Primeira olhada na jogabilidade do Monopoly Madness no Nintendo Switch

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Monopoly Madness Nintendo Switch Coop Jogabilidade Primeira vista Nintendo Switch OLED 30FPS 1080p Gostaria de se tornar o novo Sr. MONOPOLY? É o seu dia de sorte! Nosso magnata imobiliário favorito está saindo de férias merecidas e está procurando um substituto temporário. O método de seleção? Uma corrida pela fama e fortuna. Desta vez, as regras mudaram um pouco. MONOPOLY Madness traz a experiência do MONOPOLY para a arena pela primeira vez. Percorra as ruas caóticas de Monopoly City, colete recursos, compre e atualize propriedades, mexa com seus oponentes e evite seus truques para vencer a corrida pela riqueza. Isso é loucura! Monopoly Madness está disponível em: Xbox One / PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / PC / Google Stadia / Amazon Luna Obrigado por assistir. Se você gosta da minha jogabilidade, por favor, deixe um joinha. Você também pode se inscrever para mim que seria muito bom.



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GO! 2021-12-08 - 2:45 pm

Amazing stuff great video!!

JohnLiuFromHK 2021-12-09 - 3:13 pm

I have no idea how to play this game by looking at the gameplay lol

Chris 2021-12-09 - 3:21 pm

I'm so confused

Spitzy 2021-12-09 - 3:55 pm

This game looks really shit ngl

NathanZ 2021-12-09 - 4:15 pm

How does it run??
Been wanting to get it on switch but could get it on ps5 as well

Trump Lost LOL 2021-12-09 - 8:15 pm

It looks very difficult playing this game. Everything is so fast.

SashMcFlash 2021-12-10 - 12:57 am

Thanks for this. Ubisoft didn't seem to think anyone deserved pictures or videos in the eshop.

DILL 2021-12-10 - 2:51 am

Это не монополия, а фолл гайс какойто

Kellen Sailors 2021-12-10 - 2:28 pm

No turned-based play? This real-time play seems so far removed from Monopoly.

Xarai 2021-12-11 - 8:15 pm

the fuck is the point in this?

Seyvon Genie 2021-12-12 - 11:30 pm

i have no idea what’s going on😳

Jet Zhong 2021-12-13 - 5:06 am

Can't even understand what's the rule and how the game play works by watching this video

Jesus Alonso 2021-12-18 - 3:33 am

The game looks FUN!!! Do you recommend the game?

Holly Pearce 2021-12-18 - 6:08 pm

ok the gameplay is good, but there has to be a setting to turn the narrators voice off.

Tonya Sager 2022-01-07 - 8:33 am

Yeah, this looks wonky. Seems too fast, bring back fortune street, much easier and user friendly

Ethan Tunnell 2022-01-13 - 4:25 pm

Gosh this is different not what I was expecting to play when I get round to playing my 2 Games in 1 Monopoly that replaced the original for the Switch.
You sure did great though.

Jeff Stiff 2022-01-29 - 10:47 pm

I like the concept, but I it's not very monopoly if you can't use your property to crush your competition.

Carrie Hilber 2022-03-23 - 2:06 am

I have the monopoly for the switch. I 💘 playing monopoly. I can play for hours. It's my favorite board 🎮


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