The Secret Legendary of Pokemon Opalo (Pokemon OPALO)

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Pokemon Opalo ENGLISH is a brand NEW 2022 Completed Pokemon Fan Game in ENGLISH that was completed months ago! With a brand new region to explore full of original starters, pokemon, and regional forms, what new mysteries will we find in this AMAZING New Game?

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GhxstPapii 2022-10-26 - 6:40 pm

also nick does the rare candy hack work with this and Shattered Light?

Dragon Lord Dracodenblaze 2022-10-26 - 6:40 pm

Hooray this one of my new favorite series so far

Eli Black Gaming 2022-10-26 - 7:06 pm

It's the monkey for me at the beginning of the start of the video

Darrel Richard 2022-10-26 - 8:10 pm

Sweet video great pokemon story great playthrough man

Finn Jackson 2022-10-26 - 9:57 pm

I’ve beaten the game and I haven’t seen the temporal flute once? Is debug mode easy to use?

Noble One 2022-10-26 - 11:06 pm


Lola Bunny 2022-10-27 - 3:04 am

You may suffer from sleep deprivation or insomnia, I suffer from insomnia, I have ever since I was little. I would suggest the Celeste Sleepytime Tea like someone suggested on here or try Nyquil Pure Z's sleep suppliment Gummies. I myself take some pretty strong muscle relaxers to help me sleep since I also suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and shot nerves sometimes. If you're sleep schedule is that bad you may have to have an honest conversation with a doctor about it if over-the-counter medications don't work.

Matthew Hiatt 2022-10-27 - 3:04 am

This game is so good, thanks for featuring it.

Lee Noah 2022-10-27 - 6:47 am

Nick, I sincerely apologise for laughing at your pshycology psychiatry thing, but damn it really do be getting tough out here for you lol go get some rest chief, you for sure earned that shit.

Mayo Naise 2022-10-27 - 4:50 pm


Franek Dolas 2022-10-27 - 6:15 pm

@SacredAlmighty 33:01 you mean Darth Nihilus?

PokemonX 2022-10-28 - 12:07 am

how to get the temporal flute?

Russell 2022-10-28 - 6:04 am

how to get temporal flute

Bkuuzin 2022-10-28 - 1:09 pm


Zachary James 2022-10-28 - 8:21 pm

Don't be embarrassed, you got to do what's best for you bro. Enjoying watching the whole series thus far.

ConWool 2022-10-29 - 6:27 pm

Does anyone know the code for the submerged ruins case?

Nathaniel Butler 2022-11-10 - 2:39 am

how do you get the debug for this game?

Yonatan Evron 2022-11-22 - 7:58 am

Where can you get the trapinch?

R 2023-01-27 - 4:28 am

Can I catch astrem?

Charlie 2023-03-19 - 4:19 am

nah this is not it, why you cheating bro


E ai? o que você achou...

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