My Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) Collection! The best retro games for the console

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

An updated video on my Sega Mega Drive collection! My game collection has really grown over the last couple of years, so I …



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House of the Ted 2023-05-08 - 11:23 am


Boss 2023-05-08 - 11:24 am

Thanks for the update video on your Mega Drive lot! Have you done any retro shopping/have recommendations for it lately?

Sebastian 2023-05-08 - 11:45 am

I hope you can pick up some Star Trek games for the megadrive in the future.

Ryan Davies 2023-05-08 - 11:53 am

Streets of Rage sound track slaps hard

Wolverine Scratch 2023-05-08 - 12:21 pm

I have the Mega drive mini and I'm contemplating get the part 2 edition

RetroRewind 2023-05-08 - 1:31 pm

Have you thought about getting a cheap everdrive so you can play the games you can’t afford ?

Pauls pop culture 2023-05-08 - 3:17 pm

I think dragon was better on the SNES but megadrive had its better versions over SNES as well like Aladdin and Robocop Vs terminator were way better on the megadrive in my opinion megadrive recommend Ghostbusters

Sam Dean 2023-05-08 - 5:18 pm

I always thought it was a massive shame codemasters decided to go with that strange knockout format for 2 player on micro machines, but understandable due to system constraints. Still fun though!

Retro Gamer 2023-05-09 - 8:45 am

golden axe 2 has better music than the first. retro games have been so expensive to collect the last 15 years. i quit lol. but i started up again recently. i buy a little of everything from nes, to snes, to genesis. i dont collect every game, only what i like, remember, and hidden gems i never knew about.

zombee38 2023-05-09 - 9:53 am

Wow super organized and a nice setup for the consoles !

MrLeesaunders 2023-05-09 - 11:34 am

i love dragon but im with you it is a hard game to master . i recommend cannon fodder if you dont have it

Lydgendary 2023-05-09 - 11:41 am

Hey everyone. It's been brought to my attention that there are some audio issues towards the end of the video. I accidentally cut it out during editing, but I'll try to fix it through YouTube somehow but in the meantime you're not missing too much so don't worry 😊

cosmic250 2023-05-09 - 2:47 pm

Whats in that cup?I can smell the aroma`s of …….🤔blackcurrant…….with a wiff of….Vodka🤨🙄😁

M C 2023-05-09 - 3:59 pm

Love the setup behind you! I have only 5 consoles but it's pretty tight.

Foolishoverlord 2023-05-09 - 11:44 pm

Interesting video. Liked hearing your experience with the mega drive. The Mega drive was my childhood as well as the master system/nes/snes etc but the mega drive was the most significant.

Nice to see younger peeps genuinely invested in these gems of consoles.

Random question. But what is that in your ear?

RVGG64 2023-05-10 - 5:52 pm

Anyone else pause at 27:00 to look through the game collection..? Appear to be in great condition… Love that you guys have Mother 2 😀

bmw540ise 2023-05-11 - 1:59 am

Gods by the bitmap bros is a great platform game don’t know if you already own it but it’s worth a pick up

Darth Bossk 2023-05-12 - 8:10 pm

Great set up and great collection. Really strong.👏👏👏👏👏👏


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