Wuthering Waves Jiyan

by Marcos Paulo Vilela
Wuthering Waves Jiyan

Wuthering Waves Jiyan.

Jiyan (Chinese忌炎) is an Aero Mutant Resonator in Wuthering Waves.

He is the general of the Midnight Rangers selected by Sentinel Jué, stationed in Jinzhou, embracing strong sense of justice and resolution.

Profile: Windborne Rider — Jiyan

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Jiyan is the General of Midnight Rangers stationed in Jinzhou, embracing strong sense of justice and resolution. Born in a family devoted to medicine, Jiyan is both skilled and attentive. Later, in a bid to fend off the encroaching Tacet Discords, he relinquished his role in medicine and took up arms as a soldier.

Self Introduction.

Wuthering Waves Jiyan.

Jiyan, of the Midnight Rangers. Protecting our lands and people is my solemn duty. Should you encounter any difficulties here, I will do my utmost to help.

Jiyan’s Hobby

Though I no longer practice medicine, I still discuss medical knowledge with my mother in my spare time. This gourd-shaped pill case is a gift from her the year I joined the Midnight Rangers.

Jiyan’s Ideals

If one day, the borderlands no longer need a general, I suppose my wish will have come true.

Jiyan’s Thoughts

I have long been stationed in the borderlands, with little knowledge of entertainment or places of leisure. However, if you are looking for tactics against Tacet Discords or beautiful natural vistas, I can provide some suggestions.


Basic Attack- Lone Lance Perform up to 5 consecutive attacks, causing Aero damage.
Resonance Skill- Windqueller Dash forward a certain distance, causing Aero damage. Can be cast in the air.
Resonance Liberation- Emerald Storm: Prologue After casting Emerald Storm: Prologue, Jiyan enters the Qingloong mode. In the Qingloong mode, using Basic Attack or Heavy Attack will cast Lance of Qingloong.
Ability>>Winds Riding: Converges winds onto his lance.

It is the avatar of Huanglong.


Event Convenes

Jiyan has not been promoted or featured with a drop-rate boost in any Event Convenes.

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