O Último Herói da Nostalgaia Resenha | Pixel Perfeito?

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

Bem-vindo à nossa análise de O Último Herói da Nostalgaia! O Último Herói da Nostalgaia é um jogo de almas com infusão de comédia. Neste RPG em terceira pessoa, você jogará como um personagem preso em um mundo de videogame. Este mundo está à beira da destruição, e cabe a você salvar o dia! #TheLastHeroOfNostalgaia #indiegames #soulslike Um código de revisão foi fornecido para o propósito desta revisão 📢 INSCREVA-SE E ATIVE O SINO! TRAGA UMA VOZ AOS SEM VOZ 🔔 EU SONHO COM PLAYLISTS DE JOGOS INDIE 🧞‍♀️Análise de jogos indie: 🧞‍♀️Próximos jogos indie Clickbait grátis: 🧞‍♀️Golden Genie Lamp Winners: 🧞‍♀️Live Broadcasts: ✅ Social Links: 🕹️Fanatical Partner ➨ ☕Compre-nos café! ➨ 🌐Website ➨ 🐦Twitter ➨ ⚔️Become an Indie Warrior ➨ 😺Subscribe ➨ ⏰TikTok ➨ 👕Merch (Genie10 para economizar 10%!) ➨ MISSÃO I Dream of Indie Games se dedica a dar voz a desenvolvedores e editores independentes. Oferecemos análises de nível profissional, transmissões ao vivo diárias e conteúdo independente gratuito clickbait. Ajude-nos a dar voz aos que não têm voz nos jogos. 🎬CONHEÇA NOSSOS OUTROS VÍDEOS 👇 ✅ Revisão do Dome Keeper – Bem-vindo ao Thunderdome! ✅ Revisão Moonscars – Bark at the Moon! ✅ Revisão de escavação de Shovel Knight – você consegue cavar?! ✅ Revisão de Beacon Pines – Magnetismo Animal ✅ Revisão de OneShot: World Machine Edition – 𝐖𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐞𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬…? 👍 Curta o vídeo (ajuda muito!) 💬 Comente se conseguiu até o final! 🔗 Compartilhe o vídeo com quem você acha que pode ajudar 🙂 Obrigado por estar conosco! Se você gostou deste vídeo, por favor, INSCREVA-SE em nosso canal☺☺



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I Dream of Indie Games 2022-10-19 - 7:47 am

Will you be checking out The Last Hero of Nostalgaia? Thank you so much for supporting clickbait free independent content.

Unfertige Gedanken 2022-10-19 - 7:55 am

sounds like giving it a chance with some updates could be worth it?

Vex Trooper 2022-10-19 - 8:06 am

As someone who loves the dark souls games, I think I'll give this one a shot. Hopefully the game will get some updates for some fixes or even some DLC. Although, I am curious if there are other weapons to be used, like great swords (2 handed), hammers, Staves, etc. I do enjoy a good Strength build.

FlowerAngelRave 2022-10-19 - 8:11 am

I may not be a Souls person very much, but I have to say this one has a great premise and a lot of promise too. I think with some updates, it could certainly be so much better. I think I might pick this one up sometime. I've got a good feeling I'll like it, warts and all.

Jake Stocker 2022-10-19 - 12:38 pm

So hyped for this game after playing the demo a few weeks ago.

Goku Africa 2022-10-19 - 1:44 pm

Looks good. How long did it take you to finish it?

AA BB 2022-10-19 - 1:54 pm

It’s a souls-like Matt Hazzard

Long Dong Silver 2022-10-19 - 6:31 pm

Current build issues aside, this seems really neat. But I've never been a Souls fan. In fairness, I've also never played a Souls game, but neither have I been too tempted to want to try them. Maybe if Bloodborne gets a PC release, I try that because it seems the most interesting.

Ophidian Mind 2022-10-19 - 11:57 pm

I'm always up for a new souls-like and this one looks like it could be quite amusing. Hopefully the bugs get patched out and it's good to know that there is enough quality in the game that it is still worth playing even with the bugs. Last Hero of Nostalgaia is going on my wishlist.

Level With Us 2022-10-20 - 3:46 pm

Nice, we just put our own little mini review out for this game! Honestly, it was refreshing to us to see someone to something quite totally different for a soulslike

Deeth Irteen 2022-10-21 - 11:23 am

I noticed a few times while in the town area, when going up to a high place and looking down at certain areas… parts of the distant ground would disappear. I wasn't sure if that was part of the gag of the world becoming corrupt, or a genuine texture fuckup. It was amusing regardless, though.

Fleisch 2022-10-21 - 7:35 pm

The Game is perfect

YorkshireBotherGaming 2022-10-30 - 1:39 pm

I was lucky enough to be given a key for this. Played it, loved it, bought it again for me and a friend on console for some coop fun. Personally I would say this is my favourite non-souls soulslike. The references and jokes landed. It was silly. The uprez of the environments was so cool. The gears always fun especially the memory riddles. For a £20 one man passion project it's worth the price tag, and butt crack kirby was the cherry on top

Ciggy Stardust 2022-11-17 - 10:05 pm

Started playing it yesterday and honestly, it feels like a demake of DS1 in action. I slipped right into the gameplay loop with no hinderance beyond not being able to bind the sprint button to b (it is hardbound to close the menu)


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