Vamos eXplorar a Expedição Pegasus: Episódio #1 – Um Novo Começo

by Marcos Paulo Vilela

#thepegasusexpedition #pegasus #expedition #4xgame #strategy #underdog #underrated #gameplay Tudo do eXplorminate em um link prático: Considere a compra de jogos relevantes em nossa loja Nexus: The Pegasus Expedition, um jogo de estratégia 4X baseado em narrativa, será lançado em Acesso Antecipado amanhã , 20 de outubro! Venha ver porque Rob está apaixonado por ele e acredita que está sob os radares de muitos fãs de jogos de estratégia! A Expedição Pegasus: Considere pagar-nos um café pelo nosso trabalho árduo. Significaria muito para nós: Por favor, considere apoiar este canal e nosso site: ou o podcast: eXplorminate’s Social Media Presence: Twitter: Facebook: Discord: Steam Forums: e nosso Podcast:



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a hm 2022-10-19 - 12:14 pm

al-mustamara mean the colony in arabic

Echo2361 2022-10-19 - 12:23 pm

Excited for this one!

AR 2022-10-19 - 2:44 pm

After my Campaign in Terra invcita as Exodus, this will be going the list, will be the perfect continuation….

bubicus 2022-10-19 - 7:46 pm

After watching this video, for hours there was a tickle in the back of my mind as it tried to figure out what this game reminded me of… until I finally remembered! This game reminds me of the 1991 Amiga/ST strategy game "Deuteros". The presentation is completely different, but the basic gameplay seems similar.

NYCFenrir 2022-10-20 - 12:15 am

You can rotate the deployment of the fleets to change where they attack to.

Muageto 2022-10-20 - 6:36 am

Well well, one more game you're making me interested in

Fallen Archon 2022-10-21 - 9:42 am

You can spend 200 resources to add items to your fleets giving 5%-15% damage boost and defence right from the start.

Gimps 2022-10-22 - 1:15 pm

This actually looks pretty interesting! At a decent price too, I think I'm going to pick it up and give it a try!

ShadowWolfRising 2022-10-22 - 8:29 pm

Might not be a bad idea to try getting Trade Agreements with your fellow Humans.

Abdullah Ansari 2022-10-30 - 7:07 pm

All means allowed means bad galactic rep


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