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Os 10 melhores jogos de fãs de Pokémon 2023

Hoje, passamos por alguns jogos incríveis de fãs de Pokémon para jogar em 2023 que acho que todos vocês deveriam pesquisar e jogar. Então, aqui está o meu top 10 dos melhores jogos de Pokémon para fãs de 2023. ✨Confira meu canal de DESAFIOS DE POKEMON: Fontes de miniaturas: Start-boi ▶ Junte-se ao Discord aqui: ▶ INSCREVA-SE: ▶ PÁGINA DO FACEBOOK: Torne-se um membro do canal: E-mail comercial: ruffledrowlit@moreyellow.com #PokemonScarlet #pokemongen9 #pokemonscarletviolet ▶Camisas AQUI: Ei, vocês já viram esses vazamentos de Pokémon Scarlet e Pokémon Violet? . Bem, hoje vamos nos aprofundar neles para descobrir algumas notícias sobre Pokémon que você pode ter perdido nos últimos dias de enigmas e rumores sobre Pokémon. Então aproveite os rumores de pokémon escarlate e violeta.



Marcos Paulo Vilela

O Wisegamer nasceu da paixão sobre os games, desde criança eu amo vídeo games, desde a muitas horas jogando em Game Houses como em casa, aqui é um espaço para quem ama este hobby com paixão!

35 thoughts on “Os 10 melhores jogos de fãs de Pokémon 2023

  • Is pokemon fan game considered as Rpg maker game? Or it's a mix that can either be GBA or Rpg maker?

  • Hey Rowlit, love the videos, but the screen movement makes me a little sick sometimes. I'd love to finish watching the videos, but I think this is the second or third one I've had to stop because of it.

    Much love, thank you for the content

  • Maybe the newest patch of Daybreak is bugged? I can save in the game, but when I close and load the game, it does not record my data

  • Can’t wait for my Pokémon fangame to be in one “Top 10 Pokémon fan games to play in 2025!” Lol

  • Stop with the fucking screen shaking pleeeease. I'm genuinely nauseous and can't watch.

  • i'd like the thumbnail illustration but can't find anything under the name given in the description

  • pokemon games.. either good graphic but less than 100pok.. or have more than 500pok but retarded graphics .. we cant find one complete game :/

  • the weird motion effect on the vid is giving me motion sickness

  • Are any of these available on mac os? I swear dude all these shits are on windows, no one ever makes a game thats available on mac it's so dumb

  • Descriptions were great and helpful but this was a terrible watch that triggered my vertigo horribly with the unneeded bouncing…

  • Great video, but oh boy is the ever moving screen making me sick. Maybe make the looping animation a bit slower could remove the problem, or just make it static.

  • It's too bad they all seem to use the crappy IV and EV system. Would love a system based on breeding using old GBC Dragon Quest Monsters stat and breeding system.

  • I just wna say i am done with pokemon game and i am sad because combat is same old boring thing. There is barely any mental challenge. I would rather play chess. pls make a new combat system. WE can't feed of same bullshit forever. wake up pls 🙁

  • I never get motion sickness, but I feel pretty close with the way the video is constantly shaking

  • i'd love to play a ROM hack that starts with pokemon version red then same trainer goes to pokemon version silver and then emerald.

  • i dont play a ton of roms, but me personally idk, i dont really like having mega evolutions, z moves, super hard difficulty, pokemon fusions, fakemon, i just want a really good story, with up to around gen 1-6 pokemon as i grew up with those, the ones that really interest me are the cool premise ones like pokemon crown being in like an ancient time, some of the post apocolypic ones, and the ones that are just really narritive driven but aside from that not too many features, also the ones with really beautiful D.S./GBA graphics are cool to see, what should i play?

  • Any actual good romhacks that don’t have mega evo’s/fakemon/fusions?

  • Something a bit… different I'd recommend. I say different, because it's not a fan game, it's a mod to a fan game.
    Which is the content mod for Pokemon Empyrean, Edge of Eternity.
    While Empyrean was completed like a year ago? maybe more? now, and Edge of Eternity has definitely existed for 4+ years, Edge of Eternity 2.0 was only released a few months ago.
    EoE 2.0 is complete, and was redesigned for Empyrean's final update.

    So… a word of warning here.
    Edge of Eternity is NOT an easy experience, nor is it a traditional experience in most regards.

    Pokemon Empyrean contains a pretty expansive postgame, with 3 quests in particular that really stood out. The fight against Grimm, which is a gigantic puzzle fight where his team is quite literally custom made and unfair, the developer battle, which is just… straight BS, in the fun way, or not so fun way, 😉 – and lastly, what is known as The Rainbow Quest.
    The Rainbow Quest is essentially a hidden quest. And it's super cryptic and obscure. This quest rewards you with what might be the strongest "pokemon" ever created. (quite literally. It can get in the tens of thousands in stats.) This quest requires you to do stuff like solve ciphers, morse code, fight insanely overpowered trainer battles, etc. Competely different from normal pokemon experiences.

    Edge of Eternity is essentially a nearly full game sized content expansion mod that is entirely based around the gameplay experience of the rainbow quest.
    It has insane puzzles. It has unfair bosses. It has extreme challenges. And it doesn't give you jack in terms of hints or instructions for most of it.

    Edge of Eternity is probably the most genuine fun I've ever had playing a Pokemon game, period.
    It's unfair and insane in the best and worst of ways.
    You'll go from enjoying a nice, easy section of neat wild pokemon and easy not-level-capped trainers….
    to being stuck solving some god awful insane puzzle for 4 hours
    to fighting a level capped borderline cheating trainer boss fight that has a full team of legendaries with custom movesets that are absolutely busted.

    You'll go from looking for npcs for a hide and seek quest, to traversing a god awful water maze that's just pure suffering, to grinding for already maxed out legendaries with a like 1/10 shiny rate to playing sudoku.

    As someone that has played just about every form of pokemon experience one can think of, and who used to be extremely competitive professionally, I can solidly say that I haven't enjoyed a pokemon experience to the extent I've been enjoying my EoE playthrough (even if it makes me want to uninstall it at times…) at any point in my life.

    Pokemon Empyrean itself is a great game. 10/10. One of, if not actually my all-time favorite, fan games.
    But Edge of Eternity just skyrockets it up there.
    Because what Empyrean was missing was that unfair [redacted] that you experience when doing Insurgence hard mode's first gym.
    That sense of "wtf am I supposed to do here?".
    It only has that in like 3 fights.
    EoE has that in spades.

    I still don't even know where to start with some of the fights I've found. Like this one that just removes 90% of your entire team's health and has a marshadow with a priority move.
    And btw, on hard mode, you can't use items during any major trainer battle. So no, I can't just waste a turn on a full restore, even though I have 1500 of them.

    It's an amazing experience.
    It WILL make you better at Pokemon.
    And it WILL make you better at math and logic puzzles.
    And it WILL make you rage at it.
    And it WILL make you laugh and cry and smile and have genuine fun.

    12/10, can't recommend enough.

    Just don't [redacted] spoil stuff for people. 😉
    It's part of the fun not being able to find answers to literally anything anywhere~
    Even if some of it really should have answers because screw calculus.


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