When did Tokyo Xanadu come out?

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Tokyo Xanadu Release Date

Tokyo Xanadu, an action role-playing video game developed by Nihon Falcom, was initially released in Japan on September 30, 2015. The game was later localized and released in North America on June 30, 2017, and in Europe on June 30, 2017, for the PlayStation Vita platform.

It was also released for Microsoft Windows on December 8, 2017, with additional features and improvements for the PC version. Players worldwide were able to experience the thrilling adventures in the modern fantasy setting of Tokyo Xanadu on these dates.

Tokyo Xanadu is a 2015 action role-playing game developed by Nihon Falcom. The game was developed out of Nihon Falcom’s desire to create a game of a different type and setting than their other role-playing game franchises, The Legend of Heroes and Ys. The game was first released in Japan for the PlayStation Vita in September 2015, and worldwide in June 2017.

An enhanced version of the game, Tokyo Xanadu eX+, was released in Japan for the PlayStation 4 in September 2016, and worldwide in December 2017, in addition to a Windows version. A port for the Nintendo Switch was released in Japan in June 2023.


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twitchykun 2019-11-01 - 9:32 am

Give Shiori a soul device chainsaw you cowards!

Edit: Now that the game is getting a switch rerelease, I STILL WANT HER TO GET THAT CHAINSAW

0_XReactor 2019-12-26 - 7:41 am

I love this game! Between Nihon Falcom
and Atlus. I would have to chose Falcom because they appeal to a bigger audience when releasing their games on multi-platform while Atlus sticks to releasing their games only on one platform. I'm still waiting on SMT V and P5R but I just think Atlus could reach a bigger audience if they released their games on other platforms. With what happened with Catherine releasing Full Body and then Classic on PC, I think Persona 5 will follow suit and release a Persona 5 Classic on PC.

Sweis Plays 2020-01-05 - 9:43 pm

Such an underrated game . Loved it

Strawberry Scented Burnout 2020-02-17 - 11:22 am

This is probably one of the most slept-on JRPG's.

One-Take 2020-03-27 - 9:58 am

Is it just me or is this opening incredibly anime, like it feels like it's got moments from every anime opening ever lol

Luke 2020-06-03 - 8:15 pm

Rion is the best ❤️

IkeSan 2020-06-14 - 1:54 pm

Nihon Falcom deserves more love.

Arturo 2020-06-18 - 4:15 am

i tried but that combat is just not my thing, unpleasant as hell

Guifire97 2020-07-23 - 11:02 am

Legend of Heroes (my favorite game)
Tokyo Xanadu

God Falcom are crazy good

awakenedCrowl 2020-08-20 - 12:45 pm

Such a good game! Generic in many, many points, but by being more generic and not taking many risks with gameplay elements that might not work, it became a full package that can be called "non-generic" just because there are such little games that just work so well from start to finish!

David Timmer 2020-09-03 - 2:56 pm

My wanted dubbing choices if this game had a dub.
Kou: Kyle McCarley
Shiori: Xanthe Huynh
Asuka: Cherami Leigh
Ryouta: Max Mittelman
Jun: Zach Aguilar
Chiaki: Erin Fitzgerald
Sora: Cassandra Lee Morris
Yuuki: Bryce Papenbrook
Aoi: Kira Buckland
Towa: Megan Taylor Harvey
Shio: Austin Lee Matthews
Sosuke: Kirk Thornton
Seijyuuro: Richard Epcar
Gorou: Ian Sinclair
Rion: Kayli Mills
Mitsuki: Erika Harlacher
Mikiyura: Todd Haberkorn
Yukino: Allegra Clark, or Carrie Keranen
As for the other SPiKA members, Cristina Vee, Christine Cabanos, Brianna Knickerbocker, and Eden Riegel.

Diego 2020-09-03 - 4:15 pm

Please part 2 😙😊😃😎👍 this game was great! One of the best I played. So desperately waiting for pt. 2!

Tyar Riswandika 2020-09-23 - 2:48 pm

1:05 Kou Tokisaka's Cool Scene

Drunk Cocogoat 2020-09-26 - 12:08 pm

1:15 Mitsuki's animation there looks as smooth as butter

Fiery Tiger Gaming 2020-10-19 - 5:18 am

0:36 It seems that you must be careless, if you have the name "Towa"

Ashwin Nandikesh.S 2020-11-27 - 12:21 am

somehow this op reminds me of cs3

Pandog Studios 2021-01-15 - 4:14 pm

Watching this opening I jokingly called the short brown haired girl Towa. Imagine my surprise when I actually got to the game. What an Easter egg.

Reaper of Things 2021-02-14 - 1:50 am

The one thing I don’t like about this opening, is that it doesn’t change. You’re still seeing the Witch of the Mist as the ultimate bad guy even when you’re fighting the Angel of Despair, a Grim Greed far above her in power. It’s still incredibly good, I just wish they’d have edited the animation as it went from chapter to chapter.

Gulyás Dávid 2021-02-15 - 1:32 am

awesome op, awesome jrpg… Nihon Falcom a genious

Zero Hayabusa 2021-02-26 - 5:29 pm

Man what I would give for a Bleach, Yu Yu Hakasho, or Jujutsu Kaisen RPG in the style of this game.

Hoopryfien 2021-07-05 - 4:57 am

I wonder if "Another Xanadu" would be just another game in the Xanadu series that isn't connected to Tokyo Xanadu or if it would be a sequel to Tokyo Xanadu

Tjad Takodachi 2021-07-28 - 5:36 am

its a good game , and then i found out Tokyo Xanadu has a game make from same compnay Falcom call Xanadu

its a very old game DnD style

Jason starr 2021-08-08 - 12:19 pm

Played this game years ago and loved it.
Finished it today and only now found out there's an additional chapter past the true ending.
God I love games like this

Dragon902 2021-08-25 - 2:59 am

I have very lucky for get this game i,n ah 90 %

k1ki the r4t 2021-09-18 - 12:13 am

1:53 wut did they say

k1ki the r4t 2021-09-18 - 12:13 am

Oof wrong

Leonel Romero 2021-09-23 - 7:34 pm

23/9/21 sigo necesitando una secuela del juego…

Omega Overlay 2021-10-06 - 1:25 am

I see SPiKA are singing to Seize the Day aren't they?

Equilibrium39 2021-12-01 - 3:18 pm

I’m probably never going to play this game but man, the op is a banger.

UltraLight 2022-02-09 - 8:13 pm

So love this show I wish it was an anime show but underrated

Ryuuichi Tempest 2022-02-20 - 2:24 pm

I honestly want a Tokyo Xanadu anime…
Somehow I have a feeling that an anime adaptation would work here.

David Timmer 2022-03-27 - 8:54 am

I also think Child Kou could be played by either Erica Mendez, or Cristina Vee.

DeadTurret 2022-04-30 - 4:11 am

I fucking love this game

Michael Barrett 2022-06-11 - 2:56 pm

I like when a game has a world where supernatural things happen. I just hope when my game is coming that the mysterious Situation is caused by a supernatural entity and not like in persona 5 just a Person who is mentally ill.

keiv 2022-09-14 - 9:25 am

Unironically the most decent-looking 2d animation in the entirity of Falcom games

Professional garbage 2023-01-12 - 9:41 am

Trash game

Patrick Callahan 2023-04-10 - 12:02 am

While not my absolute favorite JRPG, it's the most underrated I've played.

zero5559 2023-04-13 - 9:27 am

came back to rewatch this for fun and giggles but now I cannot unsee Mistuki looking really similar to the grandmaster from the trails series LOL


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