My Sega Megadrive Collection.

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Showing off my Sega Megadrive Collection #games #retrogaming #retrorewind #games #gamecollector #instagram #tiktok …



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RODGY Retrogamer 2023-01-21 - 7:52 am

Great vid so far….
…not pushing for the megadrive set now🤯 when almost every game (barring Castle of illusion and some crazies think Sonic) is better on the megadrive 👀

Michael King 2023-01-21 - 4:02 pm

I'm selling off some of my megadrive games if you're interested………

james's time warp zone of tat 2023-01-21 - 4:38 pm

Superb collection there clint. That mk2 is in incredible condition although my eyes are watering about that mint snes you sold. Altered beast i always think is a great concept but poorly executed. I do have a lot of nostalgia play it on the master system though.
I'd leave that electronics boutique sticker on. I like stickers from old shops that aren't in business anymore. Although i do understand why people take them off.
Global gladiators was decent on the master system, not played MD version.
Id upgrade any loose carts of games you like to boxed complete, to answer your question at the end.
Oh yeah and i havent taken my md mini 1 out the box yet either 😂 one of these days

retroredsteve 2023-01-22 - 5:09 am

How nice is that md 2 Clint buddy 😍😍 I wouldnt touch the stickers but I'm hopeless at stuff like that 🤣 you know you got to get the games boxed 🤣 i do love the megadrive and you got some belters there bud especially street fighter 2, twin hawk 😍 be great to see a ps1 and atari collection 👍

K.G. 2023-01-22 - 10:07 am

Nice sized collection here buddy 👍

Champion 2D 2023-01-22 - 11:25 am

I didn't think you were older than me. I was quite surprised by that lol. Nice collection mate 👌

8BitBoyUK 2023-01-22 - 1:23 pm

Lovely collection mate and given me a lot of food for thought. Really enjoyed that.

David Tyler Games Hunter 2023-01-24 - 6:15 pm

You have a very solid collection there dude, and that Castlevania was an absolutely fantastic win.
MD1 is my all time fave console, looks wicked.
That sonic & Knuckles box has the hangtab?! Damn…

Byron Law 2023-01-25 - 5:14 am

Great video. I like a hangtab but I do have a lot of Japanese games and they never had them (bar Alien Soldier) and find they easier to store.

With regards stickers if it’s an old sticker from back in the day I keep it on. If it’s a new sticker from cex etc off it goes.

Mega Drive 1 has better sound. If you ever get a 32X they don’t work with VA4 Mega Drive 1s (most common one has High Def Graphics on it) so I’d connect that to your MD2.

Global Gladiators is a bit pants be honest. Best McDonald’s game is Ronald McDonald Treasure Land by Treasure. It costs a fortune tho so play it on an everdrive.

Eternal Champions the PAL one comes with that move list.

Olympic Gold there is a version with a booklet about the games. It’s basically an advert for Coca Cola.

Jungle Book is better gameplay on MD. Anyway my last comment is I recommend using the composite cable for an MD on the CRT. Folk will say no RGB scart but have a look at a video on YouTube called dithering on the Sega Genesis to see why.

Byron Law 2023-01-25 - 5:33 am

Sonic and Knuckles comes with a manual. If you want to be super complete It came with an advert for the 32X add on but I’d not be bothered about having that. It’s nice to have but not as worth tracking down as a manual.

The mega drive 1 only outputs stereo sound out the headphone Jack so it wasn’t just your tv there it’s best to plug speakers into it. You can get a scart cable that has a connector to that port tho also.

TootyUk 2023-01-25 - 1:26 pm

Get some label remover on them stickers they'll come off nps
Yes knuckles has a manual.
Nice little collection that mate some great raffle wins!

RETRO IMPORT GAMER 2023-01-29 - 7:30 am

Nice collection again here dude, and plenty for free you can't moan about
That Eternal Champions card came with game. Whoever made the call at Game to plaster retro games in stickers and marker pen should be bought to justice for their crimes…brain dead!
Sonic & Knuckles should have a manual 👍✌️

peter wright 2023-05-30 - 4:41 am

The Megadrive is still my favourite games console, I still play it far more then my PS5 and Xbox.


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