Buying All Sega Mega Drive Games – Collectors Edition

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

It’s time for another collector’s edition where I’m trying to buy every single PAL Sega Mega Drive game. We made some good …



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Terence Chan 2023-06-05 - 8:15 am

Nice addition to your collection Mike! Wow, you managed to find the power stick II, that is absolutely awesome! 😍

SEGA MD2 2023-06-05 - 8:30 am

Nice retro game!
I have gift console original japan SEGA Mega Drive VA6, sound heaphones stereo super)) Collection 💖

JoeRemix 2023-06-05 - 8:43 am

Are you okay mate? Not sure what happened at the end there… lol

Retro Jash 2023-06-05 - 8:51 am

Not collecting ntsc?

Jeremy Bowers 2023-06-05 - 8:53 am

Godspeed to that finish line man!! SEGA should be notified immediately when you hit your goal.

Daz_R 2023-06-05 - 9:35 am

Great video Mike, what’s the name of the app you use to track games?

turbine graphics 16 2023-06-05 - 9:35 am

The Australian Master system version of mortal kombat 2 has similar weird editing on the back of the box too. Instead of the euro languages they pasted over a cheat hotline but it really looks like they stuck a bit of paper over the box. I also agree that the boxed games I got as a teenager I managed to keep in good condition, they were expensive so why wouldn't I.

JJ 2023-06-05 - 10:12 am

Great Pick ups! got myself a 3 button boxed controller recently.

james burchill 2023-06-05 - 10:21 am

The question is: When you were having troube with Dick Vitale's hoops, did call the hotline on the back of the box?

james burchill 2023-06-05 - 10:24 am

Also…this would make you mental, but I'm more of a player/ collector. I don't give a shit about boxes. I just buy stuff I want to play. No particular desire to complete any collection. So… lots of loose carts and dmg'd jewel cases.


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