by Marcos Paulo Vilela

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Raevus 89 2022-05-07 - 2:42 am


Michael McLaughlin 2022-05-18 - 10:47 am

I need to play this one ✨

edenworld 2022-05-22 - 12:44 pm

I love this game
I played this game 3x alrd with different teams cause there's so many new typing in the game n it's difficult

Karl Jenkins 2022-07-05 - 12:36 pm

Insurgence was awesome I loved playing it my team
Delta Venusaur fairy/psychic
Delta Pidgeot Dragon/Dark
Delta Typhlosion Electric/Steel
Delta Metagross spider form ground/bug
Delta Greninja Grass/Fire
Mega Feraligatr

Smug Hat Kid 2022-07-21 - 5:30 pm

i love this game just bc of crystal metagross

Arrow Official 2022-07-21 - 11:44 pm

Imh I really like Uranium. That soundtrack just is one big bop and the game itself is great! Just really proud of emdasche making such a good ost!

BAT MAN 2022-09-25 - 2:44 am

My favorite is Reborn

Theo 2022-10-02 - 3:54 am

Why didn’t pick eevee it has a mega that allows it to turn into the eeveelutions if it has a move of a type

Xtra 2022-10-24 - 7:58 am

Insurgence is f*cking awesome and l loved every moment of it,but if you want real difficulty,play Reborn or Rejuv,because the field mechanic is brutal and everything is meant to f*ck you up.Also the last gauntlet for Reborn's endgame is a 18V6 WITHOUT PAUSE !!!

Rick Roll 69 2022-11-27 - 7:29 pm

Ik I'm four months late but I'm doing a delta only challenge if u want to go along heres the rules
1.Name all of ur members
2.U have to catch every delta
3.U are not allowed to use or catch normal mons (unless there for trades)
Quick tip: if u want pick delta charmander and grind on the dex nav trainers that only have normal type moves as ur starter is going to be ur only Mon until after the trainer school
Side note: if u want u can make it so if a Mon dies u can't use it forever if u hate yourself. Difficultly can be chaged to hard if u feel like it. legendary mons can be caught but not used (so no u can't attack mons with mew before u get the quarts flute) and if u want to know I just won the first battle against the second auger.

Gaming with Kridderdane 2022-12-10 - 11:55 pm

I don't know how to code but here is a fan game idea.

Your a researcher at a lab and your told to go to these islands far from any land to gather data from the abandoned labs over there as they had to be evacuated due to "Resions" and as your starter you get a Magnemite named Tiny and you set of on a boat but as you get close to land multiple Jellasent crash your boat but you manage to scramble to land and now you have to find your way of the island with tiny and the team you gather together.

Some custom pokemon are regional Magnemite, magneton, and magnezone more coming soon

The Magnemite are all rusted and overgrown and have become grass steel types

Magnetons only have two rusted Magnemites

Magnezones are overgrown with vines and leafage.

So what do you think.

Jigoku 2023-02-19 - 9:21 am

Damn i want 3d Fan games

Ace the Uchia 2023-02-21 - 8:21 pm

I replayed and beat insurance nuzloke 3 times one was randomizer one of the best games every made

Dark_Gamer_YT_666 2023-03-08 - 1:30 am

What game is this

Joshua 2023-05-28 - 11:51 am

I use a team that is made of:
1. Delta Venusaur (such a broken and the best starter that u can get in this game)
2. Delta scyther pre-evolution ( Speed&Attack + fight/ice is super offensive in the game)
3. Delta Haxorus (a steel/water Sweeper, don't ask me)
4. Delta Snorlax (Belly drum+Wood hummer+earthquake + Thick fate is a broken sweeper for all opponent in the game even Leage Four)
5. Still finding good, I am now in the road to 6th gym

Major Tim 2023-06-04 - 2:16 pm

This game is the reason regional variants are a thing

Mr. Ropotto 2023-06-06 - 1:29 am

Eh, I feel like it's a bit over hyped. At the time of it's original release it absolutely deserved the hype. But these days, in my opinion, it's just an above average fan game. The constant dour tone drags on a lot forcing me to drag my battered pokemon and will to play the game up to the big boss with ridiculous amounts of immunities then get to the elite four who match your highest pokemon level. Also I feel like some of the megas try too hard to look cool, Flygon and Zoroark being the most readily available ones I can think of.

Side note for those who love this game: This is all my own opinion on the game, and as a guy who's favorite type is Ice, you can say my opinion is objectively wrong and I'm required by law to agree. I just wanted to get my thoughts on this game out

multipass85 2023-07-10 - 12:25 pm

@adrivershorts or anyone else, im looking for a decently challenging rom hack that has cool new pokemons. im not the biggest nuzlock fan but i do like challenging encounters. any rom hacks to recommend in recent years?

Tusk 2023-07-19 - 4:51 pm

I tried getting this on my laptop. But the laptop is sô shît so it didn’t work. I wish it was possible to hàck on 3ds. I guess I’ll wait into I get a better laptop or something


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