Todos os Enclaves são realmente maus?

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

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Frank Horrigan 2023-05-04 - 7:29 pm

No one is bad and no one is good. We all just have different views and opinions

StormCrown 2023-05-05 - 3:35 am

wow these guys didn't immediately murder the intellectually challenged, what heroes!

YapYap9.3 2023-05-10 - 1:46 am

Arch Dornan is so sweet

Alyssa Rasmussen 2023-05-17 - 3:58 pm

would the enclave kill us or not since we're not from the wasteland or have radiation in us? (talking about us not the fallout protagonists) or would they still kill us because we're not apart of the enclave?

International Failure 2023-05-18 - 4:03 pm

You can make an arguement that the Enclave arent morally evil if you dance around what the organizations goals are.

Aaron 2023-05-18 - 10:47 pm

I really want a enclave(US gov) option in a fallout game.

WubWay 2023-05-21 - 3:37 pm

Common generic BOS fanboy VS giggachad Enclave warcrime enjoyer.

meme machine 2023-05-23 - 7:07 pm

Fallout 3 has random enclave encounters and they shoot on sight

chang wang 2023-05-25 - 12:19 am

Autumns enclave is best enclave.

LILROLLS 2023-05-26 - 10:53 pm

Dornan isn’t that good with being nice so yelling is the nicest way to say something to someone

Wow Ok 2023-05-28 - 10:57 pm

Todd Howard needs to stop having a hate boner for complex fallout lore, especially when it comes to giving realism or any acts of good story telling for the enclave, rather than them just being "Enclave = Evil" and "Bos= Good but technofile ideology"

The Shadows 2023-05-31 - 3:11 am

Quite frankly the enclave is my favorite faction. They are the remenants of the US govermant afterall.

porplexi 2023-06-01 - 4:12 pm

"B-but they're radical fascists!!" -🤓

Corrupted Member 2023-06-06 - 6:14 pm

There is many problems we not consider, but the enclave has:

We life in a nearly perfect world with alot of luxury and safety and if we got into trouble, its most times our stupidity or fail.

Thats why we easy to jugde about troublesome countries or people in difficult and dangerous jobs (US Police for Example), even we wouldnt handle the situation ourselfe not better.

The Enclave was from the beginning in a heavy-duty war status and comes back to the wasteland and must see something unbelievable:

– Anarchy and no infrastructure
– Murder and Rape is daily business
– eduaction in any form not exists
– Those who has power are corrupt
or in fact totally crazy (like the BOS)
– Mutated Monsters like from a horror
movie real exists
– Anybody you encounter try to
betray you or attack you
– Yourselfe are mostly isolated on an
Oil Rig and cannot have big contact
since you must remain in secret
operation, since any other faction
want to kill you (In Fallout 2 BOS
and NCR had not real big reasons
to hate the Enclave, they feared it
as concurrent)

How in earth the Enclave should think and react in such a situation?

Of course lost of hope, sole salution is to eradicate this seemingly pure evil world full of bonehard enemys.

In Fallout 3 it is even more likely, they killed most of their friends, family, leaders and blasted their home into nirvana, of course there is hate.

And even if not:

Even if John Henry Eden had been Mother Theresa and offered a cooperation with the Brotherhood, the BOS had never trusted them and not agreed:
Enclave had stayed the Enemy, so kill them.

The bad situation for the Enclave was always lack of good experience with the people, lack of knowledge of wasteland wildlife and mutations (so they feared it even more) and anyone at the opposite side feared theire power.

The conflict was inevitable.

In the End the Enclave was never fascist, rather an isolated group of people, which encountered a nightmare status of those USA they once dreamed of.

John Ballentine 2023-06-09 - 2:43 am

I love the confidence and pride when sergeant dornan says welcome to camp navarro😊😊😊

Niccolò Miglio 2023-06-12 - 8:31 am

Instead of cherry-picking the good apples, let's all admit that sometimes is just funny to be the villain

Nicola Bosoni 2023-06-12 - 10:44 am

spero in un futuro Fallout con l'enclave protagonista

RoninFive 2023-06-14 - 12:06 pm

The Enclave are evil from every other faction's perspective, obviously they don't think themselves to be evil, and good and evil are not objective.

As for what they do, the Enclave's plans… mostly make sense. They want to preserve pure non-irradiated humans to rebuild America. They want to eliminate mutated humans (which includes 99% of wastelanders because of the FEV virus, this was the plot of Fallout 1 and 3) to make room for the pre-war-standard humans to rebuild. And that's probably fine. People in the wasteland don't exactly live well. The vices they pick up (chem use, violence etc) are all because of the circumstances they're forced to live in. Wouldn't you want to numb yourself to the world if you had to live under constant fear that an irradiated giant cockroach could crawl up into the place you live and kill you in your sleep? Or any other number of wasteland dangers that doesn't even have to do with humans: mole rats, yao guai, deathclaws, radscorpions, irradiated dogs, whatever those alien creatures were in fallout 2 (in that one mine), alien invaders (referenced in every game and shown in full force in fo3)

When you account for all that, and add on top of it all the humans that resort to banditry, slavery, etc. – it's basically mercy killing. Not to mention traveling the wastes carries a constant risk of mutation by default unless you have protective equipment (mutated toes, very common and delicious snack). Sure, some people are well off, but they're one bad day away from utter chaos. If you spend too much time before doing the main quest, Necropolis is annihilated. In fallout 2, every location has some problem that would eventually lead them to die unless the player intervenes. Mole rats in klamath that no one wants to do anything about, Jet overdose in Redding that everyone's content with risking, Vault City can entirely be defeated by 5 people (player and co) who can be let inside by purchasing a fake permit. None of those are caused by the Enclave, and they're just a few off the top of my head.

The Enclave actually does have both the manpower, technology and wide spread influence to reclaim America and start rebuilding it. They have stuff all over. They were only annihilated because their three main bases, Navarro (and the offshore ship), Raven Rock and the aircraft carrier are literally blown up entirely, giving them no chance to defend themselves – but they are one of the most successful factions in the wasteland. And if their plan had functioned in FO3, they'd have basically been successful and set up Washington as their capital, moving all their resources there and starting the rebuilding process, no one would even hear about them for maybe a hundred years, just everyone would learn that the Capital Wasteland is a no-go zone since they'd either be shot on sight (presumably if they look rabid enough) or turned away. At the same time, the hundred years would allow the killer FEV to do its job and kill most mutated wildlife (and non-pure humans), and it would reinforce them with new numbers and allow them to completely restore some of the leftover tech.

Yes, a lot of good people would die, but are those good people worth sacrificing the future of the entire human race for? Because humanity has no chance of recovering now. The best they could do was GECK-built cities, and they're not meant to last forever – there's only so much space. Every other settlement is either a pre-war ruin or a tribal camp, and they all focus on survival – there is no time for rebuilding anything. The Enclave has survival covered – several times over. They have power armor suits that are even more advanced than what was available before the war. They've got the time and manpower to recreate society and allow humanity to flourish.

At least, that's how the Enclave soldiers would see the Enclave. Players don't really get to explore that idea in any of the games. Closest you can get is doing their dirty work in FO3, but even then as I recall, you still end up having to kill a whole lot of Enclave – the ones in Raven Rock are told to ignore the president, and the ones in the Rotunda arent even in earshot of the president.

RoninFive 2023-06-14 - 12:48 pm

It would be neat if we got games where we played from every faction's perspective. We have all these great factions set up, but we only ever see them once or twice.

The NCR? Barely a thing in FO2, explored only as an expansionist army in FONV – we don't actually get to be within NCR territory, see how they live, by what rules they function. We don't have a player whose origin is "I was born in the NCR and I'm a patriot".
The Enclave suffers the same. We don't get to play a character that has the Enclave as a background and as the supported faction.
The Legion could be really neat – people who have been to Legion territory say it's really damn secure. What does it actually look like when they're not out to conquer a territory?
We don't get to experience the wasteland as a bandit or riader, either, only as a morally ambiguous anti-hero sociopath at best.
We don't get to experience the wasteland as a tribal – barely in FO2, but the fact that you're a tribal is barely ever addressed.
And, lastly, while FONV gives us some taste of being a wastelander, the Courier has no clear backstory or background. We know they've been to New Reno, we know they delivered a bomb to the Divide, and we know they took the job for the Platinum Chip.. not much else. We don't get to experience what it's like to be a wasteland settler with no government.

Each of these could make a great game on its own. It doesn't have to follow the same formula – we don't have to always be wasteland explorer vault dwellers or pseudo-vault dwellers (i.e. fo2 and fonv). We could be a soldier uncovering corruption within the NCR and leading an investigation into it, uncovering more and more as they go and having to choose how to deal with it knowing the impact it could have on the people who live there. We could be an Enclave engineer on the oil rig, having to somehow survive the chosen one's rampage (happening offscreen) and escape the explosion and then have to sruvive and hopefully gather up any remnants to come up with a plan of what to do next. We could be a legion slave earning their freedom by fighting as a gladiator, and then having to deal with whatever prejudice there would likely be for being a former slave, maybe even uncovering disloyal members of the legion (like that one guy we interrogate n fonv, who isn't really 100% for the legion, more 100% for himself). Or be a raider, who has to raid to live because every attempt at civilized life failed one way or another. Or just a random wastelander having to deal with the repercussions of literally any of the protagonists.

Does any of those sound like something you wouldn't want to play?

Falkrim 2023-06-16 - 10:02 am

In my first FO3 playthrough I put the modified FEV into the purifier.

J W 2023-06-17 - 6:43 pm

Can't be evil when the like 90% of the 'good guys' ever in the history of the world usually destroys millions of dollars-worth of stuff to stop a guy or people who will do it again later. With the Enclave it's a one and done deal, just bring a mop.

euglenii 2023-06-23 - 3:19 am

Wait a minute, enclave are fascist? Why fight them then? Everyone knows that to create a strong state you need to get through some kind of dictatorship first. That's what every strong modern state we got today been through, at one point in time.

boneless vegetal 2023-06-28 - 6:58 am

they are feds thats why


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