Revisão de Never Awake – Nintendo Switch

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Bastão duplo de rolagem multidirecional ambientado nos pesadelos de uma garotinha, Never Awake faz as coisas de maneira diferente e, felizmente, também as faz muito bem. Para mais notícias sobre Switch shmup, análises, etc., visite ou siga-nos no Twitter:



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Ian Martin 2023-02-08 - 6:43 pm

I've ordered this game from Play-Asia. Looking forward to playing it.

Shmup Junkie 2023-02-08 - 6:50 pm

Great review and glad you could highlight this game. I really enjoyed it from the first time I played an early build long ago of just the first few worlds. Really hope it finds an audience as it very much deserves it.

Martin Dion 2023-02-08 - 6:50 pm

It's a great game! Very unique twist!

Htechdance 2023-02-08 - 7:02 pm

Once you review Tesla v Lovecraft then I will consider this.

MadStalker80 2023-02-08 - 8:48 pm

Great Review – My order with Never Awake on PS4 and Yukinko Daisenpuu Sayuki To Koyuki No Hie-Hie Daisoudou on the Switch from Amazon Japan should arrive on Saturday 🙂 = Cant wait to try this game out myself. To me the graphic style is what sold me on the game = it looks like a nightmare in motion :).

porchka66 2023-02-08 - 9:31 pm

I´m glad i grabbed the collectors edition with a beautiful artbook and soundtrack-cd.
Playing it since a week and i am close to have unlocked everything. I tried a few stages
for score, managed to get to loop 10 or so, it gets really insane in later loops!
I wish we get Vritra complete edition (from the same developer) on consoles at some point…

DASH 2023-02-09 - 10:14 am

I kept getting more excited as you kept listing the ways this NORMALLY wouldn’t be your type of thing, waiting for the other shoe to drop. So glad this was fun for you! Looking forward to trying it.

Krystian Majewski 2023-02-11 - 4:49 pm

Picked it up on your recommendation. I'm having a blast. Thanks!

Sora The Orange Juice Mascot 2023-02-11 - 8:16 pm

Have you played Knight Witch?

TheN1 2023-04-03 - 1:12 pm

Got this after seeing your review Not usually my type of game either.Found it a bit long winded at first because of its length vs arcade games and the story didn't really pull me in, but it hit the sweet spot with the himitsu challenges and I'm now hooked; gonna try the speed runs soon and beat my own bests on the stages, then maybe try a run of the game with minimal equipment. There's loads of possibilities and I'm glad I got it Cheers for the great review.

Lyle 84' 2023-06-15 - 10:02 pm

Couch coop?


E ai? o que você achou...

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