Exoprimal: A Great Game Pretending To Be Mediocre Garbage (The Jimquisition)

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Exoprimal has been written off by many as another “live service” humper of bandwagons, an also-ran that exists to make a quick buck. It’s hard to blame them, because that is exactly the kind of trash Exoprimal pretends to be.

It’s actually a rather brilliant bit of fun, and more unique than it appears. Capcom’s dinosaur shooter is, however, indicative of a problem we’re facing in mainstream gaming – the homogenization of structuring and marketing that makes games look identical even if they aren’t.

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VecTron5 2023-07-26 - 12:55 am

I haven't seen you do such a better job marketing a game than the actual creators/publishers since Deadly Premonition. Hopefully whoever lead this effort doesn't similarly reveal themself to be a massive c'SKELETON WARRIORS.

GammaWALLE 2023-07-26 - 1:34 am

well, this week's episode isn't going "whoopsy, the Hellena Taylor thing happened again," so I'm going to assume the veracity of Leona's accusations against Zenimax were 100% or greater.

1:25 tbh it looks more like an early-life crisis… which, now that i think about it, just sounds like a fancy way of saying "nervous breakdown" so y'know what? nvm

20:40 lol

21:55 Steph, how many debuts has this been? I think you've officially "debutted" in wrestling already at this point. Pick a different word! ;_;

SoundLibrarian 2023-07-26 - 3:17 am

Very much a side note but,
Clicked on the video as I watch JSS fairly regularly and then had to stop as that opening music played…checked brain…yes, yes I did write that music, 20 years ago for a Jurassic Park game.
I have made it available online so its not a big issue, its just the last place I ever thought I would hear one of my tracks being played. You're welcome I guess 🙂

Dwarfurious 2023-07-26 - 3:54 am

ARE these robots ? they mostly look like people in suits; no real imagination at all. Robots DONT NEED TO LOOK LIKE PEOPLE.

Yandaihh 2023-07-26 - 3:55 am

glad im not the only one finding nimbus hot…..

Prototype LQ 2023-07-26 - 4:06 am

yeah what the video says

DayChap 2023-07-26 - 4:25 am

When i saw the previews with the gamepass, paid cosmetics and always online… i thought it was a free to play game.

Full price though is ridiculous. I'll pick it up when it does go free to play though.

Quack Master 101 2023-07-26 - 5:08 am

enjoyed ya vid, and been curious about exo primal, it definitely gave me destiny vibes.
Kinda reminds me of warframe to, don't think your vid convinced me to buy it, but glad to hear it's not completely triple aaa reamed.

Gornser 2023-07-26 - 6:24 am

"AAA"nus is perfection

Bafbegagglestick 2023-07-26 - 6:52 am

That looks fantastic but out of my price range nowadays

El Kinesis 2023-07-26 - 7:08 am

Damn Sterling, I do enjoy your content. I'm all for holding the shitbags of gaming accountable, but the second you start shit-talking Destiny, you drop about 10 fucking floors in my opinion.

Banned 2023-07-26 - 7:13 am

18:22 wait…are…are the cosmetics for 5$ each not micro-transactions? Like…is that not a thing now? I may have just misunderstood but…you buy the cosmetics right? In…small individual transactions instead of it being added or included in the price of the game? Is this like USB now? These aren't MICRO -transactions, they're MINI-transactions or Transactions-C? 😅

Why is statement? x.x

vacantVisionary 2023-07-26 - 7:57 am

Those lootboxes are still scummy, even if you can't buy them with real money, because you CAN buy them with your time. They're a system to increase retention and engagement, in the (probably accurate) hopes that those will convert into real-world purchases some amount of the time.

Little Buster 2023-07-26 - 8:27 am

Oh look, another boring identical game.

mrcheesemunch 2023-07-26 - 8:34 am

When I first saw this game I thought it looked super cool
But then I also immediately thought it probably wouldn't be popular and that there's no point in getting it as it'll die off in a few months
I fucking hate multiplayer games and how dependant they are on holding an audience to still be viable games

I can't actually remember the last time I bought a multiplayer focused title, it seriously might have been Black Ops 3 and that was after abstaining from CoD for years so it was more of a "Is CoD good again" purchase(it was not)

I honestly think that they should be cheaper simply because the amount of fun you can get out of them is objectively less than a single player title, I can still go back and have an absolute blast playing Shadow of the Colossus but how many multiplayer games closed up shop less than a year after release? Too many

Sergane Sariani 2023-07-26 - 8:37 am

are you the editor for your videos cause I never paid attention to it but I'm realizing there's a LOT going on and I love it!

Ian Wagstaff 2023-07-26 - 9:11 am

The monetization of this game wouldn’t feel nearly as bad if it was free to play. It’s such a fun little game with a silly story that while has really weird pacing, a very cool presentation with that conspiracy board. I want this game to succeed, but it’s monetization cleaned up. Really I want the business side of it to make up it’s mind on what Exoprimal is supposed to be. I’m so worried it’ll be shut down a year from now despite how much fun the actual game is.

bunnybreaker 2023-07-26 - 9:20 am

Can't wait for this game to be 20 bucks or go free to play.

Edit: Wait, there are zero microtransactions? OK, I'll pay up to 30 bucks for this.

Yikes 2023-07-26 - 9:38 am

evolve, take two? I thought it was turtle rock

Gohan Hitsugaya 2023-07-26 - 11:56 am

FINALLY! Finally, someone (I watch regularly) calls out that stupid fucking console cursor bullshit! I fuckin' hate that shit! It doesn't help that every game I can think of at the moment, that has that shit in it; fuckin' sucks! It's lazy, time wasting trash; and I'm glad someone is finally calling it out. Good work Steph!

Galgamos 2023-07-26 - 11:59 am

I'd love to see an episode on that MMO topic. Could be a crossover opportunity with Josh Strife Hayes, maybe?

Tim Othy 2023-07-26 - 11:59 am

Not the sort of game for a sneaky stealth archer build, I'm guessing.

illMac 2023-07-26 - 12:13 pm

Thank god for you Steph!

On a side note: I am very annoyed by how hard it is to watch your videos on this hellsite. The algorithm isn't putting your new videos on my home page. When I look at my subscriptions, even though you regularly update and I watch your videos religiously, you are buried at the bottom of the list. I found this video because i got sick of scrolling through my subs and just searched for your name. I am very upset with YT right now.

Rory Norris 2023-07-26 - 12:28 pm

I was going to comment on you not having an inflatable T-rex costume yet… but now I kinda want to see you wrestle someone wearing one of those! XD

Mayor Of SexyTown 2023-07-26 - 12:36 pm

The most underrated game of the year. People are shitting on this game, but it fucking slaaaaaaapppps. I absolutely love it.

ArtistaFrustrado - KFP Lurk Shift 2023-07-26 - 1:06 pm

here's hoping that eventually ExoPrimal becomes more of a Capcom game than a Triple AAA Game… starting by removing that god awful fake cursor, hell it should remove the real cursor too, just snap into the next option!

Bushido Bush 2023-07-26 - 1:44 pm

Needs to be said, there is nothing wrong with battlepasses. They are a form of engagement for people who need a feeling of progression in order to enjoy their existence. Once you have fully leveled up or unlocked all the gameplay features, you can use the battlepass. Now, there are good battlepasses and bad ones. I currently enjoy Honkai Star Rail's battlepass. Every level of the free tier gives me something I need. Exoprimal's pass sucks because you only get something every 5 levels which suuuuuux. Every level should be a reward. They should fill those blank spaces with currency.

Darca1n 2023-07-26 - 1:47 pm

I would've actually had interest in exoprimals if it wasn't for that they don't have any pure PvE at all, even their 'PvE' is just PvP with less direct confrontation and more just being a race, which is stupid.

ThrashingHorror 2023-07-26 - 2:00 pm

Great vid Steph

Frédéric Boutin 2023-07-26 - 2:25 pm

Lol in general, in software development project management, a roadmap is not a promise, but merely a wishful set of guesses for the future 😅

WhyTho 2023-07-26 - 3:44 pm

Reminder: Your note on the MMO/WoW video

Someone 2023-07-26 - 3:47 pm

Live service requires 3rd party account and expects me to pay upfront?
Nice joke.

Gaembesh 2023-07-26 - 4:05 pm

This reminds me of Dino D-Day on Steam. Such a fun concept.

Phil Ping 2023-07-26 - 5:17 pm

Lol 1: I wanna come play with your dinosaurs 2: i loved dinocrsis 3: something that we can play like a game? Whats that about?! 4: tunes … https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1SOAwzKnCgg&pp=ygUTU3dpbmdyb3dlcnMgc2FuZG1hbg%3D%3D

Cum 2023-07-26 - 7:42 pm

im glad im not the only one thats been shockingly hooked by this fuckin filthy game

Justin Bancroft 2023-07-26 - 9:00 pm

Remnant 2 gave me the same vibes as soon as I saw the console cursor… It's still a bad taste every time I see it.


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