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sábado, setembro 30, 2023


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Marcos Paulo Vilela

O Wisegamer nasceu da paixão sobre os games, desde criança eu amo vídeo games, desde a muitas horas jogando em Game Houses como em casa, aqui é um espaço para quem ama este hobby com paixão!

4 thoughts on “O Final da Expedição Pegasus: Grandes Heróis Malditos

  • Yeah we hear so much about this threat that’s pushed humanity back to just the soul system, I’m a little disappointed we don’t get to see the colossals. But it was enjoyable regardless.

  • The final battle did seem a little underwhelming, they could have made it so that we have to hold the supply route to that system for a few turns or something, or it's possible that you were just too strong, we did take our sweet time getting there after all. And oh boy did we leave our mark on the pegasus galaxy, supporting every rebel or reformist we come across, and genociding half the galaxy. Still an enjoyable experience, will look forward to more.


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