Sega Mega Drive or Super Nintendo? My 16-Bit Story.

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

It was not recent.



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tyson505 2023-04-26 - 12:41 am

can't wait to see more retro stuff james :>

Filipe Martins 2023-04-26 - 9:29 am

I start to realize how lucky I was to have a French SECAM mega drive and having a scart featured TV as a kid. 30 years later I still have the same tv and mega drive (and I also bought a SNES recently 😊)

Restore Technique 2023-04-26 - 1:27 pm

DankPods but instead of MP3 players and a pet snake, it's retro gaming a cat.
Edit: oh damn you're actually mates with him and have a channel together. 🤦‍♂️ Makes sense now

GADBabaganoosh 2023-04-27 - 2:26 am

… hiring games?

ECitta 2023-04-27 - 2:50 am

holy crap, that green video ezy sticker on the Home Alone box brings back memories of riding my bike to my local one.

Joseph Ferreyra 2023-04-27 - 6:59 am


WeAreMen 2023-04-27 - 12:51 pm

"Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, I was dead broke man, I couldn't picture this."

Val Rinski 2023-04-28 - 6:07 am

Just found your channel. Love the videos, love your energy, and adore the cat cameos!
If I may, a little critique… Please, trim your nails 🙏🏻.

Aeris Gainsborough 2023-04-28 - 6:45 am

no lufia 2????

Wesley 2023-04-28 - 5:48 pm

Epic jimbo

Zwenk Wiel 2023-04-28 - 6:01 pm

Super Nintendo! come fight me after school sega fanboys!

Pink Guy 2023-04-30 - 5:57 am

It’s a game man

Nauei 2023-05-01 - 7:23 am


Smokinjoe 2023-05-02 - 7:17 am

I could just never get over the colour palette of the Mega Drive. The SNES just looked better.

nevabord 2023-05-06 - 6:08 pm

Had some money put in my account back in the day, I bought a Mega Drive straight away The Revenge of Shinobi was my favourite game and the intro screen sounded awesome 🏅

not psicoh 2023-05-08 - 12:26 am

HELL YEAH love me some aerosmith themed rail shooters

Aiden Mackey 2023-05-11 - 12:25 am

I envy the collection. It is beautiful.

Dario Mccollin 2023-05-12 - 1:59 pm

Man I cant wait to see what's next

J K 2023-05-14 - 2:50 am

FAK MATE, I know you got a day jerb, but PLZ post moar vids. Thx, mate

CheeseCat 2023-05-14 - 4:26 am

nice story, also your cats are cute

Seany06 2023-05-16 - 1:36 pm

Growing up in the mid 90s in Scotland I think only one of my friends had a Nintendo (snes or nes), everyone had Sega and sonic, streets of rage were always the main plays. Good times

Mai Kim Dang 2023-05-18 - 9:29 am

I grew up in Australia here in Sydney for me out of the two the Mega Drive was my first and then the SNES was my second I love both but my favourite is the Mega Drive only cause I grew up starting from Sega arcade games and then onto the Master System.
Great video mate 👍

LuHeartSwarm 2023-05-18 - 10:25 pm

when I was a little kid I had a master system and a snes, they where hand me downs from my father funny enough, I was obsessed with the weirdo master system sonic "port" and super mario world 1 and 2, I was very young and it was my first videogame experience, but I was fortunate enough to be able to play on a older ps1 at the time, and that became like my biggest obsession, to this day it's like the fondest gaming memories I have..

Fox Lee 2023-05-18 - 11:42 pm

God it's so refreshing to hear "seega mega drive", and even "mega CD". I swear I've spent so much time listening to Americans, I was starting to think I just hallucinated that name.

I sure do remember those 90s TVs too… we had ours so long I had to buy an RF unit for my N64. Didn't realise we needed one the day I bought it of course, so I have vivid memories of that first night trying to play Ocarina of Time though just… impossible amounts of static.

Mark Hannelly 2023-05-19 - 8:58 am

Who else here from Stupid Novelty Telephones on Dankpods? Hai James!

antzpantz 2023-05-19 - 10:22 am

Hire games… ahh those were the days. I, too, have my own copies of my beloved games that I hired… T2 Arcade Game, Super R-Type, Super Smash TV…

Chris 2023-05-22 - 11:46 am

Echo the dolphin!!! Omg I remember that!!!

OWS of Kansas 2023-05-31 - 12:59 am

Those cats are so stinking cute!

bighunterman77 2023-06-02 - 7:56 am

i didn't figure ole mate James to be into vidya gaems. neat.

Milton Gilbert 2023-06-02 - 1:18 pm

Promo SM


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