Sold My Games Collection to Buy These Sega Mega Drive Games

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

I’ve nearly sold my entire Getaway collection. This collection had some of the rarest gaming pieces for the franchise like the script, …



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R 2022-10-03 - 5:29 pm

Chiki Chiki Boys truly is a great game.

Youurmuum's House 2022-10-03 - 5:50 pm

Mike do u have wings of war? Its a shump I had but I think I had the genesis version I think it may have been called something else here

Jonathan Watkins 2022-10-03 - 6:23 pm

Hi mike, another great collectors video and great to see you have joined the under 100 club, great to see some love for power drive. I too got chiki chiki boys this month from
A private game shop during a visit too derby (I miss those shops here in London) but haven’t played yet. Catch up soon and keep up the good work with your channel, not sure if I’m
Going London game market in November as like you say prob got to save some pennies, cheers Jonathan 👍👍

89MATTEL. 2022-10-03 - 6:42 pm

Very nice brother thanks for sharing. 😁👍

Farley Smoke 2022-10-03 - 6:57 pm

Wicked. Always good to see how your collection is coming on. I think the Warlock game is based on the movie isn’t it? A few titles there I haven’t played so that’s my weekend sorted. Thanks 😊

Yousef Slimani 2022-10-03 - 8:19 pm

If you have some spare time, try to make a video about "Genesis/Mega Drive" Accessories, I would love to hear them on your channel!!

Yousef Slimani 2022-10-03 - 8:30 pm

You know what I was wrong I thought "Mega Drive" didn't sold well in UK just like what happened in Japan!!

Retro Combo 2022-10-03 - 9:36 pm

I enjoyed RoboCop vs Terminator but I just can't get past robocain. Such bullshit lol

Dad & Lads Gaming 2022-10-03 - 9:43 pm

Slowly getting there Mike.

I did see you at Blackpool on Saturday but I didn’t get the chance to say hello unfortunately.

Tonicacent 2022-10-03 - 9:48 pm

Hrm Hrm Hrm is all I have to say about game collecting…Boom!

Tonicacent 2022-10-03 - 9:55 pm

Bad games bringing so much joy… Humans are weird…So what? Embrace it.

Charlie Cat 2022-10-03 - 10:21 pm

Glad blame you for doing so Mike. Just look at these gems to add to your collection. Excellent. 8^)


Linkofearth 2022-10-03 - 11:47 pm

That’s a great intro!

Vintage Bluenote 2022-10-03 - 11:56 pm

Mega Drive has the sharpest picture! Second is Saturn.

Snes and ps1 are much more blurry.

Also pc engine is not sharp as mega drive.

The king of blurry is n64, second ps2 ect.

And I had only snes and ps1 when I was a kid. Now a few hears I got mega drive and it is now my favorite console for the sharpest picture and the dark sound!!

Dirk1Steele 2022-10-04 - 3:46 am

As an FYI, Phantasy Star II also came with a poster showing the overworld maps of each planet. Love the guide but pain as it does not fit inside the box. And you are correct, same book as the Genesis version. Great pick ups this month.

8BitBoyUK 2022-10-04 - 3:53 am

Nice one Mike some great games in there and in particular loved the look of Warlock. You could have been showing me a Switch game there, it looks great. Good luck with the other ones pal 👍

Pixel_ Infusion82 2022-10-04 - 4:16 am

I always wanted an amiga 500 with Captain Planet. The colours in that are like an acid trip 😆 toejam & earl along with decap attack was my entry into megadrive.

SMC 2022-10-04 - 8:30 am

Yep some good picks, Skeleton Crew is a big thumbs up mate good work🍻

Javier Espinazo Pagán 2022-10-04 - 5:12 pm

I am usually not much into this series but I think on this one you've improved either the writing or the editing or both it feels snappier than usual and a joy to watch. Thank you!

Old School Cesspool 2022-10-05 - 2:59 pm

Watch the Warlock movie if you don’t know it, it is amazing for the time and you’ll enjoy the game all the more

billybob884 2022-10-05 - 9:53 pm

Pete Sampras Tennis was the only US J-cart

A Shaw 2022-10-06 - 10:04 am

Surprised you were so positive about Warlock. I've heard nothing but bad things about that game. Shame, because it looks gorgeous. I remember seeing the movie it's based on at the cinema. It was a bit of a direct to video job that somehow got a cinema release but was enjoyable enough. Mainly because Richard E Grant was in it. He's been a favourite actor of mine since Withnail & I. Someone should make a gameplay improvement hack of it. I'd definitely play it then.

Codenamezz999 2022-10-06 - 4:38 pm

Does Warlock is that great? Is it based on the 90's movie?

Michael Clelland 2022-10-09 - 6:39 pm


Martin Whitehouse 2022-10-10 - 10:16 am

some awesome pickups there, the animation on Spirou is utterly fantastic.

Paladin 2022-10-12 - 9:12 pm

You can always get another box and put the cover insert in.

IsThisReality 2022-10-13 - 8:08 am

I’ve never heard someone say Phantasy Star 3 is better than 2. That is blasphemy. 3 is the worse Phantasy Star game made for the series. It was a major downgrade after playing PS2.

James 2022-10-15 - 8:44 am

What's your opinion on the mk1 "high definition graphics" sound quality vs the later mk1's?

Do You Nerd? 2022-10-21 - 12:01 pm

You and Sega Head will always be MY Chiki Chiki Boys.
I've actually had a bit of fun with Warlock–I liked the movies so was very intrigued with the game, but I've not sunk too much time into it, sadly.
Also, gotta say, the SNES Robocop vs Terminator is a much better box…for once.

GodSpeed ⚡️ 2023-01-27 - 6:05 pm

Wish there was another getaway game ⚡️👌🏽


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