UM NOVO JOGO DE TERROR TAIWANÊS.. | A Maldição da Ponte Estrada para a Salvação

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Os jogos de terror de Taiwan são diferentes, bem-vindo ao The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation Part 1. Medo, ansiedade e riso são os símbolos da juventude. Experimente a verdadeira assombração paranormal com seus amigos da perspectiva da primeira pessoa e permaneça vivo. The Bridge Curse Toad to Salvation Playlist completa: Inscreva-se: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Gfuel: Use o código HOLLOW em Astro Headsets: Use o código HOLLOW na Logitech: Clique no link para obter desconto Kontrol Freek: Use o código HOLLOW em ▶FAN MAIL Endereço: 6800 SW 40th St Número 282 Miami FL 33155



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Hollow 2022-08-27 - 2:04 pm

If you guy think we should make a full series to finish this story up, leave this video a like.
Thanks for watching fam<3

internetsapphic 2022-09-04 - 11:25 am

59:45 amoongoose?

Lepardi 2022-09-04 - 3:28 pm

Have you lost weight lately? O.o might just be my eyes, but looking good man

Syed nazrie 2022-09-06 - 9:52 am

hollow are you okay your voice seems a bit raspy

yoss444 2022-09-06 - 5:07 pm

Nice man .. ty

Xinyu Xue 2022-09-06 - 6:56 pm


Rosie Posie 2022-09-07 - 6:09 am

The machine in the social room is freindly. Hope you did went to buy something from it with your each character lol. I knew you had already finished it but just saying it. Love your reaction when you play this game. And I am glad you made it to the

Shi Merrill 2022-09-08 - 6:26 pm

i love that other countries are making horror games now

Conky 2022-09-10 - 5:32 am

This isn’t that scary lol

Snaptek 2022-09-10 - 11:35 am

Can somebody tell me the name of the horror game whose plot goes something like this:-

" A wife kills his cheating husband and cooks a dinner with her husband's cut body parts in it. Then we are the child of this mother and we have to go on different floors of the building to offer this food."

SATX rattlesnake 2022-09-11 - 12:27 pm

I will be playing this game for the next few days while healing from my circumcision

Suvin S 2022-09-11 - 5:47 pm

Bruv, I started watching your videos a few weeks ago, and my oh my I’ve gotten hooked! You do a really good job brother! 🙏🏽namaste for that 🙏🏽the best video according to me would be that one game where you have to light up all the rooms and escape the apartment! That was BEAUTIFUL

Dpoison Gaming 2022-09-19 - 9:46 am

i laugh 47:12 its funny when i see you scared ahhaha

DGKM 2022-09-20 - 6:15 am

I was not expecting the wrist cutting. oh my stomach

TTE RockStarr 2022-09-20 - 11:46 am

Can u please tell me where u find all these games

La Vessel 2022-09-25 - 4:48 am

the voice actors were definitely recorded in an untreated room

syren 2022-09-25 - 5:47 pm

6:37 what did she sayyyyy???

Leonardo 2022-09-27 - 4:01 pm

You mean Chinese? Taiwan is not a recognized nation-state. Taiwan is a rogue island, a province of China.

Parkmo 2022-09-29 - 11:41 pm

I saw the movie when i lived in Taiwan and it was actually pretty dang good but this is next level! Taiwan is amazing btw!

addsumsalt 2022-09-30 - 2:55 am

wow this game changed a lot

Prettyboimont33 2022-10-02 - 11:49 pm

I can your hitting the gym more 💪🏼 you look happier n healthier

Brittany Gidley 2022-10-03 - 5:07 pm

there's a movie on netflix about this, it's good.

Keys Runner 2022-10-03 - 11:38 pm

I’m noticing he starts every video with “I really didn’t want to play this game”. I’m guessing his attempt to build suspense.

OfficialJohnJa Gaming 2022-10-04 - 4:38 am

I watched the movie and when i saw the title i had to think it reminded me of the movie.

Bella Lama 2022-10-06 - 5:14 pm

Celebrating the month of Samhain with your horror game videos everyday!! Bring on the horror!!! 🎃 👻 👽 😱

owo 2022-10-08 - 5:28 am

this game is from a movie

XSkylia 2022-10-12 - 2:41 am

I play this today and it was pretty great experience athough after playing twice of the demo in one day during broad daylight.
I started to hear thing knocking sound behind my wall and a hand behind my parents room….

idk guys becareful

Tess1061 2022-10-27 - 5:43 am

So, I knew the number 4 was bad luck in Mandarin as it resembles the word for death. I wondered what the significance of this story's legend was with the 13 stairs becoming 14. And I assumed it had to tie into the whole superstition regarding the number 4.

And sure enough. FROM WIKI: 14 and 74 are considered more unlucky than the individual 4, because 14 (十四, pinyin: shí sì) sounds like "is dead" (是死, pinyin: shì sǐ) and because in some forms of the language, 1 is pronounced (yao) which sounds like (yào 要), which means will be, when combined, it sounds like will be dead. 74 (七十四, pinyin: qī shí sì) sounds like "is already dead" (其实死, pinyin: qī shí sǐ) or "will die in anger" (气死, pinyin: qì sǐ).

Very interesting.

Josh Davion 2022-11-02 - 8:31 am

1Kth Commented 💙

Rositchi 2022-11-08 - 8:33 pm

The movie is definitely worth the watch. I clicked on this video because of the movie.

Thanuj Kumar 2023-01-04 - 10:23 am

They are saying the N- word literally 100 times 💀

Buwan Araw 2023-01-08 - 10:45 am

I've watched the movie, it's pretty awesome 🙂

MistyDelusions 2023-01-15 - 10:49 am

I really enjoyed watching you play this game! I hope you can finish this game, Hallow 😀

TriggeredSociety 2023-01-22 - 5:46 am

Omg that guy doing the praying at the beginning with the hat on backwards is so beautiful 😍

ImUrNoona 1111 2023-01-30 - 10:32 am

I've seen and watch the movie. It wasnt as interesting at all. Maybe they didn't do well in the production. The acting is boring as well. But Taiwanese loved it.

Simmix6 2023-04-10 - 5:53 pm

At 22:31 she was finna get down 😂

Lyriqs Arqade 2023-05-12 - 6:10 pm

Hollow we realize by now you don't like horror games but the whole, " this game has to do extremely well for me to play it" is bogus! Like, if you don't want to play horror, don't! I come here to have a good time not to be made to like a video, or share it or whatever it is you want! You are amazing and watching you play horror games is hilarious but if that's not what you want to do then just stop. What you said about this vid , to me, was not cool.

Summer Cherilyn 2023-06-01 - 4:28 pm

I watched the horror movie before watching you play the game and I gotta say both are amazing and so scary lol.

Southeast Missouri Hypnosis Foundation 2023-07-10 - 10:56 pm

"Om Mani Padme Hum" is some of the basic mantra chants for Budo. Makes sense.


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