author Gamer Battle Rapper 2023-07-12 - 10:59 am

On Xbox, can you play with bots with no internet? I travel a lot

Sky / flaminx0r 2023-07-12 - 11:51 am

Looks like they have ported it quite well, from what I can tell. It's not cross play with PC though, is it?

Lorenzo Villa 2023-07-12 - 2:36 pm

It looks good, do you guys recommend it?

Phobos 2023-07-13 - 12:09 am

damn you are pretty good


E ai? o que você achou...

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