Exoprimal Starter Guide – 36 Things You Need To Know! Tips, Missions, Characters, Lore & More!

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Are you looking for a way to get into the world of Exoprimal? Look no further! And a big thank you to Microsoft for sponsoring this so we can brinf you guys this starter guide! We’ll share everything you need to know about Exoprimal, from the setting of the world to the hammerhead squad and even the mission types we have you covered here!

If you’re a fan of dinosaurs, sci-fi or mechs then Exoprimal might be for you! We’ll cover everything from tips on how to get started to how the game works and the setting of the world and story. Make sure to watch to stay up-to-date on the latest Exoprimal news!

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Kreau 2023-07-24 - 11:04 am

Fun game, feels pretty bare bones though. Looking forward to the new exo frames

Edria Waltz 2023-07-24 - 11:18 am

full price AAA game with tons of microtransaction. what can go wrong right?

GeneralGrievous 2023-07-24 - 11:20 am

All in all, it is a fine addition to my collection.

Enigmalake 2023-07-24 - 11:20 am

Game was ok for an hour or two. Thank goodness for GP

themurdock619 2023-07-24 - 11:25 am

As much as I enjoy it. It would have been a far better game if the campaign was idk an actual campaign. I'm heavily disappointed with the fact of how the campaign works but all in all its worth it. I almost didn't get it due to that fact but a friend of mine already bought it when I told him to hold off on it.

If it wasn't for that is would have waited for the price to drop and by then probably would have passed on it.

BatalionHunter 2023-07-24 - 11:33 am

was hoping exoprimal would have been a better EDF with dino's and mech suits instead of aliens and soldiers

Destrophane 2023-07-24 - 11:40 am

Giant mech suits, dinosaurs, pve, pvp AND looks decently polished? FINALLY something worth my money!

Drake Williams 2023-07-24 - 11:44 am

Savage Gauntlet starts this weekend.

Chicagoe 2023-07-24 - 11:45 am

This games bones are so good it makes no sense. I need this game to last at least 2 to 3 years

Rene Zamora Jr 2023-07-24 - 11:46 am

It’s a great game I love it

HanchoYYZ 2023-07-24 - 12:06 pm

My overall rating for the game is 7/10. As of writing, I've put in ~10hrs in the game.

Is it fun?
HELL YES! The raid boss trex was awesome. Also heard about a crazy raid at endgame but im not there yet.

Is it worth full game price?
Not really. The game runs smooth, I havent ran into any issues. However, full price for 1 gamemode and a battlepass is kind of asking for too much.

Does the game have potential?
100%. It might be worth the full price in the future but not right now.

Nytellem 2023-07-24 - 12:21 pm

This game is like a PS2 PS3 game we use to play as kids and just have stupid fun. No real lore, gameplay is fun enough, and it’s just chaotic fun…Good times. That’s why I love this game.

Sedated_Kidd 2023-07-24 - 12:25 pm

Great video as always. If you haven't already, you guys should probably do a deep or semi deep dive into the upgrade modules to add to your exosuit since the can affect gameplay. Especially due to the upcoming Savage Gauntlet, but something tells me you guys are already working on this 😅

Jman 5300 2023-07-24 - 1:01 pm

Love this game!

Christopher_Lee 2023-07-24 - 1:24 pm

Having a lot of fun until I get a team who doesn’t want to play their role. Too many people want to be tanks and specifically Krieger and he needs a buff I feel like he brings down the team

YusukeUrameshi 2023-07-24 - 1:56 pm

I was excited about this game. But it's not even worth the game pass download imo. It was fun for about 15-20 hours. Shameful it's a full priced game for some

Great Slate 2023-07-24 - 2:08 pm

About 100 battles in, never noticed vortexer

PowellGuy 2023-07-24 - 4:17 pm

great vid! This game is awesome!

DOOMsDay 2023-07-24 - 5:10 pm

The game looks cool but I think they missed a huge opportunity to include a mode that is similar to the Zombie mode in Black Ops 2 for example. Just a mode to relax and go for rounds that keep getting more difficult. Hope they add something in the future.

Resoslip 2023-07-24 - 5:29 pm

Just a little kore polish. And content. And could be one of the greats

Jlarios1712 2023-07-24 - 8:10 pm

I just hate how nobody is ever willing to switch exo suits they always stay no matter what

Greg Bugden 2023-07-25 - 3:58 am

Bikitoa didnt appear out of no where? It was always there. Are we playing different games??

zorchh 2023-07-25 - 1:49 pm

let’s keep this game alive i don’t want them to forget it just yet


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