O Efeito Ripple da Censura da Sony MATA Lisa: Definitive Edition, Cult Classic Alterado em Todas as Plataformas

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

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VileGlory 2023-07-21 - 7:33 am

Censoring cigarettes and alcohol? Where are we? 1999?

Dark Wolfe 2023-07-21 - 8:10 am

Wow Sony is working hard to lose this console generation.

Ali Brennan 2023-07-21 - 9:09 am

I’m just glad this didn’t happen to OMORI when it went to consoles

CaptainFoofoo64 2023-07-21 - 9:59 am

Why bother with consoles? Just create for PCs. Microsoft and Sony are infected with "Modern Audiences".

KnightWolfPro 2023-07-21 - 10:02 am

Sony's Censorship policy's are the reason I didn't upgrade to the PS5.

Valkyrion 2023-07-21 - 12:30 pm

Sony should have NEVER of moved its HQ to California

Norman Readdis 2023-07-21 - 12:57 pm

That's why physical is King and multiplaform upon day one release.

John Snow 2023-07-21 - 5:43 pm

thanks for saving me money devs 👍

PKMN37 2023-07-21 - 6:55 pm

I may not be a PC gamer but I agree with RGE that, if they "have to censor it", they shouldn't release it on console at all.

Asher Aries 2023-07-21 - 7:43 pm

What about the Nintendo Switch version?

Chad Kleckler 2023-07-22 - 6:06 am

It is absolutely pathetic that there are so many people crying racism when you express disappointment in the game getting censored. It doesn't matter what the cut content was at all, its the fact that altering your vision to please idiots on twitter or corporate stooges will only alienate actual fans and still won't please the unpleasable mob.

I'm so sick of the excuses made by these developers removing content and beyond disgusted by the brain dead supporters of this censorship. Like you said, developers bending the knee, and the consoomers consuming, only leads to more staunch censorship. They need to stick to their guns and simply not put the game on the platform requiring you to cut content. Let the people vote with their wallets and maybe those censorship policies would change. It'll never happen if everyone just praises the removal of content all of the time.

Again, vote with your wallet and do not support dingaling or buy any of their products.

Alphonso Frett 2023-07-22 - 6:56 am

I wish the current Sony president would get replaced by someone what would set up an adult video game subscription service and subscription services so everyone can enjoy video games safely

Rawr Dino 2023-07-22 - 6:01 pm

I was so excited to finally play this on my Playstation, guess now i have to skip it

a person 2023-07-22 - 10:24 pm

Pc vertion had two tiny changes as a long time fan i barely noticed

Corrderio 2023-07-22 - 11:23 pm

I wish a developer would put Sony on blast. I'd gladly burn my bridge with Sony if they demanded I alter my content.

Faptimoo Lactos 2023-07-23 - 1:01 am

Another sony L

nosoydes 99 2023-07-23 - 2:59 pm

Tbh i dont mind it dont get me wrong its bullshit that lisa has to get censored considering its themes but i dont mind the changes at all after all they had to do these otherwise they couldnt move this game to other platforms and some of these are fair. A monkey noise while a black character comes in? Very fair etc

Christopher Anderson 2023-07-23 - 3:46 pm

At least it’s the same on PC 🤦‍♂️

skep 2023-07-24 - 1:05 pm

Now whether or not the changes are good or not (I find removing the drug references from LISA is abhorrent), you’re incensed they’ve changed a game but decided you wanted to hamper your point by not showing the segments they have changed or explaining for those not in the know.

Jonathan Grover 2023-07-24 - 1:20 pm

Ok, outrage merchants and angry kids in the comments section below. I find it quaint that people are getting so incensed over changes made to this game because of how it supposedly affects the fans, or in other words, being enraged on our behalf, so to speak. I bought the game at launch (in 2014), I've played through Joyful, Painful and First probably a dozen times over the years, so as a fan, let me just say – no thanks. We don't need the outrage. We don't care.

People claiming that Dingaling should be ashamed of himself or is a coward for altering his own game, or accusing him or SF of "pandering to snowflakes" need to get your heads checked. The vast majority of edgy, provocative content – sexual assault, suicide, murder, torture, alcoholism, drug abuse, mutilation, coprophilia, and wrestling – is all still in the game. The non-Sony related changes were made by the developer himself – e.g. removing references or jokes that he, himself, no longer wants to maintain as a part of his work. In otherwise, a continued exercise in personal creative freedom and expression. Accusing him of pandering to one group, while being part of a second group which inherently dismisses any artistic evolution on his part as "pandering" or "cowardice" is dumb as shit.

As for the Sony changes – I also hate them! We agree! But, let's be clear – this is Sony's cert process mucking things up. If you're going to rage, direct it towards the megalithic company imposing draconian, bullshit standards on content creators, not the creators themselves. For what it's worth, Joy is still very, very explicitly a drug, and alcohol in Painful is still explicitly alcohol (no "sodas" except for Cocola Colas). It seems that Sony's objections were explicitly related to underage drinking/alcohol consumption. Which is dumb and hypocritical – but when presented with the choice between a. changing the names of two in-game items in the DLC to allow players on that platform to access it, or b. not releasing it on that plaftorm at all – they made the right choice.

Let's hold Sony accountable for their silly standards – but if you support the developer, if you support the creative process behind LISA, what it stands for, what it provokes, the unique emotional experience it creates, then you should support it being released on Playstation, so that it can reach a wider audience, while separately advocating for the abolition of censorship in principle.

Sorry/not sorry for the rant. But I'm honestly getting sick and tired of seeing issues like these misinterpreted, taken out of context, and spun to serve as fuel for whatever hot-button political issue. tl;dr LISA is still LISA, Dingaling is still Dingaling, the game is still the masterpiece it's always been, indie devs aren't your enemies, let people grow, down with censorship, but NOT with artistic growth.

Matthew Hutton 2023-07-24 - 3:54 pm

I doubt this robot even knows what was censored across all platforms.

When the earth is turned into a dripping dungeon 2023-07-24 - 7:26 pm

Folks, calm down, this is just Playstation. And I'm pretty sure just Joyful too. The PC version still has all the goodies.

Portal World 2023-07-25 - 7:11 am

Very controversial opinion: just play the pc version. It has both the original and definitive edition of both painful and joyful, both have controller support if you want it, it’s not performance heavy so a library computer can play it, and is the same price. Honestly, the changes aren’t that big, as it’s mainly just text and item descriptions.

Matthew Brown 2023-07-25 - 2:50 pm

Not even joy can make this feel good in any way.

Cat 2023-07-27 - 3:18 pm

I'm assuming they removed the monkey sound effect from the black ranger's cutscene, which was an uncomfortable racist stain on the game in the first place. Clearly they've not been compelled to do this (unlike with the sony issue) – they just felt it was right. how is this changing the tone of the game in any way?? I'm happy I can recommend it to friends without dealing with that mess.

Fobby 2023-07-27 - 5:00 pm

bros got the Nintendo 1980s localization edition

Lucid 2023-07-27 - 11:57 pm

These comments are blowing the situation out of proportion. They removed a racist gorilla joke about ranger black and removed Junior's fucking bright red tube lips. If that is such a big deal to you than maybe you're just fucking racist.

TheTarr2 2023-07-28 - 7:44 am

"We have to censor the drugs and alcohol in LISA The Joyful, a game where one of the first few abilities you can get is flashing people and gouging their throats out"

Grill 2023-07-28 - 5:03 pm

the changes to alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs are EXCLUSIVE to the playstation version of joyful. it's silly, i know, but the xbox, steam, and nintendo switch versions of the game do NOT have those changes. other changes like junior and the black ranger don't butcher or hamper the experience at all. all of these changes were requested by austin himself.

Seymour Asses 2023-07-28 - 5:07 pm

I agree the censorship sucks, but for one thing this videos title is misleading clickbait, it was not altered on “All platforms” It was altered on PlayStation only, And while this is ass for the PlayStation players, people need to stop blaming it on the dev and need to start directing that anger at Sony, the sole reason any of this censorship happened

Zimon B 2023-07-28 - 8:29 pm

I’ve never played this game. I was going to buy this but now that’s a big no! I hate censorship! Especially if it’s rated 18+ there is no reason to change it. I want the ”complete, full experience”.


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