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Ghost Trick: Trailer de lançamento do detetive fantasma

Uma noite de mistério aguarda na clássica história do criador de Ace Attorney, Shu Takumi. Possua e controle objetos, resolva quebra-cabeças e mude o destino na busca pela verdade por trás de seu assassinato. Renascido com visuais HD e uma trilha sonora recém-arranjada, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective já está disponível! Plataformas: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam Gênero: Aventura Jogadores: 1 Classificação: ESRB T Site oficial: Discord: Facebook: Twitter: Twitch: Instagram: ©CAPCOM CO., LTD. TODOS OS DIREITOS RESERVADOS.



Marcos Paulo Vilela

O Wisegamer nasceu da paixão sobre os games, desde criança eu amo vídeo games, desde a muitas horas jogando em Game Houses como em casa, aqui é um espaço para quem ama este hobby com paixão!

32 thoughts on “Ghost Trick: Trailer de lançamento do detetive fantasma

  • This better get more attention and soon, or else CapCom might see remaking old games like this as a waste.

  • Can't wait to Relive my Childhood Years with this game! I Absolutely missed playing Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective! 🕵️🕵️‍♂️👻👻

  • Now, After di announce of Trilogy pt.2 and the launch of this, lets Just wait for the remaster of AAI1-2

  • I'm so glad this masterpiece is finally back for larger audience to enjoy. My favorite Shu Takumi game – easily

  • Finalmente sale esta belleza y en español, ojalá sacaran los de Phoenix wright también

  • If I had a nickel for every game were you had a ghost help a detective solve murder mysteries, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it is weirder that Both Games have released on the Same Day. The other game being Rain Code.

  • The demo kept freezing on ps5 and couldn't make progress. Did this happen to anyone else? Any issues on ps5 for the full release?

  • This will be my 4th time playing this game! I'm so glad this game is getting the second chance it deserves!
    If any of you like Ace Attorney, you'll LOVE Ghost Trick!
    This is Shu Takumi's peak creation, you all better buy it!

  • Back then the animation was super smooth for NDS albeit pixelated, now we can enjoy it in HD!👍

  • possible lawsuit pending: capcom favors players in CFN for street fighter 6 and disables buttons/attacks to give other players an unfair advantage. YOU WILL FIX IT OR YOU WILL LOSE LOVED ONES

  • Hey, Capcom. Off topic but could you please port Street Fighter 6 to the Nintendo Switch. I am a giant super dupa supa fan of Street Fighter.

  • I was wondering if they could surpass the masterpiece of the original launch trailer.
    Of course they could'nt, such a high bar.

  • reporting CFN account maffia – cammy – blatant cheating – if not banned a lawsuit will be filed. you have been warned


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