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by Marcos Paulo Vilela
Primeiro Jogo Lançado no MegaDrive

Qual foi o primeiro jogo do Mega Drive?

O Sega Mega Drive foi lançado pela primeira vez no Japão em 29 de outubro de 1988 com dois títulos de lançamento, Space Harrier II e Super Thunder Blade, e vendido a ¥ 21.000. 

Um impulso publicitário inicial foi liderado pelo rapper/escritor/ator/personalidade da TV Seiko Ito, análogo à capacidade do sistema de “multitarefa” (embora no lançamento, a única “tarefa” que o console poderia realizar era jogar).

 Space Harrier II Gameplay

A vida era difícil para a Sega; O Famicom da Nintendo detinha o monopólio do mercado, enquanto o PC Engine da NEC já havia estabelecido as bases para uma nova geração de “16 bits” um ano antes, tornando-se cada vez mais popular a cada dia. Do ponto de vista do computador doméstico, o MSX2 continuou seu domínio semelhante ao seu antecessor (também ainda suportado neste ponto), o MSX1. A linha da série PC-9800 e o ainda relativamente novo X68000 também lutavam pelo mercado de computadores “profissionais”, embora estivessem fora do alcance de muitos consumidores japoneses na época.

No entanto, o console esgotou dois dias após o lançamento, transferindo 50.000 consoles para os consumidores japoneses.

A maioria dos principais desenvolvedores e editores japoneses da época estava no bolso da Nintendo, NEC e Microsoft/ASCII, com a Sega travando uma batalha difícil desde o primeiro dia. O Mega Drive se viu seguindo as tendências dos jogos de fliperama da época – shoot-’em-ups – e a Sega também tentou atrair desenvolvedores de computadores domésticos (especialmente desenvolvedores de X68000), estabelecendo fortes vínculos com empresas como Toaplan e Telenet Japan . bem como inicialmente atraindo o interesse da Namco e da Capcom .

O catálogo de portas de fliperama da Sega manteve o sistema vivo, mas a conversa e o subsequente lançamento do Super Famicom no final de 1990 mantiveram a Sega em terceiro lugar (atrás do PC Engine) durante a maior parte da geração. O lançamento do Neo Geo AES da SNK também pode ter impactado o funcionamento do console. No entanto, a situação poderia ter sido mais sombria, já que lançamentos como os jogos Shining , Langrisser , Puyo Puyo e o Sega Mega-CD evitaram que o console fosse totalmente descartado antes do tempo.

No final de 1991, 2 milhões de consoles Mega Drive foram vendidos, com a Sega lançando uma edição especial do pacote Mega Drive para comemorar o marco. Estando em uma posição atrasada, suspeita-se que a Sega estava relutante em divulgar os números oficiais de vendas daqui para frente, levando algumas fontes a sugerir que o número de 2 milhões representa o número total de consoles.

1993 viu o lançamento do Mega Drive 2 redesenhado ao preço de ¥ 12.800, coincidindo com o lançamento do Mega-CD 2 redesenhado.

O Mega Drive vendeu 3.450.000 unidades até 20 de março de 1994.

O Mega Drive foi encerrado no Japão no final de 1995, com a Sega lançando seu último jogo original em dezembro e a Compile lançando o último jogo para a região no ano seguinte. A Sega estava muito interessada em apoiar seu console Sega Saturn , um movimento que o levou a alcançar um sucesso muito maior do que o Mega Drive nos anos que se seguiram. O total final de consoles japoneses vendidos na região não é conhecido.

Mega Drive Longplay [213] Super Thunder Blade


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ProtoCap 2018-04-25 - 10:32 am

hey I'm having a tough time getting kega to go into fullscreen without crashing, you know any fixes for this?

Мстящий боксер 2018-07-20 - 7:58 pm

kega's sound is shit . many emu has better quallity.

Gibson Fred 2018-07-31 - 4:27 pm

Get the Sega MDemu.

Ennio Plays 2019-04-22 - 3:59 am

how can i put the 16:9 resolution

Lunatic Oddity 2019-05-30 - 6:39 am

So you're just missing the dozens of filters under "render plugin"…

Bober Bib 2019-12-20 - 4:58 pm

I do not know why people want crapy pixels.the pixels are were the scanlines use to be.with out scanlines there will be a lot of nasty pixels.there were some natural pixels back then but not as much with out scanlines.

xeamus 2020-01-23 - 10:58 am

Default looks better.

RZFSZN 2020-03-15 - 5:07 pm

How do you get the games?

Elliott Jumpshoe 2020-04-07 - 5:08 am

Hi, I used to be able to record Fusion video perfectly, but now it just doesn't want to know. Whenever I try to play the video back, I get an error that says the LAV Splitter Source (internal)::video failed to find a connectable filter. I've updated the LAV splitter and I'm pretty sure I have every codec in the universe, but I get the same error every time.

Tailslol 2020-05-04 - 12:57 pm

i see you dont know a lot
tv modes are getting rid of dithering
for a true crt look.
a lot of games like sonic or aladin need it need it to show more colors and transparency
it is a bit blurry but lets not forget those was analog signal consoles.

HATER E ZUADOR DE CANAIS!!!!!! 2020-05-15 - 6:37 pm

Best Quality Graphics or Best Accuracy Graphics, yknow, if it's the second option, it looks like an RGB with PC Monitor brightness, CRT scanlines and non-blurry like on Modern TVs, not like a CRT

Rez 2021-01-22 - 3:28 pm

that snow bros ost track is just fantastic

fik1324 2021-01-26 - 2:44 pm

The most important thing here is turning "tv mode" on for composite mode and removing dithering patterns, making мшышиду more than 64 colors at once on screen.

Тимур Карнеев 2021-02-09 - 1:13 am

2 options Must be ON is:
– TV Mode (CVBS)
– Filtred

The fact is that the graphic design of Genesis was designed for low-resolution ray TVs.

Sega could not make "transparent" spites and "Gradients" between adjacent colors, these effects were achieved simply by placing pixels in a checkerboard order (or line by line (like shadows in the Comix Zone)), with an analog signal and low screen resolution they were mixed giving the necessary effects ( Transparency and Gradient). These 2 emulator options allow you to mix the pickels correctly, and get an authentic picture, as the game graphic designers intended. I played Sega as a child and I remember how it should look.

I don’t understand at all why, besides this emulator, no one uses these options (or their analogs to achieve correct pixel mixing)

Now there are a lot of crafts with built-in games and even in the official Japanese Sega mini there are no such filters, and the whole image is constantly in these chess gradients and so on.

J Martin 2021-02-22 - 8:35 am

Since discovering emulation years ago, personally, I've hated the 'scanlines' effect!

Back in the day, I carefully set-up and optimised everything I've ever owned with the best cables, and best tv/monitor I could afford…
Mega Drive, Snes, Mega CD, 3DO, Sega Saturn, PS1, Dreamcast, PS2, PS3, and my current set-up PS4 & 4K PC

Gaming back then on a CRT TV, you were not aware of scanlines…
It's only recently, looking back and comparing CRT to LCD are we at all aware, there WAS a difference.

In the video, I think the default setting 'looks' miles better… The picture is smoother, and more accurately represents what we saw on a CRT TV.

I've been gaming since the Stoneage, with the Sinclair ZX 81 being my first computer… So I DO get nostalgic!
Purely from an aesthetic viewpoint, the old games I can play today, (with a bit of tinkering) look better than they did originally!
On my PS2 emulator for example, I can increase the internal resolution, to output in 1080p or even 4K!
(There are tutorials on youtube, that explain how to do this!)

Here's an analogy that will explain my feelings: VHS vs DVD vs Blu Ray!
The Thing is one of my favourite films, I've owned on every common format available: VHS, DVD, and Blu Ray (Waiting for the 4K version)
Now, by an old-fashioned-mile, the Blu Ray look's best!

I still play many Mega Drive/ Genesis games today…
Your video is excellent, but I think scanlines are a purely personal and nostalgic choice!

Alexander Salazar 2021-05-17 - 2:20 pm

I think default looks way smoother

AAA AA 2021-08-17 - 5:05 pm

you faire chier de fou man…. Not cool

arcticridge 2021-10-26 - 2:25 pm

how to ruin the look of the game

hussein 2022-01-08 - 3:28 am

bro more options not yet on my fusion

Weazelpunk123 2022-08-06 - 11:49 pm

Thank you for this! I just recently got my emulators up and running again, and wondered if there was a way to make it look closer to the way it used to, and this definitely helped!

Coffee Magic 2022-09-09 - 2:34 am

sorry im a noob on emulator, can anyone recon a place to download ROM? thanks~

FoundAPeanut 2022-10-22 - 6:28 am

I thought this was a tutorial on how to use the emulator….

As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t work at all and there’s no way to play Sega genesis games on your PC, because every emulator I’ve ever downloaded does not work correctly no matter what I do.


E ai? o que você achou...

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