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Unlimited Tokens NFS Payback (PS4)-wisegamer

Read and watch carefully, its not completely unlimited but you can safe lots of tokens with that.


How do you get tokens in NFS payback?

A Part Token is a consumable item in Need for Speed: Payback that can be used in the Trade-In section of Tune-Up-Shops to roll for specific performance parts, at the cost of three Part Tokens per roll.

Players can earn a Part Token by trading in an owned performance part Speed Card from a garage, by opening Shipments, or by joining a Speedlist once every 30 minutes.

Are there cheats for NFS payback ps4?

Players can enter the code “extinguisher” on the main menu to activate the Infinite Nitrous cheat. In addition to these cheat codes for Need for Speed Payback includes several “debug” cheats that allow players to manipulate various aspects of the game.

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